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Richie Olu Awoonor-Gordon:A Wretch Beneath My Contempt
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden (OOR)
Jan 9, 2009, 17:16
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To those who do not know him; who have never met him and who have never had the bitter misfortune of him authoritatively pen down lies about them for consumption by the public, I forgive them for looking upon this Richie Olu Awoonor-Gordon wretch as someone who should be encouraged in any decent society. To those of us who have had the bitter experience of having to go through the trauma of him using his pen to spread ill-motivated, wicked and vicious lies about us, he is totally beneath our contempt.

If there was ever a mass of disgusting human existence that so perfectly fitted the application of the English phrase known as Son of a Bitch, it is Richie Olu Awoonor Gordon. Every time he puts pen to paper to write something nasty about me, he exposes his ill-bred mother or whatever member of the feminine gender it was who brought him up after he was dumped into this world from whence he originated.

He was at it again last Wednesday January 7th 2009. He is supposed to be a History student and knows the value of backing up statements with cited references but he believes that by slyly inserting innuendoes into his writings, he can create his own History in this land and turn a true patriot into the monster he wants her to be perceived as. Where is Gordons evidence of me cheering on whilst January 6th 1999 killings and tortures went on? What an Idiot of a History Student!

This hopeless Olu Gordon has a pet project which is to continuously seek to sway the mindset of the populace against Sylvia Blyden, one of his betters in the society. This shameless lump of human mass has been at it for years but he refuses to desist from it because this psychiatrically deranged wretch believes he can create his own History whilst hiding his lump of diseased human existence from the public eye.

If readers wonder why no-one ever sees Gordon in public, it is simply because the man is a shameful lump to behold. I submit that a nastier looking or a smellier specimen of educated human existence might be difficult to find. The man hides away from public view because quite frankly, he is a disgrace to behold or inhale. Let him come out in public regularly and showcase the current physical state of his miserable existence if he dares! Nasty, Smelling Idiot!

Why is this ill-bred, uncouth, unkempt, smelling lump of human existence named as Olu Gordon by his unfortunate mother who bore him, persisting to manufacture nonsense against me all the time? Why choose the recounting of such an emotional climactic event like January 6th 1999 to insert my name into his piece if it was not to stir up hatred for me in the society? I penned down my own piece about January 6th 1999 which I entitled as NEVER AGAIN but I carefully refused to cite any names in my piece because I did not wish to personalize or direct anger at specific persons. But this Awoonor-Gordon wretch could not accord the same. He could not resist an opportunity to stir up hate for me from his readers. This God damned FAILURE of a human being just cannot resist any chance to wickedly incite hatred for me from those gullible ones who read his made-up lies. I could have sprinkled my own piece with the names of certain persons like Olu Gordon himself whose penmanship misled and fooled thousands of innocent people to their deaths with the assurance that the war was a winnable war and with the further assurance that Freetown was as safe as could be when it was just the exact opposite. I could have inserted Gordons name into my piece but I did not because I am decent with a conscience.

Olu Gordon, on the other hand, being the contemptible fellow he is, decided to insert my good name into his criminally motivated venom. I am confident that his attempts will not expose me to any harm as I am safe under the pinions of the God I serve but this wretch needs to be careful as I predict that his ending in this world will not be pleasant. Olu Gordon, borne into this world as a wretch and raised as a wretch will surely die like a wretch. Let him mark my words!

I am very proud of every single action I have ever taken on behalf of Sierra Leone. Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Walminah Oresola Blyden, Officer of the Order of the Rokel of the Republic of Sierra Leone, has NO REGRETS for any action I have undertaken for this country and no-one can force me to be ashamed of what I am very proud of and have no reason to be ashamed of. I believe Posterity has a greater reward awaiting me for the personal sacrifices and great devotion I have dedicated to this land. I am very proud of myself and all what I have stood for over the years and continue to stand for. Lies from wretches like Olu Gordon cannot force me to be ashamed of what I have no reason to be ashamed of. I am a proud Patriot standing tall.

However, all the tears; of those women and men who have groaned and borne the pains and trauma of the lies of Gordons pen without seeking redress because they could not fight Olu Gordon back; will not go in vain. Before he dies, Olu Awoonor-Gordon will surely reap the wickedness he has sown in this land.

He will die like a wretch but not before his eyes sees the wonders of God. Olu has watched as I have been elevated by the Lord even as he poured undue venom on me but his eyes will see even more elevation of Sylvia Blyden before he expends his last breath. I am confident of that so let him wait.

And as for his question he posed last month in my absence, well, I can assure Olu Gordon that there was no amorous or extra-familiar relationship between Foday Sankoh and myself. But since we are seemingly pulling questions out of hats, I would like to ask Olu Gordon how would he feel if someone took it upon themselves to start to manufacture such lurid questions about supposed amorous relationships between his wife and Foday Sankoh? Or between Foday Sankoh and the apparently hopeless woman who raised a wretch like Olu Gordon? Why will Olu not tell us first what was the relationship between his mother and Foday Sankoh or between his wife and Foday Sankoh? If this wretch has any pride in himself or respects his mother, let him reflect on his ways and spare the constant exposure of his mothers apparently ill-bred nature to the public. I often ask: WHAT KIND OF WRETCHED WOMAN RAISES SUCH A WRETCH & DUMPS HIM INTO THIS WORLD?

So, let this filthy Olu Gordon wretch, borne of an apparently useless woman, cease and desist, if he can, from manufacturing lies about me and printing them in his sheet he produces from the Eric James family residence at Savage Street, Brookfields. We know the people who took a troupe of prayer-specialists to State House to tell Johnny Paul Koroma they will be traveling to Israel to pray for his AFRC regime to succeed. It did not include Sylvia Blyden who has never cheered or applauded killers contrary to the lies this wretched Olu Gordon likes to pen down. Whilst people like Olu Gordon were fooling the populace that all the rebels could be militarily defeated, it was people like Dr. Sylvia Blyden who were advocating to ensure that peace returned to Sierra Leone by bravely promoting the value of Dialogue over their chosen Militarism. Posterity will reward me further than it has. I am confident of that! The belligerent stances of Gordon and his ilk, resulted in thousands of maimed, raped, emotionally scarred, drug-addicted and displaced persons not to talk of the dead.

To end, let me re-iterate that wretched Olu Gordon cannot force patriotic Sylvia Blyden to be ashamed of what she has no reason to be ashamed of. Truth, crushed to ground, will rise again whilst Lies belong to the dustbins of History alongside wretched sons of wretched women like Gordons mother. Olu Gordon, you are beneath my contempt and you will remain beneath my contempt!

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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