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Last Updated: May 2nd, 2009 - 19:43:58 
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Thumbs Up for an APC Shining Star: Mohamed Daudis Koroma
By Sylvia Blyden & Abdul Karim Kabia
Apr 30, 2009, 17:34
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One of the first things journalists learn at Awareness Times is not to speak in small measure. We are not half-hearted when we release criticisms. At Awareness Times, we BLAST in no small measure when such blasting is due but at the same time we issue praises lavishly when such are due. Today is a day for us to lavish praises on one of the most hardworking members of the Ernest Koroma team: i.e., Mohamed Daudis Koroma, the Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation.

Mohamed Koroma:Truly a Shining Star in Salone

The recent Cabinet Reshuffle by President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma was greeted with various opinions and comments from different schools of thoughts. These comments and opinions range from lauding the Presidents move to that of criticizing the reshuffled cabinet. From all of the views raised, one thing that has come out clearly from the reshuffled cabinet is that the transfer of the then Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, Mohamed D. Koroma to become the new Deputy Health and Sanitation Minister was timely and is currently one of the most appreciated moves by His Excellency the President.

This newspaper likes to keep its ears to the ground and it is a fact that nowadays it is not unusual to hear suffering citizens say if only Ernest Koroma had just ten of Mohamed Koromas ilk in his Cabinet, all the APCs 2007 manifesto promises will come to pass within three years. When he was at the Information Ministry, yes he made his mark felt by the citizens but it is at the Health Ministry that he has really impacted himself into the hearts and minds of the ordinary citizens.

The move by H.E. President Koroma of his protg Mohamed from Information to Health has received widespread acclamation, as Deputy Minister Koroma, since his new appointment, has not only proved to be the hardworking person he is, but has also intensified moves aimed at rebranding the battered health sector that had been characterized by laggardness and corruption. With the likes of Mohamed Koroma, the rebranding now sees the sector having feasible chances of achieving the trumpeted health plans of the APCs 2007 Manifesto. In this country where incompetence is being glorified with glaring insensitivity from those who ought to know better, Mohamed D. Koroma is one of the shining stars in a sea of insensitive incompetence!

Mohamed Koroma should be encouraged by the citizens. He has his lapses like all of us but he makes up for these lapses with his sheer tenacious, forceful desire to implement positive changes. Only a blind man will say Mohamed Koroma is not a performer. Only a moron will say Mohamed Koroma is not a role model in this society as far as inspiring our youths to work hard and give of their best.

Since his appointment, Mr. Mohamed D. Koroma has been working 24 hours round the clock towards actualizing a better health sector in the country. He is almost always spotted at the various hospitals and health centers so as to get first hand information about the dire needs of the health sector. Most recent of these visits was one undertaken during the Independence Holiday, a time when most ministers preferred having a jolly good time relaxing home or going out to the beaches with their families.

On Independence Day, Mr. Mohamed D. Koroma sacrificed enjoyment for the plight of hospitalized persons, and took a tour of almost all of the hospitals and health centers from Waterloo on to the Connaught Hospital, to ascertain whether or not hospitals staffs were on duty to treat the hospitalized.

Hospital by hospital, health center by health center, the Deputy Minister was shocked to realize that practically none of the assigned doctors were on duty, with the exception of one Dr. Coker who was on duty at the Cottage Hospital. As for the nurses, it was the same report: non-appearance! Accordingly, he has summoned all of the doctors of the various hospitals and centers to a query meeting, and indications are that stringent actions would be taken against defaulting staff should they deserve it. Note that the minister did not just order sackings or punishment but he first issued a query summons. In like manner, he also recently ordered the administrative suspension of some senior health officials pending investigation on alleged malpractices. He did not order them to be sacked but sent them on suspension whilst the matter was being investigated. This is the sign of a good manager and Mohamed is learning fast to be a good manager or persons by listening before acting.

It is this managerial skill that also earned him the unofficial title as the Troubleshooter-In-Chief for his erstwhile Ministry. It was at that ministry that he showed his people skills and excellent human relations which led to him being the regimes troubleshooter whose statesmanlike skills ended industrial strike actions as well as community strike actions. The populace will surely recall the resolution of the industrial strikes at SALPOST, SLBS etc. etc. as well as the SALCOST-Community resolution in Tonkolili.

As he has already earned himself laurels for his no nonsense and zero tolerance stances on corruption, the feathers on his cap continue to multiply on a daily basis as he keeps moving on and on and on and up and up and up.

Mr. Mohamed D. Koroma, since his appointment, has always proved his resolve to extend a hand of love and care to the entire populace, as he is almost always the first government functionary to materialize in scenes where urgent attention is needed. An example of such includes the role he played during the raging inferno at the Oil Refinery in Freetown that claimed the lives of several Sierra Leoneans. He personally materialized at the fire scene immediately the incident occurred and coordinated the transportation of the victims to the Connaught hospital.

At the hospital, he was spotted moving helter skelter in order to coordinate the doctors and the buying of drugs to save the lives of the dying victims. Even though other government functionaries later came to the hospital, the Deputy Minister virtually slept there when he realised that there were no drugs at the hospital. He spent the night and the ensuing days ensuring the patients got medical care and emotional succour.

Furthermore, the Deputy Minister used the recently concluded National Delegates Conference of the APC in Makeni, to, on a daily basis, visit the hospitals and centers to see how the patients and doctors there were getting on.

Keep the flames burning Mr. Deputy Health and Sanitation Minister and posterity will always reward you. We assure you that you have the respect of the entire team at the Awareness Times Newspaper. We are all very proud of you sir!! BRAVO!!!

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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