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Last Updated: Oct 28th, 2009 - 19:10:57 
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Philip Neville & His Obsession with Sylvia Blyden:Hell hath No Fury Like a Man Scorned!
By A Staff Writer
Oct 28, 2009, 19:12
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Hell hath no fury like a man scorned. Look at the classic example in Mr. Philip Neville of Standard Times Newspaper! His obsession with bringing down Sylvia Blyden seems to have no bounds. He has jumped bail and on the safe shores of the United States of America, he is challenging court orders to have his unwitting Editor here publish vile trash about a woman, Sylvia Blyden he badly lusts after but whom he will never succeed to have. The poor Editor probably does not even know about the Court Orders he has been breaking with impunity.

Philip Neville is facing court charges and infact, his passport is supposed to be at the Masters Office. How he managed to get to the USA, is something he will one day have to explain to the Courts. He is safe in America writing vile untruths about Sylvia Blyden but I am curious to ask some questions after I read his latest pieces.

Is this not the same Philip Neville who, in 2005, is reported to have paid cash to bribe local journalist, Mr. Theophilus Gbenda, then Deputy Editor of Awareness Times to promote him as a good suitor to Sylvia Blyden and to report back to him the names of possible suitors of Sylvia Blyden?

Is this not the same Philip Neville who telephoned Sylvia Blyden, sometime in 2008, when he saw President Koromas younger brother, Sylvanus What-A-Man Koroma in the middle of Freetown, along Rawdon Street/Lightfoot Boston Street junction, near Standard Chartered Bank to vehemently and most agitatedly walk up to Sylvanus Koroma and hand the phone to him and then stand by and talk norshi-norshi (nonsense) to both Sylvia Blyden and Sylvanus Koroma about some of the details he had dreamt up between the two people and their supposedly hot love affair? Is this not the same Philip Neville who then telephoned Sylvia Blyden later that day to insult Sylvanus Koroma to her as someone who used to go and beg him, Neville for money when his brother was not yet President but who now thinks he is fit to date Sylvia Blyden?

"Na me borbor! Na me bin dey put money for am when ee nor able buy shoes sef for in foot. Because ee dey drive Prado Jeep now make ee feel say ee fit for keep you?" ranted Philip Neville that evening on the phone to the amusement of Sylvia Blyden.

Is this not the same Philip Neville whose obsession for Sylvia Blyden got so bad in early 2006 that he telephoned her at precisely 2:48am in the morning to say he was going out of his mind with love for her? This was after several late night phone calls made to her upon the pretext of discussing vague things like a supposed tumor in his late brothers brain that he wanted Dr. Blyden to give him medical advise on.

Is this not the same Philip Neville whose voice was recorded as he threatened Sylvia Blyden over the telephone that he would "damage" her by driving into her with his car and then damage himself and go and lie in a hospital bed near her so the two of them can be hospitalized together? The CID Police and the Law Officers Department have the recording and the full recording of the threat was witnessed by Sayoh Kamara, the then Editor of Awareness Times and Theophilus Gbenda, the then-Deputy Editor who both were to later make formal statements to the Police on the matter. Philip Neville has since apologised for his threats to "damage" Sylvia Blyden but the case file is still open at the Police and Law Officers Department as Sylvia Blyden never officially withdrew the complaint from the Police. CID Director M.B. Lappia and his team who listened to the threats and were forced to arrest Philip Neville, in the Year 2006, for using threatening language, can easily attest to the world about how badly obsessed Philip Neville is with Dr. Sylvia Blyden. Anyone who listens to the rantings on that recording can make their conclusions.

Philip Neville, please leave Sylvia Blyden alone. You are not the only man whose sexual advances she has turned down but you are the only one who seems to be unable to come to terms with the rejection of your amorous advances towards Sylvia Blyden. You have spitefully lied to the whole country the most nasty things that can be said about a woman all because you figuratively could not get the grapes and you wanted everyone to think it is sour; maybe you think if everyone rejects the grapes, that will make you get the grapes! You are mistaken! These grapes will never be tasted by you.

In your deranged and mad obsession, you have made up all sorts of Love Affairs for this lady. If you are not imagining her being with poor Hon. Alpha Khan today, it is Dr. Abass Bundu tomorrow and poor Colonel Sam Yarjah the next day whose names are being slandered by you for whatever reason! God alone knows how your sick, obsessed mind works!

Despite all the nastiness and the manufactured sexual liaisons you write about just to destroy Sylvia Blydens reputation, you were still not satisfied so in January 2007, in your madness, you did the unthinkable; you had to cut her head off from a photograph and use computer graphics programs to crudely place it on top of the body of a naked woman and then insert it crudely into a photograph of the dreaded and reviled RUF Rebel Leader and say Sylvia Blyden, the woman you desperately lust after but who you will never have, was a paramour to the late Rebel Leader. Where and When was she a paramour to Foday Sankoh, you cannot say. All you write about is that the rebels in the bush told you so but the woman has never even been behind a single rebel line let alone been in the bush. Logically, your claims are nonsense but your sick mind cares not. You just want to destroy what you cannot have!

Mr. Philip Neville, please do not let a Mumu start speaking... Sylvia Blyden is a lady and an extremely attractive one at that. She has acted as a lady all this time and tried not to inform the public about what is really eating you up. However, it is time for the world to understand what motivates you with these publications against this lady.

Hell supposedly has no fury like a woman scorned but you are worse than a scorned woman. Please leave Sylvia Olayinka Blyden alone. She does not give men like you the time of the day. There are certain basic aspects in the upbringing of a gentleman that attracts a lady like Sylvia Blyden. You do not have them; you simply do not possess them. If there is a way for you to go back and ask your mother to teach you some of these gentleman values, I will suggest you try this way. Anyway, only God however can tell what kind of woman brings up a man like you. What kind of man who values his mother, his sister, his female relations, his daughter, if he has any, will stoop so low as to publish a naked womans body with another womans head cut out and placed on top? What kind of woman gave birth to you?

Bottomline, what I am trying to say to you Mr. Philip Neville is that Dr. Sylvia Blyden is not attracted to your kind of man. She does not want you and she will never want you for anything in this world. Please leave her alone. Please do not force a Mumu to start to talk

Krio man say LONTA!

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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