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Last Updated: Sep 3rd, 2009 - 10:14:32 
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As SLPP Paper Puts APC on Defensive, Dr. Kadi Sesay is not going mad but...
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Sep 2, 2009, 22:07
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Some two weeks ago, the SLPP Chairman John Benjamin took over the functions of the now-recuperating SLPP Publicity Secretary Tayib Bah insofar as the SLPP newspaper is concerned.

Since then, there has been a drastic change in the stance of the SLPPs newspaper which vendors say have caused SLPP newspaper sales to soar skywards like never before. I have to confess that although I would not have published some of the photos they recently published, I have been impressed with some of the contents and some of the issues the SLPP newspaper has been raising of late.

If the newly appointed Editor, B.W. Bockaries, words to me are anything to go by, the newspaper plans to increase its current frequency of production even more. John Benjamin has in the last two weeks, personally raised the frequency from Weekly to Twice-Weekly and he has also assured me that within the next few days, the SLPP Newspaper would have a global audience via their soon-to-be-unveiled Unity Press website. Kudos Mr. Chairman! Take the SLPP out of PLAYCOOK MODE please.

Anyway, when I saw the admirably tough stances that the last few editions of the SLPP newspaper have been taking over the last fortnight, I just knew that the pro-APC Press would be reacting. I was right. The APC is savvy enough to know when NOT to keep quiet. Interestingly, the first reaction was one of clear PANIC. The SLPPs publications had actually put the APC under so much pressure that the APC panicked.

Previous to this new SLPP stance, the APCs We Yone newspaper, had been having a field day as they falsely labeled the SLPP with all sorts of negative tags and SLPP Chairman John Benjamin with German Nazi and Human Rights Abuser tags but after the first two editions of the revamped SLPP newspaper, the APC newspaper was now squealing like a trapped pig calling for the IMC to intervene and protect them(APC) from the SLPPs Unity Paper missiles being fired at them.

When I teased the APCs Editor, Cornelius Deveaux on his written cries for IMC to cease bout, he boastingly assured me that he was not crying for help but was merely "alerting the general public about the journalistic excesses of the SLPP Newspaper". I did not believe him. The APC is under pressure from SLPP Newspaper. Anyway, Deveaux, who is one of the cleverest political propagandists that I know, says I should tell Bockarie that the APC newspaper has more than enough in their arsenal to "send BW Bockarie back into the hole that BW crept out of". However, when I ask BW Bockarie if he was ready to ceasefire, BW Bockarie tells me to tell his colleague Editor Deveaux that "SLPP newspaper is just warming up and has not even started yet".

I have to confess that these exchanges are heart-warming. It means the SLPP might indeed be leaving the Playcook Mode and might be gearing up to start Real Politics which means putting the APC Party on its toes for the general betterment of all Sierra Leoneans. Although this newspapers PLAYCOOK SERIES are on hold for now, allow me to interject here that I am still not all that impressed with the SLPPs Politics as, for example, Real Opposition Politicians would have by now made a trip to the damaged Guma Pipe...

But enough of the newly revamped SLPP newspaper under the emerging direction of John Oponjo Benjamin. Let us look at another pro-APC reaction to the SLPP-Unity newspaper in yesterdays front page African Champion Newspaper with the headline "IS DR. KADI SESAY GOING MAD?"

As I said earlier, I have been expecting pro-APC media houses to definitely react to the revamped and hot SLPP newspaper and African Champion Newspaper did not disappoint me as they tried to flame Kadi Sesay for correctly publishing in the SLPP Newspaper about the flawed process of Voter Registration as perpetuated by Carlos Valenzuelas United Nations Team in early 2007.

According to African Champion, people are wondering if Dr. Kadi Sesay has not lost her mind for bringing to the attention of some Commonwealth visitors, a need to rigorously provide oversight and monitoring of all aspects of the 2012 Electioneering process including the Voter Registration.

