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Last Updated: Oct 21st, 2009 - 16:55:19 
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Olu Gordon Cannot Be Afraid Of Sylvia Blyden?!
By Prince C. Kamara
Oct 21, 2009, 17:04
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Even with the escalating high cost of production materials hitting the newspaper printing industry in Sierra Leone in recent weeks thereby necessitating a general increment on advertisement rates as evident in the public notices on several newspapers, PEEP! Magazine doesnt seem affected.

When I saw TWO FULL PAGES on PEEP! Magazine of Wednesday 14th October 2009, I quickly calculated the cost of TWO FULL PAGES and if Im correct, at the present rate, that would be Le 800,000 (eight hundred thousand Leones) for both pages. More than the monthly salary of some of our senior government officials! But of course money was and is not the object or intention behind the TWO FULL PAGES write-up on Dr. Sylvia Blyden that appeared in the PEEP! Magazine this week. Or was it?

I hold no brief for Dr. Sylvia Blyden, nor am I her spokesman. Dr. Blyden is more than capable of defending and speaking for herself.

What I wish to state here is the fact that, PEEP! Magazine Editor would very much like himself and the world to believe that he is simply making satire of the issues around Sylvia, when in actual fact, he is subtly but doggedly doing to Sylvia Blyden what witches do to babies at night.

But lets continue. TWO FULL PAGES spent on someone you consider as "irrelevant" is to say the least, an ironical understatement! It would have been more believable to say Sylvia is "irrelevant" by simply nor writing about her at all. No matter the temptation. Not even if she spits in your face!

But no! Our Professor PEEP! and Senior Editor Ha!Ha! must use a sledge hammer to kill a fly. In fact, Mr. Gordons TWO FULL PAGES on Sylvia brings to mind the primary school story about the man who catches and chews the fly all because it was the fly that first offended him. Then moments later he despairs. "My goodness, Ive just swallowed a fly." But then its too late.

But coming away from satire and poking fun at real and serious issues, what on earth is wrong if Sylvia Blyden or any other journalist for that matter decided to become a politician either through his/her volition or by encouragement from others who hold him/her in high esteem?

I want to believe that any sane, law abiding citizen of the Republic of Sierra Leone who has attained basic education is considered fit enough to run for public office including that of the Office of President of the Republic.

We are only just hearing about Dr. Blydens interest in politics, not from her own lips but from other persons who believe in her leadership qualities and would want her to take it to higher heights - even to that of President of the Republic. And some people are already jittery.

Did not Zainab Bangura our present Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation run for president of this country against Tejan Kabbah, John Karefa-Smart, Andrew Lungay, Abass Bundu, Eddie Turay and a host of others?

Women presidents are now in vogue. Ireland has President Mary McAleese; Finland has President Tarja Halonen-Arroyo; Mozambique has Prime Minister Luisa Diogo; Germany has Chancellor Angela Merkel; Chile has President Michelle Bachelet; Gabon has President Rose Francine Rogombe, India has President Pratibha Patil and our neighbour Liberia has President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. So why not have President Sylvia Blyden for Sierra Leone?

Why when it comes to Sylvia Blyden, must be laughed at and made to look as though she just dropped in from Jupiter? We live in a very strange world indeed.

However, I detect something more sinister lurking behind The PEEP! Magazine attempt to rubbish Dr. Blydens ambition. FEAR. Fear that one day (perhaps by 2012), Olu Gordon and the rest of us would be under obligation to write in our newspapers and even talk in public of Sylvia Blyden thus: "Her Excellency Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden." Is anything impossible with God?

Therefore, it is my humble advice to Mr. Gordon and others who want to present Dr. Sylvia Blyden as "irrelevant" to simply let her be. You cannot convince anyone that someone is irrelevant when you spend the whole day composing a thesis that takes TWO FULL PAGES just to say "Sylvia is irrelevant." What a shame and a waste of space that could have been used to advertise MORE POTENT stuff. Ha! Ha!

Truth be told, its hard to beat women these days, not to talk of Sylvia. The lady has charisma and the correct dose of charm. You cant deny her that. And she is organized as well. You only need to see how well structured and managed her Awareness Times Newspaper is and you wouldnt have even known a third of her. Where some other newspaper owners and publishers run their organizations the way a lunatic left to his own antics would do, you can be sure that by no stretch of imagination can the organizational structure of PEEP! Ha! Ha! beat that of the Awareness Times.

I think I can now safely join Fifi The Wonder Dog to say: "Run Sylvie, Run." Im sure youll get THREE FULL PAGES this time round. Just pleaseplease, say youll run

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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