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Last Updated: Oct 21st, 2009 - 17:14:10 
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Sierra Leone's Presidential Spokesman's Publication makes Nigerians suspicious
By Sylvia O. Blyden
Oct 21, 2009, 17:22
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President Ernest Koroma's "freaking clown" at State House

Reports monitored by Awareness Times amongst Nigerians at the ECOWAS Meeting in Abuja this past weekend, indicates that the publication by Presidential 'Spokesman' of Sierra Leone, Sheka Tarawalie, which described Nigerians as hyper-materialistic and with a bad global image that has resulted because 8 out of 10 criminals in Europe are Nigerians and world reports of ritual murders usually involves Nigerians, has been used as justification of the virulent rumour that Sierra Leone voted against Nigeria last Friday at the UN General Assembly Elections to choose African non-permament seat on the U.N. Security Council.

See below for more reports that help to shed better light on this latest scandal from the Sierra Leone Presidential 'Spokesman'. Foreign Minister Zainab Bangura is trying to do damage control but the fact remains that some Nigerians who spoke to Awareness Times from Abuja, are now citing the Internet Publication of the Sierra Leone Presidential Press Secretary as "evidence" that Sierra Leone did not vote for Nigeria. And the nagging question still remains unanswered as to who could it be who voted for Sierra Leone if it was not Sierra Leone? The documented reports of the saga follows:

October 5th Saga

Nigeria's Permament Representative to the United Nations, Her Excellency, Professor Joy Ogwu had sent out invitations to ECOWAS Members at the United Nations to attend a Luncheon slated for 5th October 2009, which was the date she informed would be the launch of Nigeria's bid to clinch the non-permanent seat at the United Nations. The function was publicised in advance and it went well.

Now, despite the publicity of the Launch, the clownish Presidential Spokesman of Sierra Leone, Sheka Tarawalie published in his newspaper over the Internet alongside the Nigerian's own on the Internet, that Nigerians were bogus criminals with a "Bad global image".

The two OCTOBER 5TH 2009 Publications follow:

Nigeria Seeking Seat On Security Council

Monday 05 October 2009, New York - Nigeria began its campaign for a Non-Permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council for 2010-2011 with H.E. Prof Joy Ogwu, Permanent Representative launching the campaign at a special lunch today for ECOWAS Members at the United Nations.

The campaign will be extended to the African Union countries as well as the 192 UN member states to ensure that Nigeria is successful at the upcoming elections taking place on October 16th, during the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Nigeria will need two-thirds of the 192-member UN General Assembly, to secure the Security Council seat.

Nigeria initiated the long process of seeking membership of the security council seat (Non-Permanent Membership) in May 2008, after Ambassador Joy Ogwu presented her letter of credence to the UN Secretary-General Bank Ki-Moon.

Ambassador Joy Ogwu stated The decision to seek membership of the Non Permanent Security Council seat flows from President Umaru YarAduas personal desire for Nigeria to reclaim a presence in the council, so as to strengthen its voice in global peace and security building efforts. Nigeria served three previous tenures on the UN Security Council between 1966 to 1967, 1978 to 1979 and 1994 to 1995. The ambassadors full statement reads as follows:

Indeed, one of Nigerias most significant credentials for the Non -Permanent Seat of the United Nations Security Council is the maintenance of international peace and security. 

Over the years, Nigeria has been unequivocally committed to the principles and purposes of the United Nations (UN), and is poised to make even more effective contributions to the realization of these purposes. 

Since Independence in 1960, Nigeria has continuously made substantial contributions toward the maintenance of international peace and security.  Nigerias armed battalions have meritoriously served in several UN and regional peacekeeping missions in many countries. 

At the last count, Nigeria had over 4,500 peacekeepers serving under UN mandates in various theatres of conflict across the world.

At various times and at enormous costs, both in human and material resources, Nigeria had spearheaded robust military and diplomatic engagements to restore peace and stability in a number of countries across Africa. 

In particular, Nigerias reputation as a regional stabilizer, conciliator and peacebuilder in the West African sub-region remains unmatched. 

Through the ECOWAS Monitoring Group (ECOMOG), Nigeria successfully intervened in civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone and restored democracy in these countries, while also caring for millions of displaced civilians.

Beyond these credentials, Nigeria will continue to be a dedicated advocate of effective and efficient multilateralism, devoted to strengthening the UN.

