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Last Updated: Apr 20th, 2009 - 19:04:45 
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Sierra Leone Envoy Launches Sierra College Foundation (SCF) in the UK
Apr 20, 2009, 13:13
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The Official Launching Ceremony of the Sierra  College  Foundation (SCF)  was held  in the United Kingdom on the  11th  April, 2009 at the  Walworth  Methodist  Church  Hall located at 54  Camberwell  Road, London.

Joshua Kamanda, the Founder and CEO of Sierra College Foundation

The auspicious, first of its kind, event was attended by Sierra Leoneans from all walks of life such as the famous BASE organisation members currently resident in the UK whilst it was launched by the Sierra Leone High Commissioner to the UK & Ireland,  H.E. Mr. Melvin H. Chalobah.

High Commissioner Chalobah started by congratulating the Founder and Chief Executive, Mr. Joshua  A.  Kamanda  and   the  entire  trustee  board  members  of  the  SCF,  for  what he termed as this  timely  and  responsible  initiative.

The distinguished Sierra Leonean diplomat stated that SCF was a bid to complement the efforts of the Sierra Leone Governments educational opportunities for all Sierra Leonean youths. He reiterated that the SCFs initiative was not only a  worthy  one  but a   very  strong  and  powerful  Diaspora  initiative. Mr. Chalobah said the importance  of SCF cannot    be  overemphasized  at  a  time  when  there  has  been  a  declining  performance  of  students  in  public  exams  most  especially  in  Mathematics  and  English;  subjects  which  he opined were identifiable as being of fundamental  importance  in  any  countrys  development.

Cross Section of Trustees of the Sierra College Foundation

He said  for  only  3.44%   and  7.8%  of  WASSCE  students to have  achieved  passes  in  Mathematics  and  English  respectively in  the  past  2008 Exams, shows  that  standards  are  clearly  falling  in  a  country  that  used  to  be  described  as  the  Athens  of  West  Africa. He  extensively  spoke  about  the  importance  of  understanding  Mathematics  from  a  logical  point  of  view. Understanding  of  Maths  can  even help  us  when  it comes  to   critical  decision  making. It  will  reduce  flaws  in key  decision  making. He  also  said  that  mathematics  affects  every  aspect   of  life.

Sierra Leone High Commissioner to UK, H.E. Melvin Chalobah

Mr. Chalobah  call  on  all in  the  Diaspora  and  Sierra Leone   to   support  the  SCFs  initiative. He however encouraged  the  SCFs  Trustee  Board  not  to  ignore  the  cultural  values  of  Sierra Leone, which he said included respect  for  elders. He ended by calling on SCF  to  think  about  extending  the   vision  to  cover  even  primary  school  pupils.

Making his official statement the CEO and founder of SCF Mr. Joshua Kamanda gave a brief background about the organization, when it was formed and the reason for its formation. He said the SCF was formed in the Year 2005 in the United Kingdom for Senior Secondary School (SSS) students as well as candidates who would be taking WASSCE examination in Sierra Leone. He further disclosed that the organization will be officially launched in Sierra Leone on 27th June 2009 at the Miata Conference Hall, Youyi Building, Freetown.

Mr. Kamanda further encouraged all Sierra Leoneans to make good use of this opportunity as this will help pupils to go on to further their education at university level. He further said that the WASSCE exams have been stumbling blocks for pupils who wished to pursue their education to higher levels. Therefore, he re-stated, the main Foundation Goal of the SCF is for pupils attempting the WASSCE exams to bring out very good results.

He also said that the organization will be conducting rapid classes for WASSCE students with the ultimate goal being to elevate their educational might.

Mr. Kamanda said the overarching ambition of the SCF was to help increase the pass rate of students in the WASSCE in integral subjects like Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and English Grammar. He opined that the launching of the project will effectively help provide tutorial support for WASSCE students in the country. He informed that another aim of the SCF was to construct Mathematics Libraries with Computer Facilities in the North, West, South and East of Sierra Leone.

He used the opportunity to ask for the word to be spread which he said would further encourage WASSCE students to commence the free registration with the SCF Coordinator in Freetown. Following such registration, he said, pupils will only pay Le 20,000(twenty thousand Leones) per subject annually and nothing more to participate in the Sierra College Foundation.

The Local Sierra Leone Contact is:
7 Robert Street, Freetown
Telephone: 033-763750




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