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Last Updated: Dec 11th, 2008 - 13:18:57 
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Revenge Attacks on Judiciary is Abhorrent in Sierra Leone
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Dec 10, 2008, 17:20
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Esteemed Citizens have yesterday December 9th 2008, expressed shock, dismay, distaste and abhorrence at the depths to which the For Di People (FDP) newspaper has sunk in that papers perpetual maligning of acting Chief Justice, Honourable Umu Hawa Tejan Jalloh.

PAUL KAMARA: Falsely labels himself as a Mandela but his Revengeful Heart is Full of Bitterness & Wicked Lies

Many citizens who contacted this newspaper opined that Mr. Paul Kamara, the Editor of FDP, needs to be brought to heel as he is now like a wild, raving mad, rabid dog with foaming mouth and virulent teeth that he uses to bark at the heels of his betters in the society; his betters who rightfully ignore him most of the time like one would ignore a psychopath in an asylum (craiseyard) who has developed delusions of grandeur that he is a sane man when in reality he is a sick psycho.

Paul Kamara was rightfully convicted by Justice Tejan Jalloh according to laid down laws of the land and so, as a means of REVENGE, he has now taken it upon himself to misinform the public with regular castigation of Justice Tejan Jalloh. This is his own means of revenge for being sent behind bars for a crime he not only was proven to have committed but for which he abandoned his appeal at the Appeals Court and which caused his own wife to openly and publicly apologise to the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone on behalf of her husband!

However, in a clear show of how not to use a newspaper to settle scores, Paul Kamara, who to date remains CONVICTED & UNPARDONED for falsely calling the Honourable Supreme Court Justice Tolla Thompson a "Tiffy Tiffy", a Liar and a Crook has sought to smear the name of Justice Tejan Jalloh and a few others, with ill-motivated untruths on an almost daily basis in his news pages. This forced several citizens (including this writer) to condemn such abhorrent tactics by Paul Kamara but each time he is upbraided whether quietly or publicly, he refuses to desist but will portray himself as a victim when he is the VILLAIN.

What appalled many citizens yesterday was the fact that Kamara dedicated three pages of his newspapers bile towards an issue concerning Magistrate Adrian Fisher and the Anti Corruption Commission but which he ran alongside several huge-sized, ill-captioned photos of Justice Tejan Jalloh who has NOTHING to do with that matter at the ACC. Frankly, sympathizers of Fisher have reason to be concerned at the apparently slow pace of the investigations into Fisher by the ACC. This writer is just as concerned at the slow pace and without making any attempt to question the integrity of the process of investigations at the ACC, this writer really wishes the investigation (which started in September) would conclude speedily as it is now December.

However, my main concern for today is not so much the ACC investigation into Magistrate Fisher but the undue dragging of the name of our illustrious acting Chief Justice through the mud by the bile-ridden Paul Kamara. When Paul Kamara was once released from jail, he adopted the middle name of Mandela but it seems Kamara has not really learnt that a true Mandela bears no grudges; especially unwarranted grudges. Instead, Paul Mandela Kamara has converted himself into a one-man wrecking machine which seems to be on a mission to torpedo whatever potential Justice Tejan Jalloh has to reach the well deserved pinnacle of her illustrious and meritorious career as a jurist.

Yesterdays FDP article only had ONE MENTION of Justice Tejan Jalloh and that was to highlight the role she played to pacify the unfolding debacle between the Southern Chiefs and Magistrate Fisher. However, the captions that ran with her photos were the most unfair and unfortunate ever. They displayed abject bias and ill-deserved hatred against the lady and served the purpose of evoking intense sympathy for her in the face of the angry calumny she was subjected to. BUT, the most shameful aspect of Paul Kamaras antics and caprices is that he does not even realise how much of a fool he has turned himself into in the process of fruitlessly trying to demonize this GREAT WOMAN named Umu Hawa Tejan Jalloh. Instead, he believes that he is untouchable and will get away with his demonising because he is a journalist running a newspaper. Is it right for him to continuously, unfairly misuse and abuse his privilege to publish?


What will Paul Kamara say if despite all his ill-deserved calumny he has poured on Hon. Justice Umu Hawa Tejan Jalloh, she gets nominated by President Ernest Bai Koroma to be the countrys next Chief Justice?

What will Paul Kamara say if despite all his years of bile, malice and venom he has directed against Justice Tejan Jalloh in the public realm, she gets approved by the Appointments Committee of the House of Parliament?

What will Paul Kamara say if despite all his years and years of HATRED and VENOM and BITTERNESS and MALICE against Her Lady, the Honourable Supreme Court Justice Umu Hawa Tejan Jalloh, she gets presented to the Well of Parliament and comes out fully approved to hold that sacred seat of HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE OF SIERRA LEONE?

I dont know what Paul Kamara will say but I know what I will say on such a day. I will say the following, in our local Creole parlance:- BABOO YAI OH!!! Baboo yai oh Paul Kamara! Ee lef pan you with you bad heart! Ee lef pan you! [TRANSLATION: You have been put to shame Paul Kamara. You have been put to shame with your grudges. Your evil machinations have failed and you are now left in disgrace all by your miserable self!]


© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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