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Last Updated: May 12th, 2009 - 19:04:30 
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Sierra Leone Presidentís Girlfriend Portrayed to Kailahun as First Lady
May 12, 2009, 17:38
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One of the favourite girlfriends of the President of Sierra Leone has been wrongly portrayed to the people of Kailahun District as the legitimate First Lady of the Republic. H.E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, who personally employed the services of an uncouth, ill-bred, lowlife hoodlum like Shekito as his Press Secretary, has many female admirers. The President is reported to not be too hesitant in indulging himself in female company from various age groupings. Without any doubt, one of his best female sweethearts is a lady by the name of Ms. Arabella Foray who can also be described as "well known" (courtesy Awoko Newspaper) and "an invaluable asset" (courtesy Salone Place News).

However, if you are not of strong moral backbone, it is sometimes not too easy to draw the line between the role of a Concubine and that of the legitimate wife. This is how yesterday, May 11th 2009, Ms. Arabella Forayís love affair with the President, caused serious confusion in Kailahun after the local radio station severally announced over the air that the First Lady of the Republic would be arriving on a visit to the town this Friday 15th May 2009. This followed the Local Unit Commander of the Sierra Leone Police in the District openly informing the Kailahun District Council that he had been ordered from Freetown to provide security for the visiting "First Lady" who was expected in Kailahun on Friday 15th May 2009.

It has now turned out that not only is the real First Lady, Sia Nyama Koroma, not even in Sierra Leone (She is in London attending to urgent family issues) but it was a local PMDC/APC politician Lamin Vonjo Gobeh who had invited the Presidentís sweetheart, Arabella Foray to Kailahun and in a bid to get a maximum turn-out for Arabella Foray, the word had been deliberately spread to traditional dancers, masked devils, schoolchildren and various womenís ashoebi groupings that it was the real and true wife of President Koroma who would be arriving in Kailahun this Friday May 15th 2009.

Thus, between the local radio station and the local Police Chief, a false label of "First Lady" had been given to the Presidentís mere sweetheart (aka CONCUBINE, as Shekito¬†would say).

Indications are that Arabella Foray, the mis-labelled pretender to Ernest Koromaís marital throne is trying to sell herself to Ernest Koroma as also being just as marketable and easily loved as the well loved Sia Nyama Koroma. Efforts were made by this press house to contact Ms. Arabella Foray for her own side yesterday but we were unsuccessful.

However, we have since interviewed scores of people in Kailahun including staff of the said local Radio Station, the Chairman of the Kailahun District Council, Tom Nyuma, the inviter of Arabella Foray, PMDC/APCís Lamin Vonjo Gobeh himself as well as John Benjamin, the National Chairman of the opposition SLPP Party who himself had happened to be in Kailahun yesterday when the messy and embarrassing situation occurred.

These lengthy interviews, concerning the messy situation with Ernest Koromaís concubine Arabella Foray, are all extremely revealing (especially the one by Lamin Vonjo Gobeh) and will make exciting reading. They will all come out as soon as we can get on to Arabella Foray for an interview.

Meanwhile, it is not clear if indeed Arabella Foray will go to Kailahun this Friday as previously planned and if so, in what capacity. Will Arabella Foray go as the First Concubine or the First Sweetheart or the First Pretender to the Presidentís Marital Throne? We are closely following the development. Just stay right here with your favourite Awareness Times Newspaper.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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