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Last Updated: Feb 26th, 2009 - 17:21:02 
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In Sierra Leone, New People Newspaper Begs Ms. Finda Koroma
Feb 26, 2009, 17:24
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The Online pro-SLPP Newspaper known as The New People has issued a very sincere apology to Ms. Finda Koroma for their participation in the dissemination of "nasty accusations" against the lady. This is the very first time ever that the New People Newspaper, known to be notorious for refusing to rebut their articles, has issued such an unconditional and lengthy apology to anyone. Speaking to Awareness Times on the phone line from Texas, USA where she currently resides, Ms. Finda Koroma stated that she has accepted the apology by The New People Newspaper and would now like to put the matter behind her. The text of the New People Press Release here follows:

FREETOWN: NEW PEOPLE EDITORIAL TEAM - There has been a new twist in the so-called Finda Koroma affair with new evidence unambiguously clearing the good name and reputation of the business consulting professional.

Some time in January 2009, The New People received an email from a person(s) completely unaffiliated with The New People. The New People gave an opportunity to Ms Finda Koroma to respond to the calumny contained in the litany of nasty accusations in the email. The New People published Ms. Finda Koromas very robust rebuttal alongside the accusation.

The said article was then revised and edited on February 3 to reflect additional information received from very competent sources INCLUDING A VERY FIRM STATEMENT OF SUPPORT FOR MISS FINDA KOROMA FROM THE Sierra Leone Peoples Party (a party which Ms Koromas father had diligently served) that the original article was part of a vicious and malicious campaign by a cartel of businessmen who believed that they would win a competitive advantage over Ms. Koromas consulting firm - FK Consulting Ltd - by villifying and dirtying the professional integrity and business standing of one of Sierra Leones most highly qualified and competent business consultants.

Last week, the President of Liberia and Ms. Finda Koromas former professional boss, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf [allowed press houses in Freetown to publish her] Letter giving great prominence to her support for Ms Finda Koroma and indicating that her government would soon initiate a thorough judicial review of the matter to completely and totally exonerate Ms. Finda Koroma. That review, The New People is informed, is now in progress.

The World Bank has also written a very strong letter clearing Ms. Finda Koroma of all vicious and unfounded charges presented in the series of press write-ups about her. Evidently, Ms. Finda Koromas professional reputation has been affirmed. The New People has secured and will publish as appropriate the full document when it is received.

In light of the foregoing and ADDITIONAL NEW INFORMATION RECEIVED BY NEW PEOPLE (which The New People will reveal in due course), the editorial board would like to make the following statement of position on the so-called Finda Koroma affair:

1. That The New People now believes that the author of the article had motives other than acting in the publics best interests.
2. That with new evidence available, The New People now accepts that the article by the said author viciously and maliciously maligns the character of Ms. Finda Koroma who is a well-educated and highly experienced business and legal professional who is undertaking her consulting business in a legitimate manner. Ms Finda Koroma holds an LLM from Cambridge University and an MBA from Harvard Business School and she has worked for the United Nations and several international agencies and consulted with dozens of reputable business firms and governments.
3. That The New People wishes to completely disavow itself of all associations with the said article or situation. The New People regrets the error of judgement in being an unsuspecting medium for distributing the malicious article and therefore profoundly regrets all and any harm done to Ms Finda Koromas personal or professional reputation by the unwitting publication of the said article that contained malicious and vicious allegations and material that were unsubstantiated and unfounded.
4. That The New People will, forthwith, have no role in distributing and disseminating said article Part 1 or any articles carrying scandalous accusations about Ms. Finda Koroma and her professional and private life.
5. That The New People fully supports the daughters and sons of eminent Sierra Leoneans in the person of the late Mr. Abu Aiah Koroma (the late father of Ms. Finda Koroma).
6. The New People will therefore break all electronic links and effective immediately remove all articles maintained on this News Portals server about the accusations.

The New People wish Ms. Finda Koroma the very best in her professional and other endeavours and will fully support her especially now that it has incontrovertible evidence of her complete and total innocence of all the vicious lies written to sully her name.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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