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Last Updated: Aug 20th, 2009 - 16:57:19 
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Al Shek Is Simply A Professional Cop
By Assistant InspectorGeneral of Police, Al-Shek Kamara
Aug 20, 2009, 17:04
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I must confess that I was not in any way perturbed when friends, relatives and well wishers drew my attention to a banner headline carried by the Torchlight Newspaper of Monday, the 18th instant suggesting that I am a vandal. Many, as well as I, know only too well who is behind that publication, and so I was not at all surprised. I know my former good neighbour at the Big House (who is the sponsor of the said tabloid), has never forgiven me for calling his bluff when he feigned indispensability by threatening to abandon his post together with his "black-white" wife if ever the Berlin Wall that he had built around himself was brought down. He has also not forgiven me for bringing to light the usurpation of elephantine privileges to which he is not entitled. He has made even more sinister allegations against me, all of which have been proven totally unfounded. I know all those that have closely followed events in the recent past would readily understand. That was why I was not at all bothered by his lies, but I am only now compelled to react solely for the benefit of those that might not have known the real Al Shek.

Since early 1997, I had applied to the Ministry of Works, Housing and Maintenance for an official residence, but with no success. In 2001, the then Inspector General of Police, Mr Keith Biddle, approached the then Minister of Works in order to advocate for same on my behalf. Since there was no other quarters at the time except for some OAU villas the said Ministry had just repaired, the Minister had OAU villa 31 officially allocated to me as a senior official of Government; not as an official residence for an ADC (as that infamous writer wants people to believe). I still have the allocation letter to the effect. That was why I have since that time been living in that residence with my family in peaceful co-existence with my neighbours (even after my tenure as ADC over six years now) until the arrival of this almighty neighbour. But for Housing Corporation to have allocated that villa to somebody else knowing fully well that there was an occupant, who is a serving senior civil servant and who has not refused to pay any rent leaves so much to be desired. If ever a quit notice was addressed to me to the effect, I am yet to see one. The little said about the issue concerning the transfer of tenancy by Housing Corporation the better. There is more to it than meets the eye, but I would let sleeping dogs lie. My detractors should only remember that what goes around comes around.

Contrary to what the hateful writer purported, however, I want people to know that I left villa 31in a pretty good shape. A major problem experienced in the said villa over the years, however, is the roof. The corrugated iron sheets used are of poor quality. As such, in the past few years I had to replace many of such sheets during every rainy season from my own meagre resources. As usual, the roof started leaking in several places a couple of days before my departure. No reasonable person would expect one to do major repairs to a roof on the eve of ones relinquishing of a residence. However, when I handed over the keys of the said villa during working hours of Friday the 7th instant, I informed authorities at the Works Ministry about the said leakage. For this ill informed writer to suggest that I removed the sheets from the building in question is clearly malicious.

The vile author also mentioned the removal of a generator cable from underground. I found that most ridiculous. Any rational being would understand that disconnecting a private stand-by generator by a moving tenant is nothing unusual. The cable in question was bought by me and connected to a private stand-by generator located about twenty-five metres away from the said villa. For safety reasons, the said cable was buried underground. On the day of my departure, I was advised again for safety reasons, i.e. to avoid fire and to prevent anyone being electrocuted, to disconnect and remove the said cable. Since safety to life and property is my primary concern as a law enforcement officer, I employed the services of an expert electrician to do the said job at my own expense. No damage whatsoever was done to the ground not to talk about the building.

Needless to bore my readership with such trivialities, I would challenge this hateful author to give any proof where I have wilfully caused damage to the said villa. Thats a major indictment that definitely warrants thorough investigation. I had refurbished and maintained that villa in its present state with my own resources. I am a firm believer in the Lord; I would never render evil for evil. I even left untouched structures that I built on the said premises with my own funds. Before we eventually left, I got members of my family to do a comprehensive clean-up of the villa. However, that my all-powerful neighbour could have sent some of the miscreants that he harbours in his premises to wreck havoc on the said quarters ( knowing fully well that the security had been redeployed) just in order to give me a bad name, would not be far fetched. The saying has it that "to hang a dog, give him a bad name". It is that bad name that he is trying very hard with little success to ascribe to me in his vain attempt to kill my reputation.

I sometimes sit down and wonder what could have given cause for this guy to hate me with such passion in the first place. Is he simply jealous of my achievements? Well he will forever be tormented for I tell you whatI am a child of the living God. Whom God has blessed, no accursed man like you can thwart his destiny. I am told this despicable writer, who is hiding behind his finger out of sheer cowardice, is a criminal of some sorts. Some colleagues have suggested that being a no-nonsense cop who deals with law breakers without recourse to their status or affiliations, I could have crossed paths with the villain without me knowing it. Now that he thinks he is too powerful, he wants to teach me a lesson. Well I have news for you; I have no regrets for whatever I could have done to you within the ambit of the law. Have I another opportunity my good old neighbour, I will do it again. Always make sure you keep to the rules and stay away from trouble. Otherwise dont ever expect Al Shek to be chickened away or terrified. Those that have experienced me know me for only one thing - a simple professional cop; not a vandal or a politician!!

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