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Last Updated: Feb 23rd, 2009 - 15:50:30 
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Sierra Leone Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (SLEITI) Procurement Notice
Feb 23, 2009, 00:00
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Ministry for Presidential and Public Affairs, State House, Freetown


The Sierra Leone EITI seeks a competent and internationally reputable accounting or auditing firm to prepare its first EITI Report.

Type of Competition: International Competitive Bidding
Opening Date: January 23rd, 2009
Deadline for Submission of Bids: 8 February 2009


The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative launched in 2002 and supported by an international coalition of governments, companies and civil society aims to promote transparency and accountability in resource rich countries in which monies generated from extractive industries ( i.e. oil, gas, and mining) have not readily been transformed into sustainable development. Sierra Leone achieved candidate status in February, 2008. The Ministry for Presidential and Public Affairs is the Ministry with responsibility for EITI issues and together with a Steering Committee which comprises a coalition of government, civil society and company representatives has been spearheading the initial work required to be validated. Central to the validation process is the production of a report that reconciles payments by mining companies with relevant mining income received by government. Reconciling payments by mining companies with relevant mining income received by the government is a complex technical task that requires the cooperation from both mining companies and government.

A recent scoping report, provided with these ToRs, has clearly laid out the work to be done by the reconciler, including decentralized payments and receipts; this includes reporting templates for government and companies. The work of the SLEITI will consist of regular disclosure, audit/reconciliation, and publication of both (1) all material payments made by the Companies to the Government, and (2) all material revenues received by the Government from the above-mentioned companies.

A critical component of the SLEITI work program is the comprehensive and reliable reconciliation and/or audit of the payment and revenue data provided or to be provided by both the Companies and the Government. The SLEITI is therefore seeking a competent and internationally reputable accounting or auditing firm to be contracted as an Independent SLEITI Administrator/Reconciler with responsibility to reconcile and, if necessary, audit payments and revenues data to be provided by all relevant mining companies.

Several government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) will be involved in this process as well as three large scale mining operating companies, several small scale mechanized operations, the cadastral office for recording lease details, diamond and gold exporters, and dealers and prospecting and exploration companies.


The Terms of Reference for the Independent Administrator/Reconciler is as follows:

1. To review the Reporting Templates already prepared by the SLEITI and approved by the SLEITI Steering Committee, and assist in making any and all modification(s) that are necessary to (1) accommodate disaggregated reporting of payments and revenues data, and (2) ensure that the SLEITI Report is both comprehensive and comprehensible.
2. To submit, simultaneously or as near to simultaneously as possible, the Reporting Template directly to the Government and each of the Companies.
3. All data of payments made to the Government and of all revenues received by the Government from the Companies shall be reported, on a disaggregated basis, through the Reporting Template to be provided by the Administrator/Reconciler. The report of each company shall be duly signed by the authorized officer of the company and attested to by the external auditor of the company stating that the report is fair and accurate. Similarly, the report of the Government shall be signed by the head of the reporting MDA and attested to by the external auditor of the MDA.
4. The Administrator/Reconciler shall conduct a preliminary examination of all reports received from the reporting stakeholders to determine if (1) the report of the Government and (2) the individual or consolidated reports of the companies are in agreement or have any inconsistency. The report of the Administrators preliminary examination (The "Administrators Initial Findings") shall clearly indicate those companies whose reports are in agreement with the reports of the Government, those whose reports are inconsistent with the report of the Government, and those whose reports are missing or incomplete.
5. Upon completion of the audit and/or reconciliation of all reports, the Administrator shall prepare a Final Report which shall comprise the reconciled and verified payments made to Government by the Companies and the reconciled and verified revenues received by the Government from the Companies for the period of the audit. The Final Report shall be accompanied by the Administrators Opinion of:

a) The materiality or immateriality of inconsistencies found in, between or among the reports;
b) How the inconsistencies were reconciled or resolved;
c) The completeness of the data in relation to the total corporate presence in the relevant sectors; and
d) The accuracy and comprehensiveness of all reports received.
6. The Final Report of the Administrator, which shall also be the SLEITI Report, shall be submitted by the Administrator to Steering Committee of the SLEITI; provided that all inconsistencies or data gaps have been resolved or agreed to be immaterial.
7. The Final Report of the Administrator shall be promptly published by the Group to a wider audience in a publicly accessible, comprehensive and comprehensible manner.
8. The Administrator shall observe confidentiality towards all parties and their reported data, except as required to be disclosed in keeping with these TORs, and/or any other requirement of the SLEITI. The requirement of confidentiality shall survive the completion of the Administrators performance of its contract with the SLEITI.
9. The reporting requirements of the Administrator shall consist of the followings:
a. The Administrators Initial Findings.
b. The Administrators Final Report.


1. To promote confidence and transparency, all received sealed bids shall be opened publicly in the presence of representatives of bidders (if they wish to be present), the press and other invitees as determined by the Steering Group.
2. A bidding company shall submit two bids or proposals as described below:
(I) A technical bid/proposal which shall include:
a. A summary of the qualifications of the company, with particular reference to experience of auditing mining companies, as well as experience of multi-stakeholder processes such as the EITI;
b. An elaboration of the companys methodology, i.e., an explanation of how the company would go about the task of collecting and reconciling/auditing the data to be reported; the production of the SLEITI report; key challenges which it anticipates; and procedures for achieving a thorough and efficient reconciliation/audit process; and
c. The curriculum vitae of each member of staff who would work on the assignment.
(II) A financial bid/proposal which indicates the budget and its breakdown into (a) fees; (b) reimbursable; etc.
3. In addition to complying with procedural requirements for the bidding process and granted the absence of conflict of interest, the Selection Criteria for the Administrator shall be as follows:

A. Technical Bid: 60%

i. Experience of the firm: 20
ii. Proposed work Plan and methodology: 20%
iii. Profile of personnel to be used and time period for use: 20%.

B. Financial Bid: 40%

4. Subject to appropriate due diligence and the absence of any adverse findings, an offer of engagement shall be made to the bidder with the highest overall score. If the bidder with highest score does not accept the offer or is otherwise unavailable, an offer of engagement shall be made to the bidder then having the next highest overall score. 


Interested companies or firms are required to submit two appropriately marked sealed bids (technical and financial) along with necessary accompanying documents no later than the aforementioned date and time to:

The Steering Committee, Sierra Leone EITI
Messrs M.S.Kebe or Kenei Lamin
Ministry for Presidential & Public Affairs
State House, Sierra Leone

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