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Last Updated: Sep 30th, 2009 - 18:05:47 
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NEWS : Politics  

"We're a Serious Party; How Can Mohamed Bangura lead us?"PDP-Sorbeh Disowns Margai's Boy
By Bampia J. Bundu
Sep 30, 2009, 17:28
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Irate members of the Peoples Democratic Party (aka PDP-Sorbeh) have yesterday invited Awareness Times to their partys National Headquarters to express serious dismay over the published utterances of Mr. Mohamed Bangura, PMDC Chair, who they term with very derogatory terms like "Charles Margais boy". The PDP members are seemingly bemused with the self-positioning of Mohamed Bangura to the world as a possible candidate for the leadership of the PDP as well as his self-announced claim that his father allegedly created the PDP-Sorbeh.

At the 2 Bismarck Johnson Street address of the PDP HQs, distinguished ladies and gentlemen from the Western Area told Awareness Times in no uncertain terms that Mr. Mohamed Bangura was a "liar" insofar as the two assertions were concerned.

"He started planting false information in media about him being considered to lead our Party. Initially we ignored him as no-one will believe any serious political party will ask Mohamed Bangura to lead them but it seems he is taking things too far so we have to step on his brakes before he misleads more people," Mariatu Bangura, a PDP stalwart angrily exclaimed.

In a publication in a local tabloid yesterday, Mohamed Bangura, in response to a question was quoted as saying, "yes a group of determined young men approached a while ago asking me to be the interim leader of the PDP but I told them outright that I have a job, a job of transforming my Party the PMDC from a third party to the first in the country." The tabloid further quoted Bangura as saying, "its good that it was my father that created the [PDP-Sorbeh] party but... if ever I will have to leave the PMDC... it will be on issues of gross policy discrepancies and not just anything".

One of the entrances of the PDP Office

Well at their party offices yesterday, PDP-Sorbeh members have firstly pointed out that the PDP-Sorbeh was not created nor founded by any single person. They also inform Awareness Times that they would like Mr. Mohamed Bangura to first identify exactly who was this father of his whom he is now trying to "fool the world was the creator of the PDP party".

"Even our first elected leader, Thaimu Bangura never claimed credit as a founder or creator of the PDP-Sorbeh because those who really know how PDP-Sorbeh came about know it was an amalgamation of several political movements so who is this father of Mohamed Bangura who allegedly created our party? Let him name his father as we want to know who fathered him," another PDP member, Mr. Alusine Turay asked.

An elderly woman who showed her 1995 PDP-Sorbeh membership card to Awareness Times at the PDP Offices pondered how come Mohamed Bangura who had once laid claim to late Thaimu Bangura as his uncle was suddenly now speaking of an alleged father of his who created the PDP.

"We are a serious political party; How can Mohamed Bangura lead us? Does he think we are playing? He better stop giving out interviews associating himself with the PDP-Sorbeh or he will face serious hell at our hands," Manso Fonti of the PDP angrily stated.

"Only a mentally disturbed crazy man will take that boy and make him a National Chairman let alone Party Leader. Does Mohamed Bangura think PDP has any Charles Margai kind in our ranks? The two of them fit together so let them stay put in their PMDC; let them not taint our party and put off good people who might be wishing to come onboard" Salamatu Turay who was at the Partys offices also stated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abdulai B. Bangura, the Interim Leader of the PDP-Sorbeh met this writer at the PDP offices yesterday but he was rushing off to meet some PDP members who had just come in from Mile 91. One of his aides however assured that he would be granting a full length interview to this newspaper very soon in which his aide promises that he will "handle Charles Margais little boy who is trying to give people the impression that our party is so unserious as to consider him for leadership ".

Meanwhile, all efforts to contact Mr. Mohamed Bangura himself on his Comium mobile number yesterday proved to be futile. However, given the urgency with which the PDP-Sorbeh wanted to refute the published allegations, we have gone ahead to do so and we stand ready to give Mr. Mohamed Bangura adequate space to air anything he might wish to say on the issue including the exact name of his father whom he is now alleging to have been the creator of the PDP-Sorbeh party.


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