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Last Updated: May 13th, 2009 - 18:39:46 
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Where is the Justice & Democracy? Is this What I Sweated with Ernest Koroma for?
By Arnold E. Akibo-Betts
May 13, 2009, 17:14
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Sierra Leoneans believe that Democracy is Government of the people by the people and for the people. But Today it has turned out to be Government where the voice of the people cannot be heard.

The Author

This has cause Patriotic Sierra Leoneans to realize that Yesterday was better than today, taking into consideration the way the business of Government is being run. The Sierra Leone police which is supposed to protect life and property, which is an important feature of democracy has turned out to be the violators of peaceful citizens by denying rights of the less unfortunate (i.e. the poor). It is evidently clear to the majority of Sierra Leoneans that the police are now more corrupt than during Kabbahs time and they are definitely far more indisciplined.

All of these have cause a lot of embarrassment for our beloved country in the international world. With close observation, our current Leader of this Nation seems to be very complacent with what is happening forgetting that this will scare away investors and even drive out those ones that are already here as well as causing people to do what ever they feel as they know with a corrupt and indisciplined police force, they will pay their way out from criminal charges.

If you can agree with me, this is why armed robbery and insecurity is more evident in our country than ever before as even the Patrol Teams of the police can no more be trusted. Effective policing is one of the factors that should built confidence in his Nation.

Aside from the police, another important sector of any government is the military (in Sierra Leone, the RSLAF). The revamped, disciplined, non-partisan RSLAF seems to have taken the land mark of the Sierra Leone Police. It is complete indiscipline for soldiers to jubilate the APC Victory song in presence of international diplomats. And in the presence of President Koroma who made so much noise about civil servants not to get involved in politics to the extent that he sacked scores and scores of them only for him to now oversee as civil servants and soldiers jubilate and dance to politics at Makeni.

Meanwhile, numerous irate ex-combatants have still not received their benefits and these ex-soldiers are part and parcel of our nation. They co-exist with us and are seeing people who could barely purchase a pair of shoes two years ago, now driving brand new Prado jeeps. Such actions of injustice and neglect also cause fear in the minds of peaceful citizens as nobody knows what will be in the minds of these ex-soldiers who have risked their lives in other for us to be enjoying peace and democracy today.

I want us to think if this is a fair play of justice as we all know that these people also have families. Is this fair? APC Fanatics are not fair to even the APC by behaving that all is fair in Sierra Leone now. Where is the justice? Where is the democracy we were promised by Ernest in 2007? Is this it? I dont think so! What about you who are reading this piece? Do you see that yesterday is better than today?

Dont get me wrong. I am A.P.C. as that is where my lineage comes from. As the eldest son of the late APC Strongman, Alfred Akibo-Betts, it is natural that I worked to help the APC win the 2007 Elections. I sweated with Ernest Koroma on the Campaign Trail to bring positive change.

But this is not positive change. I am sometimes ashamed of myself for working to bring Ernest Koroma to power. I worked like a baboon. I sweated to bring APC to power. We undermined the SLPP to see to it that APC comes in but look for example at this Shekito man, our so-called Presidential Press Secretary who is supposed to live up to the standards of a gentleman at the First Office and be an example of a law-abiding citizen. Instead, he has been acting like a common neighbourhood hoodlum, a gangster and lowlife guttersnipe.

Imagine a Presidents Press Secretary being dragged to the Law Courts on clear criminal charges only for the Attorney General to provide him solace by abusing the nolle prosequi clause of the Constitution to save him. So, he was set free and this made him to become more emboldened and we all saw how he confronted the Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police after he first physically assaulted a senior citizen, who is a Honorable elected Member of Parliament, Mrs. Elizabeth Alpha-Lavalie and going up to the extent of getting her roughed up by soldiers, blocking the road of tax payers and then he showed the world that there is really no Law neither Justice nor Western Democracy operating in our Government because he is still being maintained as the Presidents Press Secretary at the State House.

Now here comes Mr. Shekito again, not trying to correct his mistakes but to the surprise of Sierra Leoneans with integrity, using insulting words and manufacturing accusations in innuendoes-laden false publication he authors and publish against one of the countrys most hard working and decent Sierra Leonean Woman, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden whom majority of our young Brothers and Sisters in our country have taken as their Role Model and ask for mentoring from. This is the lady that Ernest Koromas Shekito has turned his hoodlum self against as he enjoys under the cover of Ernest Koromas protection at State House.

Where was Shekito when I and so many, many other APC members were struggling to bring the APC and Ernest Koroma into Government? See how this lowlife hoodlum called Shekito now enjoys the benefit of what we sweated for with Ernest Koroma? What a shame to us President Koroma! How disappointing you have been to us your foot soldiers. If it is true that baboons work for monkeys to come and eat then you have brought in MONKEYS to come and enjoy what BABOONS have worked for.

With all these scenario that have become evidently clear, I feel disappointed with myself for having gone around with Idrissa Kamara(LeatherBoot), Joslin Bawah, Kenneth Sandy, Micheal F. Davies, etc. etc. back in those days to ensure we bring Ernest Koroma to State House. I did a lot of work because I had hoped that Justice and Democracy will take a new positive tune but rather it now seems to be worst as violation of human rights is the order of the day. Just look at what happened at the opposition headquarters in broad daylight! Is this what I sweated for to take Ernest Koroma into State House? I am disappointed.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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