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Last Updated: Oct 16th, 2009 - 14:18:29 
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Sierra Leone President’s “Spokesman” Wants Us To Treat British Like SCUMBAGS...As President prepares to go and beg British for money...
By Sylvia O. Blyden
Oct 13, 2009, 12:04
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British to Pack And Go!!!”
“We Can Do Without Britain”
‘Let us go The Gambian way and treat the British like Scumbags!’:

- Publishes President Koroma’s Spokesman/Press Secretary


Even as President Koroma is preparing to go cap in hand next month to beg British people for their hard-earned money to be donated to help Sierra Leoneans, Sheka Shekito Tarawalie, President Koroma’s Press Secretary (aka ‘Presidential Spokesman’), has published an article in his newspaper that refers to the wonderful people of Britain as, “very hypocritical and coward people” who should be “treated like scumbags” and asked to “pack and go” from Sierra Leone which exercise will make them “come begging for permission to stay” since, according to President Koroma’s Spokesman’s newspaper publication, “of course we can do without Britain”!

Sheka Tarawalie publishes: “In the Gambia, the British are treated like scumbags. There are times when the Gambian President Yayah Jammeh would shout and order British officials out of his country for having the affront to deny even a junior government official a visa to travel to the UK. In the Gambia, British women run after Gambian boys and many Gambians couldn’t care less about going to the UK.” He then goes on to publish:- “In Sierra Leone, if a state official is denied a visa, many journalists turn this into a story against the official. Not so in the Gambia”

Sheka Tarawalie’s publication against the British then proceeds to postulate thus: “If Sierra Leone is being treated like a nonentity, it is because we have allowed the British to have their way for far too long. We need to get tough and start dictating to them.... I dare say we can do it the Gambian way by asking the British to pack and go. Of course, we can do without Britain.”

The Ronsho-sized & Ronsho-dressed creature
known as Presidential Press Secretary Mr. Tarawalie
publishes for British to be treated like "scumbags"

The shocking furore all started over a rejection of Sheka Tarawalie of a British entry-visa.

Before I proceed, it should be here noted that in March this year, the British High Commission took out several pages worth of Adverts in all mainstream newspapers in Sierra Leone. For better clarity today, contents of the said Advert are reproduced on this page adjacent to this commentary. All newspapers were asked by the British High Commission to run the adverts not just once but as several slots in continuing editions. The value of the advertisements ran to several million leones. The reason why the British spent so much money on publicising this message is clear. They wanted to ensure Sierra Leoneans understood the reasons behind the stated development.

Now, Awareness Times will like to draw attention to Note #6 in the British Advert. The British are a principled people who do not like fraudulent liars. If you lie to them as far as immigration issues are concerned, you are not to be trusted. President Koroma’s Press Secretary Sheka Tarawalie falls into this category of currently non-trusted persons and this has caused the British Government to reject granting him an entry-visa.

Out of sheer RONSHO-SPITE, President Koroma’s Press Secretary (aka Presidential Spokesman) has reacted to him being refused a British entry visa by publishing an extremely nasty, derogatory article against the noble people of Britain both in his local edition and also over his Internet world wide website.

Not only that, he reinforced the nastiness in the first article of June 26th 2009 with a second article he published in his own name on August 11th 2009 in which he is implying the same nastiness against the British.

Top British diplomats who spoke to this newspaper over the past weekend and again yesterday, have expressed shock and quiet dismay that President Koroma has allowed his Press Secretary to not only operate a newspaper but to use the newspaper to hit back at the generous people of Great Britain simply because Sheka Tarawalie was rightfully denied an entry visa into UK based on the laws of their land.

Information in the possession of this newspaper indicates that the negative acidic posture that President Koroma has suddenly been getting from BBC interviewers might not be unconnected to the fact that recently Sheka Tarawalie caused himself to be described to BBC listeners as President Koroma’s Spokesman. After being termed as Presidential Spokesman, Sheka Tarawalie proceeded to publish in his same newspaper that had attacked the British as “scumbags”, that he was the de-facto Presidential Spokesman. With an alleged uncontrollable “Spokesman” like Sheka Tarawalie, will anyone doubt if the British people turn their noses up against President Koroma regardless of how well he means? A scumbag-publishing creature like Sheka Tarawalie is working as a close aide to our President and we want the British to take us seriously?

How this vicious attack on the noble British people will tally with the upcoming London Hosted Donor (Beggar-Beggar) Meetings, is left to the imagination of observers. However, one thing that is very clear is that for a so-called Presidential Spokesman to publish on the Internet that the British should be treated like “scumbags” and asked to “pack and go” is not the way to a successful Beggar-Beggar exercise in London.


British High Commission


Global Restructuring of UK Visa Service reduces the number of Visa-issuing posts world-wide by more than half, to around fifty.

Freetown, March 2009: The British High Commission is giving advance notice of administrative changes to its visa service. As before, applicants should start the application process at least 2 weeks before they plan to travel. But the British High Commission will no longer be able to arrange visas at short notice. From 6th April 2009, visa applications will be handled as follows.

Step One: Apply On-line & Make an Appointment

All applicants must make an application on-line at As part of this on-line process, the applicant chooses a date and time for his/her appointment at the British High Commission in Freetown.

Step Two: Appointment at the British High Commission

All applicants must come to the British High Commission in Freetown at the set appointment time. At the appointment, the applicant

· submits his/her passports, a hard copy of the application, and originals and photocopies of supporting documents and his/her passport;

· provides fingerprints;

· pays the non-refundable fee.

The High Commission tells the applicant when to return to pick up the passport.

Step Three: Assessment of the Application

The application will be assessed by a UK Border Agency Entry Clearance Officer in Banjul, Gambia.

Step Four: Collect Decision

The applicant returns to collect their decision at the British High Commission in Freetown on the agreed date.

The British High Commission would like to reassure travellers that the British Government remains committed to improving its service to the people of Sierra Leone, and to Guinean citizens as well as others wishing to travel to the UK.

Further Notes

1. These changes are part of a restructuring of the UK’s global visa operation, known as "Hub & Spoke visa processing". This will reduce the number of visa-issuing posts world-wide by more than half, to around fifty. In Africa, for example, visa applications from Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi and Zimbabwe are already processed in Pretoria. Nairobi already processes applications from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania as well as Kenya. Applications submitted in Dakar are assessed in Banjul. In Europe, the Americas and Asia, visa operations have been moved from over fifty British Diplomatic Missions to regional processing centres.

2. UK visa fees are determined by the world-wide cost of processing a visa. Consolidating visa operations will help keep processing costs down, which in turn helps keep visa fees down.

3. There will be no change to the range of visa services available in Freetown. We will continue to do our very best to offer a fair, high quality visa service.

4. If an applicant needs to be interviewed, arrangements will be made for this to happen at the British High Commission in Freetown or by telephone. Interviews will be arranged as quickly as possible. Applicants will not be required to travel to Banjul for interviews.

5. In any case, we now interview visa applicants only rarely. Applications are judged by the details provided on the application form, the supporting documents and any previous UK immigration history. It is therefore essential that applicants submit full details to support their application, including e.g. evidence of funds available to cover costs of travel and living in the UK.

6. If an applicant presents a fake document, or makes a false statement, he/she will be refused a visa, and could be subject to a ten-year ban.

IN TOMORROW’S EDITION, we publish the thoughts of a retired British Diplomat who prefers anonymity but who will give his personal insight into what he thinks about retention of a character like Sheka Tarawalie as Presidential Spokesman/Press Secretary.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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