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Last Updated: Nov 19th, 2009 - 18:37:11 
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Big Bunch of Illiterates Embarrass Arabella Foray
Nov 19, 2009, 17:20
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A bunch of semi-illiterates accompanied by the resident clown in Sierra Leone journalism world, one Editayo fellow, yesterday called up a Press Conference in Freetown to create needless embarrassment for one Miss Arabella Foray. To her credit, Miss Foray was nowhere near the SLENA Offices where the Press Conference was held. Meanwhile, this newspapers Editorial Board stands by our article that a Fake First Lady (name withheld) appeared at Yams Farm last month in a bid by some persons to have this Fake First Lady impersonate the true First Lady, Mrs. Sia Koroma.

Many at yesterdays Press Conference opined that Arabella Foray would be very wise to totally distance herself from this bunch of semi-illiterates who issued the trash and an accompanying Programme.

Meanwhile, one of the persons named in the Programme reproduced on this page, Mr. Philip Conteh has been proven to have cleverly failed to show up at the event on that day. The other person named, Mr. Karamoh Kabba, has yesterday given an exclusive interview to the Awareness Times. He confirms that if he had known of the impersonation fiasco that he would be witnessing, he would not have attended the event. He went on to explain that he only went to the Programme to act in the stead of his Boss, the Minister of Political Affairs who had declined to attend but delegated him to represent him. He also confirmed that he was forced to stand up "at least three times" to publicly chastise speakers that the posturer in question (name withheld for now) was not the First Lady of the Republic.

"It was quite embarrassing. Even the little children kept on referring to this woman as First Lady of Sierra Leone so it was obvious that someone had dropped a ball that the First Lady would be coming and this other woman was misunderstood to be the First Lady; so I had to correct people at least three times when they stood up to speak and during their salutations referred to this woman as the wife of the President," Karamoh Kabba said. Mr. Kabba also confirmed our articles reference to a mammoth crowd by stating, "it was quite a big, big crowd".

Meanwhile, senior stalwarts of the Womens Wing of the ruling All Peoples Congress have yesterday contacted this newspaper to state that should indeed this newspaper be taken to the Independent Media Commission or to the Courts for the article in question, numerous APC Women would be going along as witnesses on behalf of the Awareness Times Newspaper against the Fake First Ladys own group of semi-illiterates who issued the Press Release we are reproducing here.

"We have made up our minds and come to a firm decision. Enough is enough of this molestation of our Leader by Fake First Lady rampaging all over the place. Our Leader only has one wife. There is only one First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone and her name is Sia Nyama Koroma. The two of them right now are in London as husband and wife working to market Sierra Leone to the whole world. So, we have firmly resolved as APC Women that, this time, if we need to, we will all be going to IMC and Law Courts with Awareness Times over this issue," a very, very, very senior member of the APC Womens Wing assured last evening.

As stated earlier, this newspaper stands by our article about a Fake First Lady (name withheld for now) appearing at Yams Farm including our recorded interviews with persons who are now trying to deny they spoke to this newspaper for reasons which should not be difficult to speculate upon.

Big Bunch of Illiterates Issues Position Statement

A hilarious bunch of untaught people in an organization called Action Progressive Commitment Network (APCo-NET) yesterday issued out what they referred to as a "Position Statement Paper" on an investigative article published by the Awareness Times newspaper. Since the Editorial Board of this newspaper is unable to understand the content of the issued statement, we have decided to reproduce it verbatim for the general public. As you read the grammatically challenged piece, please be careful not to laugh your guts out. The Editorial Board also wants to emphatically state that who so ever is the legal adviser of the APCo-NET, falls into the same category of untaught people. Meanwhile, the Awareness Times stands by its story.



Position Statement Paper on the Article Published in "The Awareness Times News Paper" on Thursday 5th November, 2009 vol. 24 No.10 Captioned "Poor President Koroma Faces New Embarrassment Fake First Lady Appears at Yams Farm

Action. For Progressive Commitment Net Work is very concerned about the Article published in The Awareness Times News paper on Thursday, 5th November, 2009 Vol. 24 No.10 captioned "Poor President Koroma Faces New Embarassment "Fake first Lady appears at Yams Farm". with a sub- caption "Fake first Lady on the Rampage again" on page 5 of the said article.

Our Network fairly and honestly describes this article as conflicting and misleading with baseless and unfounded facts which, to a greater extent, paints the organization thick black.

As an organization, we cannot sit back and allow the said publishers to go scourge free. Instead we have filed in an official complaint with Independent Media Commission (IMC) copying the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), the Hon. Member of Parliament of constituency 92, Journalists for Attitudinal & Behavioural Change (JABC), and we are holding this Press briefing to refute majority of the facts contained in the article so that both the print and electronic media could actually visualize how some of their colleagues practice journalism.

The following facts enshrined in the article are standing remarkable:

1. The first paragraph is very misleading. Our sensitization meeting never took place on the date stated in the article but on 4 Sunday October, 09. we still have copies of the programmed for your respectful verification:

Our master of ceremony for that programme, never introduced the guest speaker as the beloved wife of the president. Facts in this Paragraph are baseless and unfounded.

2. The fourth Paragraph which states that there was grumbling which reached a peak where people could no longer conceal their grievances but started shouting aloud, is also untrue;

Our sensitization meeting was conducted under calm and perfect quietness devoid of any muttering as alleged by the publishers i.e. the investigating team.

3. The fifth paragraph has facts which are conflicting and contradictory. The Article states that Madam Iysha is Chairlady. She is not, She is Zonal Chairlady. The Article also state that she is in Constituency 93, she is not. She is in constituency 92.

4. The Guest speaker whom the publishers referred to as "Fake First Lady", never sent a single cent to our organization either on her behalf or on behalf of the president.

N.B The personality of His Excellency the President is at stake. English Law which this country, practices, makes provision for legal suit on defamation especially of characters.

5. The sixth paragraph is definitely conflicting and misleading. We have enough evidence to substantiate this.

Our organization never told councilor Mohamed Dauda Kamara of constituency 92, Ward 329 that Mrs. Sia Koroma was going to be Guest of Honor at that meeting.

N.B. The "Law" practiced in this country, makes adequate provision for LIBEL.

6. Under Interesting part, our Guest speaker while she got up to speak on the topic" Gender Equality- the importance of women in subsistence farming translated into market orientation, never told the crowd that was non grumbling,she was sent by Mrs. Sia koroma to represent her in that forum.

Never did she also defended that she was sent to represent the first Lady since the president was supposedly out of the country adding that the first lady could not afford to leave the Presidential Lodge when the President was not in town.

All the facts under this Paragraph are LIBELOUS. Our organization will stop at nothing but to institute legal action against The Awareness Times newspaper in respect of that article published on Thursday, 5 November, 2009.

Until and unless Journalists who actually worth their salt know what they are up to, mediocre ones would always be at logger heads with individuals, Organisations and other Institutions.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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