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Last Updated: May 9th, 2009 - 01:23:00 
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Ernest Koroma is not a Prince so he cannot afford to be Machiavellian
By Sylvia O. Blyden
May 8, 2009, 17:38
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IF HE IS LUCKY, in 8 years from now, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, President and Executive Head of State of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Supreme Commander in Chief of Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, Grand Commander of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone, Chancellor of Njala University, Fountain of Honour & Justice in the Republic of Sierra Leone, etc. etc. etc, will still be the sitting President getting ready to hand over power to another worthy Sierra Leonean citizen who will then proceed to wear all the aforementioned titles.

If the stars do not shine on his fortunes, then, come 2012, at sharp 12, he will lose all the emoluments but if he is lucky and he serves his people well, come 2012, he will get a second five-year term until 2017 (eight years from now). 

If Ernest Koroma is extremely lucky, not only will he still be in power by 2017 but he will be handing over power to an APC Leader of his choice. However, if he is not extremely lucky, he will be handing over power to another political party; most likely the SLPP.

But whatever the case, come 2017, according to the dictates of our National Constitution, Ernest Koroma will definitely not continue to be Head of State.

Which brings me now to Philip Nevilles exhortations yesterday which called for Ernest Koroma to apply Machiavellian principles in governing the State called Sierra Leone.

First of all, Machiavellis advise in his book, THE PRINCE are meant for Princes and Conquerors who usually never have to hand over power but rule until they die (i.e: PASS-AR-DIE). Such people never have to worry about what happens when they hand over power. They are life-time leaders. Ernest Koroma, on the other hand, is all too aware of what modern day trends can look like for former leaders: Chad and Liberia easily come to mind.

Now, the section of Machiavellis book that I assume Neville is trying to ask Ernest Koroma to apply is the Chapter XVII entitled, Concerning Cruelty And Clemency, And Whether It Is Better To Be Loved Than Feared.

In that Chapter, Nicolo Machiavelli urges that a Prince, "ought to be slow to believe and to act, nor should he himself show fear, but proceed in a temperate manner with prudence and humanity, so that too much confidence may not make him incautious and too much distrust render him intolerable."

Machiavelli then proceeds to say that although it was better to be feared than to be loved, "Nevertheless a prince ought to inspire fear in such a way that, if he does not win love, he avoids hatred; because he can endure very well being feared whilst he is not hated".

He warns the aforesaid because, according to Machiavelli, citizens tend to cultivate intense bitterness if they unduly lose property, reputation and the lives of their loved ones. So, Machiavelli warns that when it is necessary for a Prince to proceed against the life of someone, he must do it on proper justification and for manifest cause. In this regard, Fake coup plots are not the way to inspire fear but are the sure road to inspire HATRED.

Basically, what Machiavelli is warning all Princes and Conquerors against is the tendency to believe that they can get away with maliciously crushing perceived opponents/critics unduly as it can cause backlash. Machiavelli advises that if one cannot be loved, let him be feared but let him never allow himself to be HATED. And even when he inspires fear, let him inspire such fear with prudence and for just causes. In other words, Fake coup plots are not the way to inspire fear but are the sure way to inspire HATRED.

We will come to this issue of the Fake Coup Plots at the right time.

For now, Ernest Koroma is not a Prince who spends his lifetime as a member of the untouchable royalty. Nay! Ernest Bai Koroma is just a mere mortal whose compatriots have entrusted to him FOR A MAXIMUM PERIOD OF TEN YEARS, the governing of their land. If he is lucky, he gets to serve us for a good ten years after which he has to let go of all the trappings. If he is not lucky, he goes in 2012 at sharp 12.

So, it is better for Ernest Koroma to ignore Nevilles ranting of yesterday, carefully read The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli and teach himself that whilst Siaka Stevens (Pass Ar Die) could have applied the theories therein, he, Ernest Koroma is not a Pass-Ar-Die President. So, if he causes himself to become HATED in this land by listening to those who are misleading him, he should read the section of Machiavelli which teaches that if/when you drop from power, men flee away from you very fast as if you have leprosy. At that point in time, it is only those in whom you had inspired love, who will be around to defend you. All the others in whom you inspired fear (and God forbid, inspired HATRED), will now have you at their mercy.

Ernest Koroma, you are not a Prince but an ordinary mortal. You are not a Conqueror but a democratically elected President. Machiavellis principles cannot work for you in Sierra Leone. In eight years time, you will no longer be at State House; one way or the other!

Ernest Koroma, do not tread on innocent peoples lives to sustain yourself in power. You are not a Prince nor are you living in the days of Siaka Stevens sir.

Good morning Mr. President!


APCs Amazing Fake Coup Plot Story Against Respected Citizens. Why has the Ghanaian State Informant Not Yet Been Charged to Court? Who from above ordered his release from Police Custody last month? DON'T MISS MONDAY'S EDITION.

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