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Last Updated: May 29th, 2009 - 23:11:47 
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Tourism Minister Urinates On Himself Again
May 29, 2009, 17:22
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Very Senior Military personnel of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Force have made passionate appeals to this newspaper not to publicise what happened to the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hindolo Trye on Saturday 23rd May 2009 at the Hockey Pitch, Wilberforce Military Barracks in Freetown. Awareness Times has several times upheld appeals from very, very senior State functionaries not to publish embarrassing developments for public consumption but this time, we believe the people of this country deserve to know that their Minister of Tourism & Culture has once again publicly urinated on himself in the presence of both local and foreign dignitaries.

Despite repeated publications of this urinating malady of the Tourism Minister both on and off planes; Trye has been retained as the man in charge of this countrys Tourism policies whilst the sick Trye and his cohorts, in a bid to vilify those who write about his malady, continue to pour opprobrium upon journalists who do so.

The latest urinating episode happened at the 4th Annual Unit Athletic Competition organized by the RSLAF to test the fitness of personnel ahead of the National Military Sports Competition which latter event actually started yesterday Thursday May 28th 2009 at the National Stadium in Freetown.

Dressed in an official suit and sitting on the high table in the presence of top military personnel including the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Brigadier-General Nelson Williams, Brigadier Mrs. Kestoria Kabia, Brigadier Komba Mondeh and other distinguished local and foreign dignitaries, Mr. Hindolo Trye urinated uncontrollably in the full view of spectators who watched in shocked dismay as hot urine ran down from the ministers trousers on to the floor.

Noticing the disgraceful scene, the top brass he was sitting with quickly came to his aid and escorted Hindolo Trye into the official vehicle of the Director of Defence for an undisclosed location.

The ministers trousers was clearly soiled with urine when he was being taken away and to the sadness of other people present, many spectators openly mocked the ministers messy situation to the extent of openly criticizing the President for allowing Minister Trye to continue his duties rather than seek proper medical care. The last maladious episode before this one had occurred during the destruction of the Cocaine exhibit at the Kingtom Dump site last month where once again, the Minister had to be rushed away.

Awareness Times reporter at the scene of this recent incident explained that the soiled chair which was soggy with the urine of the Minister was left abandoned with the Name Tag with the Ministers Name still left on it as spectators came around to view the chair which then forced soldiers to later remove the Hindolo Trye name tag from the now-empty urine-containing chair.

Meanwhile, Hindolo Trye has since reportedly stated in a telephone interview to the New Age Newspaper that he could not confirm if he really urinated on himself as he claimed to have been "unconscious" throughout the incident. Speaking to Awareness Times yesterday, a member of staff of New Age Newspaper, said though he did not wish to sound opinionated but mindful of the responses of the Minister, it sounded as if the Minister was unaware he had been at a crowded place when he urinated on himself uncontrollably.

The matter is now said to be very topical all around Wilberforce Barracks, Wilberforce Village and Tengbeh Town where people would ask of each other in the local Krio parlance, "You yerri say Minister done piss pan insef again?"

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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