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Last Updated: Jun 9th, 2009 - 18:31:01 
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The Excuses Are Becoming Irritating
By Abdul Fonti
Jun 9, 2009, 17:08
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The nineteen to twenty months rule of the All Peoples Congress (APC) government has recorded piles of unfulfilled promises. These promises range from those made during the 2007 presidential and parliamentary elections campaign, to those made by the newcomer APC regime. During elections campaigns and even after assuming the citadel of governance, the people of this country were misled to believe that Sierra Leone would be developed within a twinkle of an eye, and as such their lives would be improved. Unfortunately however, the desperate citizens overwhelmingly voted the APC to power and continued to give them the benefit of the doubt, even with the glaring reality of the seemingly failing administration.

Provision of jobs for the youths, good living standards of the citizens, quality education, beautification of the country, provision of twenty four (24) hours electricity, maintenance of non political police and military force, political tolerance and freedom of the press were amongst the uncountable promises the APC made and continue to make to sons and daughters of Sierra Leone. But amongst these numerous promises, how many of them are really near realization.

The more disturbing thing of these promises are the fact that most or even all of them continue to record worse scenarios, when one decide to compare how it was during the past regime. Rather than instituting strides to remedy and adhere to the various promises, the ruling government is notoriously finding excuses for each and every failure. Its failures are either always blamed on the main opposition party cum erstwhile government or attributed to some hardly believable excuses.

Lets take a look at some of the promises that are either slowly being pursued or are seemingly not achievable at all. Starting with the issue of the youths, it is a sad fact to note that the numbers of idle youths continue to record a steady increase, whilst the formation of the proposed Youth Commission maintains its snail pace.

No wonder the rate of armed robbery, rape and numerous occurrences of activities that does not befit the status of a civilize society, are becoming the order of the day in this beautiful nation. Yes, this is what happens when unfulfilled promises are made to disgruntled youths. They would be left with no option other than that of helping themselves realize what is due them. As the popular adages go: Promises are debts, and All honest debts must be paid.

The changing the lives of the people promise is far from ever becoming a reality. The lives of the citizens continue to record worse occurrences, with the present deadly economic situation in the country. Citizens are finding it tough to put food on their tables whilst the prices of basic commodities continue to rise.

Quality education for the children of Sierra Leone has turned out to be poor education standards. This is evident in the National Primary Schools Examination (NPSE), Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and West African Senior Schools Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results, since the assumption of power of the APC. In the history of this country, these exams have recorded worst grades in this administration more than it has ever happened.

The APC promised to beautify Sierra Leone within a wink. Rather than our country being beautified, it is now being presented as an instrument of mockery to the international community. Amongst the numerous humiliations poor Sierra Leone continues to face, instead of being beautified, is the so called Freetown City Council Clock Tower. The less talked about it, the better.

The citizens are also yet to enjoy the proposed twenty four hours electricity. The huge sums of money that have been spent on the present electricity supply did not achieve that goal, whilst the almighty Bumbuna amongst numerous promises now awaits the rains.

Maintenance of a non political police force and armed force: The police force and armed forces are undoubtedly being used by this administration as aides to achieving political goals. The police have on several instances failed to restore calm whenever operatives believed to be linked with the ruling government attack opposition parties outfits and their supporters. They are also on several instances been used by political extremists to unlawfully arrest and detain innocent citizens. One can also easily conclude that the military is being politicized when military personnel staged a parade at the APC Convention in Maken
i and even went to an extent of bringing in the military band to entertain the guests with the APC Victory Song again and again and again.

One cannot say there is political tolerance in a country where the ruling government is having a field day harassing and intimidating opposition parties outfits and supporters. The SLPP Headquarters both in Freetown and other areas across the country have been attacked and partly set ablazed severally. Opposition supporters are also being used as rape elements, as rape cases on them are reported on ceaseless basis.

Press Freedom is also among the numerous promises by the APC administration that are yet to be achieved. The Freedom of Information Bill is yet to be debated in Parliament, whilst journalists continue to suffer undue harassments and tortures. Journalists have been intimidated, molested, physically manhandled, chased out from their areas of assignment, and charged with libel, simply because they are performing their sacred duties.

It has even went to an extent wherein the police gave the go ahead for five million people to arrest and drag two journalist
s, including a female, to the police station.

Even though it is unchallenged that the APC administration has its successes to boast of, the aforementioned anomalies under their watch are superseding those achievements.

Hard to come to terms with however, are the unbelievable excuses being forwarded by this regime for each and every failure they record, instead of instituting corrective measures and intensifying efforts towards fulfilling their countless promises.

The Youth Commission is always trumpeted to be near completion, but thousands of youths are still roaming the streets of the country with battered fates.

The deplorable standards of living of the citizenry are always blamed on the global economic turndown, and on the negative attitudes of the citizenry.

The list is long and one will continue to go on and on and on.

The citizenry is becoming fed up with excuses, time to act is now. The excuses are becoming irritating. It is a must that these promises are fulfilled and the time is now.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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