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Last Updated: Jun 23rd, 2009 - 17:25:30 
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In Sierra Leone, Army Brigadier Dumps ĎRecalcitrantí Girl Friend
By Theophilus S. Gbenda & Aruna Turay
Jun 23, 2009, 17:14
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One of Sierra Leoneís most outstanding and forward looking senior military personnel in the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF), Brigadier S.O Williams, is currently contending with a domestic problem that has the potential of plunging his hard earned reputation into the mud and in essence make him an entirely unhappy family man.

Brigadier S.O Williams: Joint Force Commander

Brigadier S.O Williams stands accused by a long time sweetheart, Debora Musa, with whom he has a daughter named Mather Ectoria Williams, of dumping her and refusing to take up responsibility for the child.

Explaining her ordeal to the Awareness Times, Debora Musa disclosed that she came in contact with Brigadier S.O Williams some few years ago while in Kenema.

According to her, Brigadier S.O Williams proposed a love relationship with her, which she could have hardly turned down due to several reasons she refused to highlight.

"When he approached me, I accepted his proposal and we started dating. This went on till after few years when I became pregnant for him and later gave birth to a bouncing baby boy whom we named Romeo Umarr Williams, but he gave up the ghost years later", she said, adding that they then traveled to Nigeria where he went on course and upon their return, they migrated from Kenema to Freetown.

She said they put up together at Brigadier S.O Williamsís house at No. 4 Sequinya Drive, Cockle Bay in Freetown, until his legally wedded wife, Mrs. Umu Williams was about to return home from the United States of America, that he went and rented a house for her at Wilberforce.

When Brigadier S.O Williamsís wife returned to the States, she went on, he asked her to vacate the house and be relocated in his family house at No. 28 Upper Brook Street in Freetown, so as to enable him do some renovation on the house.

Debora went on to explain that whilst occupying a room in the family house, she was again impregnated by Brigadier S.O Williams, adding that this time round she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, whom they named Mather Ectoria Williams.

She however stated that lately, Brigadier Williams stopped fulfilling his responsibilities towards her and the girl, thereby subjecting them to unwarranted punishment.

"He doesnít care anymore about our feeding, medical, clothing and otherwise needs", she noted, furthering that "As if that is not enough, he has now ordered a Military Police (MP) Major together with some Sierra Leone Police (SLP) personnel to evict her from the room she and her daughter occupy at the family house.

When confronted at his office at the Cockerill military headquarters on Wilkinson Road in Freetown, Brigadier S.O Williams wasted no time in denying all the allegations made against him by Debora, but confirmed that he met Debora some years back in Kenema and dated her.

He also confirmed that she was pregnant for him and gave birth to the first child, but that his ownership of the second child remains questionable, due to certain unacceptable prangs Debora has been playing of late.

According to him, he registered his anger over this to Deboraís parents long before the second pregnancy was pronounced as being his.

"Since my meeting with Debora, I have done a lot towards improving her life - educationally, socially, morally, and more, but she is not developmentally oriented. When she started her bad acts, I warned her and complained her to her parents who did nothing to advice her and now that I have taken a decision to terminate the relationship, they are all shouting helter-skelter", Brigadier S.O Williams noted, adding that even though he has vowed to call off the relationship between Debora and himself, he is still looking up to taking full responsibility of the baby after certain things, medically or otherwise, would have been done to thoroughly confirm that the baby truly belongs to him.

He also denied ever sending a military police to evict her from the house, but confirmed ordering a military police to go to the civil police and make a complaint, seeking the girlís removal from the premises.

He referred to the girl as being troublesome, and one that is looking for problem for him; and has therefore deemed it fit to terminate the relationship between them. See more in a subsequent edition.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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