Well, in response, I say that the only people who would cite Kadi Sesay as going mad because of this accurate point she raises, would be those people who might not have yet seen the master-piece brought to the Law Courts on behalf of the SLPP by Lawyer Bubuakei Jabbi Esq. with a summarised Title of "TAKE DRY EYE COVER SHAME". I will ask every concerned SLPP member to grab a copy of that Bubuakei Jabbie masterpiece and read it and read it over and over again. A section of it is devoted to showing how international actors in connivance with some anti-SLPP elements, commenced the rigging of the 2007 Elections from way back when the Demarcation of Constituency Boundaries and Voter Registrations commenced.

The alarm that Dr. Kadi Sesay is therefore raising is a very legitimate alarm and it must be re-echoed as much as possible by all SLPP members both here and abroad. Which brings me to my next point. With all the evidence of International complicity in the rigging of the 2007 Elections, why will any sane person be content to confidently place their trust and hope in international actors ever again? The Africans say if a snake has bitten you before, when you see an earthworm, you run for cover. In other words, Once Bitten, Twice Shy.

So, with all the sane-ness and the non-madness of Dr. Kadi Sesay and in light of all what Bubuakei Jabbie highlighted about international complicity in the rigging, why have Kadi Sesay and others, constrained themselves to accept "verbal assurances" from certain international actors who have clearly commenced activities nefarious to the SLPPs 2012 interests?

Accepting lame "Verbal assurances" that local UN hierarchy will not repeat the anti-SLPP nefarious actions instead of vociferously protesting these actions, is totally beyond my comprehension. Totally! I cannot understand it.

Evidence abounds, even to the dumbest analyst, that the Schulenburg-sanctioned Report currently lodged as a factual, unchallenged document at the UNs Security Council, is slanted and seriously biased in such a way that not only does it limit due damage to the ruling APC party but it proceeds to make mincemeat of the SLPPs Credibility in the international arena.

The SLPP Hierarchy, by naively (stupidly?) leaving that report unchallenged, will leave nagging questions to linger in the international arena such as:

  • What type of political party has a Councillor who takes youths from Kailahun, arms them with "offensive items" and sends them to attack Freetown?
  • What type of political party has a Radio Station whose "inciteful" broadcasts "cause violence" that leads to the alleged Raping of their own women?

Why will Dr. Kadi Sesay, who was in charge of the SLPP during the period under review, with all her sane-ness and non-madness, choose not to document a written correction to that UNIPSIL indictment of the SLPP but accept "verbal assurances" from Schulenburgs team that "it will not happen again"?

In August 2007, when the SLPPs Unity Newspaper under Victor Reider and Frank Kposowa, first took on UNs Carlos Valenzuela, it was the SLPP Government with people like John Benjamin, Kadi Sesay, Momodu Koroma, Solomon Berewa and others who shot down the SLPPs Newspapers very serious concerns that were being raised. It was all done in the name of not antagonising the international actors but they forgot that it was the international actors themselves whose pro-rigging actions had antagonised the SLPPs Newspaper back then. But the typical SLPP Government laid back as they were rigged out. One would have thought the likes of John Benjamin, Kadi Sesay, JJ Saffa and Co. would have learnt by now the importance of a RAPID RESPONSE to false international allegations levied against the SLPP and its members but it seems not.

So, African Champion, please take note that Dr. Kadi Sesay is not mad for raising those very valid concerns as highlighted by Dr. Bubuakei Jabbie but Dr. Kadi Sesay and others in the SLPP Executive, in my opinion, all need to have their heads well examined for agreeing to keep mute (MUMU) in the face of the indictment of the SLPP in the Schulenburg-sanctioned Report on Sierra Leone sent to the UNs Security Council!

As for BW Bockarie, I wish you well as you tread the path of propagating messages for the SLPP. May you suffer a better fate than the Editor of the SLPP newspaper who first took on Carlos Valuenzuela in August 2007 but got "shut-upped" by his own SLPP Government. May they never shut you up brother!

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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