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Last Updated: Dec 16th, 2008 - 17:39:55 
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Berewa Was Not Reluctant To Console Kabbah
Dec 16, 2008, 17:13
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The 15th December Front Page Caption of the New Vision Newspaper "BEREWA VISITS KABBA" in which it was reported that "Mr. Solomon Berewa reluctantly visited the Former President" to sympathize with him for the death of his son is not only false and mischievous, but is one calculated to perpetuate the politics of division and hate. It is therefore necessary that the record be set straight as follows:

v In the first place, Mr. Berewa had himself decided without any urging by anyone to pay a condolence visit on Friday to Former President Kabbahs residence, as soon as the news broke of the death of his son, but decided to be accompanied by a selected entourage, whom he invited the following day. Therefore the suggestion that the visit was done "reluctantly"; that Mr. Berewa had to be "virtually prevailed upon"; and that his visit was "unexpected", were all false and unfounded;

v In the second place, the fact that the late wives of Mr. Berewa and Mr. Kabbah, both being "Tuckers" and related, imposes a moral duty on Mr. Berewa to sympathize with the Kabbah family on a sad occasion like this;

v Junior Kabbah and Mr. Berewas children have always considered and treated themselves as relatives and were indeed on the best of terms. This was why, not surprisingly, Junior Kabba was a frequent visitor to the Berewa household. His regular visit did not diminish even after Mr. Berewa lost the election and move to his present Goderich home.

There were other inaccurate statements in the publication. For example, neither Mr. Fred Carew nor Mrs. Annie Lansana (Nee Berewa) were part of Mr. Berewas entourage. Also Dr. Abass Bundus political aspirations had nothing whatsoever to do with his presence in Mr. Berewas entourage.

From the forgoing, it should be clear that, contrary to the allegations contained in the publication, Mr. Berewa paid his condolence visit purely out of his own volition and he did not need to be prevailed upon to do so.

While Mr. Berewas visit on this particular occasion was purely an expression of condolence, most well-meaning Sierra Leoneans and Sierra Leone Peoples Party members in particular, saw it as a very positive step towards the much-needed healing and reconciliation within the party. Indeed, if SLPP members had had foreknowledge of Mr. Berewas visit, they would have come in large numbers to join his entourage. It is therefore strange that anybody would present and interpret this visit in a negative light, and this could only have come from people who would never want to see Berewa and Kabbah reconciled. How unfortunate!

Issued from the Office of the former Vice President Solomon Berewa

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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