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Last Updated: Oct 16th, 2009 - 18:46:57 
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James Webber & the Threat of Violence against Sierra Leone Journalists
By the Editorial Board
Oct 16, 2009, 17:17
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President Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone seems to have a self-professed long time acquaintance named James Webber who is shamelessly living in America, the land of the free, whilst he actively promotes VIOLENCE AGAINST JOURNALISTS as a cure to what he sees as the insanity in the Sierra Leone media.


In an article questioning how long will President Koroma put up with this Insanity?, Mr. James Webber, who seems to have some dialogue with the Presidency and also knows their inner thoughts and secret plans, is threatening journalists at Awareness Times, that President Koroma has always been a big and strong guy... a man with some solid athletic body and so he was advising Awareness Times journalists to shut up because as far as he was concerned, he did not think people should be that dumb to underestimate [the muscular President].


James Webber says of athletic President Koroma that, when pushed to a point he cannot manoeuvre, he is going to fight back really hard.


Such open vile threats coming from an alleged friend of the President is a disgrace! James Webber writer is safely ensconced in New York probably chewing on some cheap hamburgers and swallowing coca-cola down an over-sized, obese throat. He has spewed out this garbled gibberish in one of the little-selling but humourously over-rated local tabloids about not understanding what entrenched policing laws might be.


Well Mr. Webber, first of all, even without checking a dictionary, a primary school student will explain to you that, entrenched means, firmly embedded and not easy to remove whilst Policing Laws of a land will be those laws that the countrys Police use to ensure law and order. Some of these policing laws are only applied for a while and then discarded. For example, police enforcement of an imposed curfew law is not a permanent policing exercise but a temporary one but checking for insurance, license and vehicle documentation is an entrenched policing law.

President Ernest Bai Koroma:
Said to possess Athletic Muscles with which
to deal with Local Sierra Leone Journalists

Some policing laws are easy to change and discard at will whilst some of them are firmly entrenched and an attempt to discard them will be a monumental exercise. For the benefit of this seemingly ignorant and confused James Webber in America, these entrenched policing laws include the ones that President Koroma straight-facedly announced as fresh mandates but which, in reality, no-one really needs to mandate any police officer to carry out.

Frankly, only like-minded scumbags will say a scumbag like Sheka Tarawalie is fit to be this countrys Presidential Press Secretary. Some of you idiots living out of the four corners of this country are more of a liability than anything else to your homeland. Because you met with Koroma and Tarawalie at a hotel in New York for a few hours does not mean you understand what those of us here on the ground have to suffer day in and day out.

James Webber needs to check himself if he really wants to help his friend Ernest Bai Koroma in projecting a positive image of himself as a President with character and integrity. We are not so sure that President Koroma is succeeding with such desired projection now. The feedback from the common man speaks for itself. Or James Webber can continue to sit over yonder, hunking down over cheap burger and cheap coke whilst insulting those people who are living in one of the worlds most dangerous places and trying to ensure they do their little bit to ensure that some sanity is instilled into a situation that some of your ilk would like to be forever in a state of chaos.

Once again, let it be stated that President Koroma disappointed the Nation when he came over the television to recite basic, entrenched policing laws as fresh mandates. If pointing out this obvious fact is now a reason for this James Webber to threaten us at Awareness Times that President Ernest Koroma will start using violence against our newspaper, well, well, well, where is Sierra Leone headed for? Another round of chaos? Because if President Koroma has not learnt anything from the Truth & Reconciliation Commission Report and indeed plans to start using VIOLENCE against journalists like James Webber is threatening, it means another round of WAR is on the way as History can only repeat itself.


Indeed, hired thugs might physically damage us like Siaka Stevens did to journalists but we all know how Siaka Stevens ended and surely we do not wish that ignoble ending for our President, Ernest Bai Koroma? You see, the cosmos has a way of ensuring it balances itself out.

Finally, President Koroma, as the Nations Fountain of Honour, should stop encouraging Scumbags to advise him or be his aides. These kinds of uncivilised threats being thrown around vicariously, though they might be through no fault of the President, are the end result of such associations. Scumbags cannot be civil and use their pens to exchange ideas nor can they use the Law to seek redress. Scumbags believe in the sword over the pen. They believe in muscle power and not in brain power. Scumbags promote the use of violence as an alternative and they see insanity where there is nothing but a sane, determined team of journalists.

Mr. James Webber, please do not ever ask journalists to shut up and please do not ever threaten us with the possible use of violence from your muscular, athletic friend the President. We are not amused with your threats!
The article for which the Awareness Times was threatened with violence yesterday by James Webber is reproduced below:

Freetown, OCTOBER 7th 2009: W
e, at the Awareness Times Newspaper are sorely disappointed at President Koromas last night speech given as the official Presidential response to the alarming increase in the spate of armed robberies in Sierra Leone.

Instead of announcing the pruning of some dead wood from the Police hierarchy, we were subjected to the pains (yes, PAINS!) of listening as our President straight-facedly announced new measures aimed at combating armed robbers only to realize the new measures are nothing but the age-old BASICS of Policing as practiced worldwide and well enacted into our own Policing Laws.

Is Mr. President telling the Nation that prior to yesterday, he was not aware that there are pre-existing laws that cover practically all of what he was busy reading out to us as brand new mandates last night with a straight face over National TV?

What does President Koroma mean by saying he has mandated for measures to commence with immediate effect? Does our President not know that all those of his mandated fresh measures [apart from him releasing soldiers onto the streets after 7pm], are all laid down laws that SHOULD be regularly implemented without him having to mandate anyone to do it first?

The only conclusion many citizens have come to, is to agree with those who believe that the Sierra Leone Police has totally lost it and lost it so bad that even the Presidency is now also lost as far as policing goes. So badly lost that the President is now re-mandating (rebranding?) our entrenched Basic Policing Laws.

These ELEMENTARY BASICS OF POLICING, as listed last night, are familiar to even a one month old Police recruit! So, do we now need the President to mandate police officers to do their work?

Do we need President Koroma to mandate the arrest of vehicles without valid number plates and documentation? No we dont! This is part of our entrenched Policing Laws!

Do we need the President to mandate the verification and control of all vehicles with garage plates? No we dont! This is part of our entrenched Policing Laws!

Do we need the President to mandate the verification of identities of persons stopped at check-points? No we dont! This is part of our entrenched Policing Laws!

Do we need the President to mandate investigation of foreign vehicles to ensure compliance with our traffic and ECOWAS laws? No we dont! This is part of our entrenched Policing Laws!

Do we need the President to mandate the arrest of all foreign private-registered vehicles engaging in commercial transportation? No we dont! This is part of our entrenched Policing Laws!

Mr. President, the problem is not with the laws as mandated by you yesterday. No Sir, the problem lies with the ones who are supposed to be enforcing those pre-existing laws. The laws are there and you did not need to mandate them afresh! What you need to do is to mandate a fresh lease of life to the Police Hierarchy!

Where are all the Presidents Advisers? If our Commander-in-Chief was allowed to make such an elementary speech yesterday to the Nation without his Speechwriters and/or Advisers realizing the President might just subject himself to ridicule from a disappointed populace, then it means it is not only the Police that has totally lost it! The Presidency is in some dire straits!

What a disappointment Mr. President! What a serious disappointment Sir!

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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