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Last Updated: Oct 16th, 2009 - 14:52:10 
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Presidentís Spokesman Informs Investors of Very High Insecurity in Sierra Leone
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Oct 16, 2009, 16:31
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Sierra Leoneís Presidential Spokesman
Even as official Press Releases from the Government seek to reassure international investors that Sierra Leone is a secured, safe place to business, a clownish character, Sheka Tarawalie, currently acting as Sierra Leoneís Presidential Spokesman, has been busy informing the world including potential investors, that the country was so terribly unsafe that¬†the particular journalist most closest to the Presidency feels so unsafe that he has had to flee for the safer shores of America.

Sheka Tarawalie published in August this year, both in his local printed edition and his online internet edition, that the local journalist most favoured to be taken by the Presidency to a Communist Seminar in China was one Mr. Philip Neville. So, the whole world then knew that Neville was extremely close to the Presidency and safely ensconced into the system. Infact, very, very safely ensconced into Sierra Leone's current system!


And then just last week, Mr. Tarawalie has published for the whole wide world that Mr. Philip Neville the Presidentially highly favoured journalist, feels so insecure and so extremely unsafe within the confines of President Koroma's Sierra Leone as a result of armed robbery, that he has had to flee the country for the safer United States of America because he simply does not trust the Government to be able to provide basic security for the residents of Sierra Leone.


Now, with this kind of material published worldwide by no less a person than the Presidential Spokesman of Sierra Leone, who will blame investors if they shy away from putting their money into a country that is so unsafe that even the Presidentís Spokesman publishes the extent of gross insecurity in his private newspaper, The Torchlight?


It is a fact that international businesses do not rely on Press Releases from State Houses to make judgment calls on whether or not they should pour in their money into that country. President Koroma, as a former businessman, knows more than most that reputable international businesses do what is known as ďdue diligenceĒ and part of this involves ďrisk analysisĒ.

Risk analysis entails collecting information from various sources about the country under review and analysing such information to make a final decision on whether or not it is too risky to invest in that country with regards to indices like safety, corruption, hygiene, services, etc. etc. However, probably the most important index for international businesses looking to invest into a foreign underdeveloped country like Sierra Leone, is SAFETY & SECURITY.

Sierra Leoneís Presidential Spokesman
And it is this index that the Press Secretary has informed the whole wide world is of extremely high risk when analysis of information would be processed for the attention of international business-houses.

As stated earlier, Business Risk Analysts do not usually give much credence to positive news coming from a countryís authority. So, for example, the positive news yesterday issued to Brazilian investors will not be given high credibility by Investorsí Risk Analysts as it is expected that Ďmarket-woman nor go say ee market rottení (i.e: self-praise is no recommendation).


However, if no less a person than the Press Secretary to the sitting Head of State publishes that his own country is so unsafe and so extremely insecure that the regimeís closest journalist ally, Mr. Philip Neville no longer feels safe, then Business Risk Analysts take this information as high warning signals that they should steer clear of such a country.


Sierra Leoneís Presidential Spokesman
If the Presidentís own journalist ally like Philip Neville feels so insecure as to run away, what about the ordinary citizens? How safe will ordinary citizens be if Philip Neville is not safe? That is the question that Business Risk Analysts will be pondering as they advise their clients on whether or not to invest or do trade with Sierra Leone. These reputable international investors will be musing upon the fact that if a high-profile Government-allied journalist like Philip Neville is publicly pronounced by the President's Spokesman as being justifiably¬†insecure and unsafe inside Sierra Leone and gives weak justification about how a female journalist had been caricatured as the reason for the insecurity...


If Government people are now so unsafe inside Sierra Leone over such flimsy reasons, then how safe will foreigners and their investments be? The conclusion is that they will be Totally Unsafe!


And this is the message of dangerous insecurity in Sierra Leone that President Koromaís Press Secretary cum Spokesman Sheka Tarawalie has sold to the world a few weeks before a highly trumpeted Trade & Investment Forum should hold in London.


The Koroma Spokesman did it out of spiteful pettiness because he wanted to spite not taking cognisance of the possible effects of his actions but his Ronsho-Spite has now boomeranged on the Presidentís desires to woo investors because which Investor will put his money into such a country with such words coming from the Presidential Spokesman's publications? Unless, the President distances himself from such a juvenile Spokesman by sacking him. But does this President have what it takes to be pragmatic?

Anyway, herebelow is what President Koromaís ĎSpokesmaní Sheka Tarawalie has published for the entire world about just how safe & secure Sierra Leone is now:
As Suspected Armed Robbers are Captured in Rivalís Jeep
Published Online & Locally by President Koroma's Spokesman
October 9th 2009:
The Executive Editor of Standard Times newspaper, Philip Neville, last Tuesday left the shores of Sierra Leone for the United States of America as an exigency move in the wake of police officers apprehending suspected armed robbers in the jeep of Awareness Times publisher Sylvia Blyden last Saturday.

Speaking to The Torchlight before departure at Lungi Airport, Neville said, ďI cannot predict what will happen next. If suspected armed robbers could be caught in the vehicle of a woman who hates me to her guts, and coupled with the fact that I have no trust in the police command in the western area or even the whole of Sierra Leone, I need to take some precautionary measures. So Iím off.Ē

Asked when he will return to Sierra Leone, Neville said he will be monitoring the situation: ďI may come back next week, I may come back next month, I may come back next year, depending on how the situation is handled.Ē

Philip Neville became a bitter rival of Sylvia Blyden when he published a photo-montage of Miss Blyden and RUF Leader Foday Sankoh in a nude form as paramours. #END OF PUBLICATION BY KOROMA'S 'SPOKESMAN'.

IN MONDAYíS EDITION OF AWARENESS TIMES: How the Presidential Spokesman made a mockery of the proud people of Nigeria which latter is another one of our countryís highest Donor countries and the possible fall-out from his Internet Publication that coincided with Nigeriaís 49th Independence celebrations. Will any serious Sierra Leonean Presidential Spokesman publish that Nigerians are bogus people with innate criminality flowing in their blood? Watch out for our Monday edition on Sierra Leone President Koroma's 'Spokesman'!

President Ernest Koroma's "freaking clown" at State House

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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