Nigeria Can Do Better
Published by Sierra Leones Presidential Press Secretary/'Spokesman'

Monday, 05 October 2009 Freetown (Newspaper published on the Internet by the Sierra Leone Presidential Press Secretary): Last week, the Federal Republic of Nigeria celebrated its 49th Independence anniversary with pomp and pageantry in Freetown. Series of events were lined up with many Sierra Leoneans joining Nigerians to celebrate their national day. Though we at the Torchlight join our fellow Sierra Leoneans in celebrating with the Nigerians, we believe Nigeria as a nation should do all it can to clean its bad global image. When you hear about 419ers in Europe, Asia or America, eight out of ten are sure to be Nigerians.

When you hear about smugglers being caught with cocaine or hard drugs, eight out of ten would be Nigerians. And when you hear about people being killed for ritual purposes, chances are Nigerians must have been involved.

Nigeria, as a nation, has the potentials for becoming an African superpower but its citizens have to clean up their stained image of a people who are innately corrupt and have penchant for dishonest behaviours.  We know that Nigerians can do better if only they stop being hyper-materialistic in their worldview.


UN General Assembly Elects Nigeria, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Brazil, Gabon, Lebanon to 2-Year Terms on UNSC
But who cast that ONE Vote for Sierra Leone and ONE for Liberia and why did Zainab Bangura make a so-far-undisclosed-mission visit to Liberia last week?

(MaximsNewsNetwork) - In one round of voting, the U.N. General Assembly today, Friday October 16th 2009 elected Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Gabon, Lebanon and Nigeria to serve as five non-permanent members of the Security Council for two-year terms beginning on 1 January 2010.

They will fill seats to be vacated by Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Croatia, Libya and Viet Nam. Meanwhile, Austria, Japan, Mexico, Turkey and Uganda will continue to serve as elected Council members during 2010, for the second year of their respective terms. All new Council members will take their seats on 1 January 2010.

The five new non-permanent members were elected according to the following pattern: three from Africa and Asia, one from Eastern Europe, and one from Latin America and the Caribbean. The Voting Results follow

African and Asian States Number of ballot papers: 190 Number of invalid ballots: 0 Number of valid ballots: 190 Abstentions: 0 Number of members present and voting: 190 Required majority: 127 Number of votes obtained by country: Nigeria 186 Gabon 184 Lebanon 180 Togo 1 Sierra Leone 1 Iran 1 Liberia 1

Eastern European States Number of ballot papers: 190 Number of invalid ballots: 0 Number of valid ballots: 190 Abstentions: 7 Number of members present and voting: 183 Required majority: 122 Number of votes obtained by country: Bosnia and Herzegovina 183 Latin

American and Caribbean States Number of ballot papers: 190 Number of invalid ballots: 0 Number of valid ballots: 190 Abstentions: 7 Number of members present and voting: 183 Required majority: 122 Number of votes obtained by country: Brazil 182 Venezuela 1

Having obtained the required two-thirds majority, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Gabon, Lebanon and Nigeria were elected to the Security Council for two-year terms, beginning on 1 January 2010.

Sierra Leone Refutes Rumours It Voted Against Nigerias Security Council Membership 

By James Butty (Voice of America)

Friday 16 October 2009

Sierra Leone is denying allegations that its ambassador to the United Nations voted against Nigerias membership on the UN Security Council. Some Nigerians are alleging that Sierra Leone and Liberia voted against Nigerias membership. But Sierra Leone Foreign Minister Zainab Bangura said her country will forever remain grateful to Nigeria for the support it received from Nigeria during the Sierra Leone civil war. Bangura said Nigerias election to the Security Council was the result of a concerted African effort.

I knew when the voting was going on; I had given instructions to the Permanent Representative to New York on how we should vote. In addition to that, a decision had already been made at the ECOWAS level that the entire ECOWAS membership should vote for Nigeria. That was endorsed at the African Union. So there is no way Sierra Leone can vote against Nigeria, she said.

Bangura said her country is appreciative of Nigerias contribution during Sierra Leones civil war.

Sierra Leone is a country that is very grateful for what we have benefited from Nigeria. The two presidents President YarAdua and President Koroma have an exceptionally wonderful relationship, Bangura said.

She said rumors that Sierra Leone voted against Nigerias membership in the UN Security Council were being circulated by people who Bangura said are not interested in the good relations between Nigeria and Sierra Leone on the one hand and Nigeria and Liberia on the other.

If there are any two countries in West Africa that have benefited from the generosity of Nigeria in terms of what Nigeria has done because of the wars in both Liberia and Sierra Leone, I think its those two countries, Bangura said.

She said Nigeria was the best choice for West Africa and the African Union given the role it has played in the region as well as Nigerias current status as chair of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

President Ernest Koroma's "freaking clown" at State House

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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