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Last Updated: May 6th, 2009 - 21:46:13 
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In Sierra Leone, H.E. Orders Investigation of Leatherboot-Alim Fracas
May 6, 2009, 17:26
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Numerous sources intimately close with State House have informed Awareness Times that President Koroma is currently "disturbed" over the bad blood that has erupted amongst his close and trusted bodyguards which has gone to the extent of one close bodyguard, Leather-Boot allegedly pulling out a pistol, cocking it and threatening another close bodyguard, Alim. Our sources say the President has ordered Police Headquarters to conduct an immediate investigation into the matter and the matter is now supposed to be with the F.U.K. Daboh headed Complaints, Discipline and Internal Investigation Department (CDIID) of the police.

Alim (in white) & Leather Boot (in black) jointly lead His Excellency the President of Sierra Leone on to Wusum Field for APC Convention last month

Meanwhile, all efforts by this press-house to get the Press Secretary to the President for his comments on this matter have proved to be futile. Mr. Sheka Tarawalie has been elusive to pressmen for quite some time now.

A recent article on the alleged Alim-LeatherBoot fracas is reproduced below.

NEW VISION NEWSPAPER (May 4th 2009): Idrissa Kamara, alias Leatherboot, is a Close Protection bodyguard to President Ernest Bai Koroma who grabs the headlines for all the wrong reasons. After coming under severe press bashing for his unholy role in the fracas that culminated into rape at the opposition SLPP office, Leatherboot has again put himself into hot waters though he is expected to come out free as he has the blessing and protection of the powers that be.

According to sources close to the Presidential Lodge, Leatherboot and another bodyguard, Alim, were at daggers drawn last week over the deployment of personnel to His Excellency on official trips. The sources say that on such trips, personnel deployments are on a rotation basis and Alim included himself on the list of those who should accompany H.E. the next time he is traveling. Leatherboot did not countenance that action by Alim and he expressed his resentment of the action. Alim did not let him go away with it and a war of words erupted between them. After bantering words for a while, Leatherboot is said to have gone berserk and threatened to deal with Alim. He did not only issue the threat of dealing with Alim, but went a step further by taking out his pistol and threatening to shoot Alim if he challenged him. He was later prevailed upon by other guards who intervened to calm down the situation.

After the incident, Alim is said to have written a letter of complaint to the police authorities about the misdemeanour of his colleague who is now becoming uncontrollable. Sources say Alim has reported the matter to the Complaints, Discipline and Internal Investigation Department (CDIID) of the police.

But when this medium contacted Chief Superintendent F.U.K. Daboh to verify the story, he declined to confirm saying that he has not officially received any complaint of that nature and until he gets that he cannot say or do anything on the issue.

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