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Last Updated: Sep 22nd, 2009 - 17:30:24 
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Reproduced Article on Separation of Powers
By First Published on Friday 18th Sept
Sep 22, 2009, 17:16
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In a well-received letter to local civic activist and Publisher of Awareness Times newspaper, the President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association, Lawyer Joseph F. Kamara Esq. has Thursday responded to recent concerns raised by the Publisher, Sylvia Blyden. According to Lawyer Kamara, the principle of Separation of Powers is a cornerstone of our democracy and must be protected at all times. He opined that contrary to the excited reaction of the recipients (Sierra Leone Association of Journalists) of the impugned letter from the Presidency, in his carefully considered view, the President was merely sharing information in his possession given to him by the Judiciary and had not actually stated that come mid-September, the Judiciary will render the Judgement. Lawyer Kamara however conceded that It would be best that the announcement of a judgment date should come from the Judiciary itself.

It will be recalled that Blydens angst with the letter had not been so much the announcement of the information the President had reportedly received from the Judiciary but had been with the implicit assurance in the letter that the President was himself the originating source of the information (i.e: the date of the expected ruling) and not the Courts Registry.

On August 31
st 2009, Blyden had published: ...for the sake of Posterity, the letter should have been differently worded. It should have stated in clear, clear terms that the Office of the President has been informed by the Supreme Court... to which she had added: For the Presidents Office to have failed to cite a Judicial source for such an assertion they penned down, is a serious cause for concern.

However, in a Press Release issued by the Koroma Executive arm of Government on Thursday, it has now been made clear that the letter was ill written insofar as its lack of citing a Judicial source. The Executive has now made it categorically clear, as was demanded by Dr. Blyden, that they were merely passing on information reportedly received and were not dictating any such in mid-September date as the impugned letter had implied. Senior Journalists who had been thus misled by the ill-drafted letter into believing that a Presidential intervention had forced a Judicial action, are now well-advised to know that they had been totally misled.

The truth is that President Koroma cannot legitimately intervene to get any member of the Judiciary to do his will. Doing so means he has assumed powers he simply does not possess.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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