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Last Updated: Nov 24th, 2009 - 17:14:12 
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Statement Delivered by the CEO of Access Point Africa (APA)
Nov 24, 2009, 17:09
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Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Conrad Coyanda-Parkzes and I am the President and Chief Executive Officer of Access Point Africa
(APA), an APA Group Ltd subsidiary.

This morning I want to give an official statement in response to a recent series of false news stories that have been printed in a local tabloid regarding a criminal case that is currently being prosecuted by the Government of Sierra Leone and the Director of Public Prosecution. The DPPs case is against a former customers of APA, that being Trans Pacific Telecom (TPT Wireless) and its Chief Executive Officer one Mr. Stephen Thomas of San Diego, California in the United States and his employee, Mr. Gabriel Sesay and another a Nigerian national whose name I cant recall.

Conrad Coyanda-Parkzes CEO APA.

Back in April of this year I received a call from Mr. Thomas inquiring about VSAT services. APA is registered with NATCOM as a solution provider/integrator that sells and implements VSAT solutions as well as Cisco internetworking solutions which we have legally done for a number of customers including London Mining and the United States Agency for Development (USAID). I provided him with a quote for a de-commissioned VSAT that we had in country as well as applicable installation and bandwidth charges. After agreeing on a price and receiving partial payment from TPT wireless, I instructed my staff to install the VSAT for TPT at their office premise at the Kimbima hotel on July 24; we later received the balance payment after we had completed the installation. According to the current NATCOM regulations, it is not the responsibility of integrators like APA to sell or provide VSAT licenses to customers but rather the responsibility of the VSAT owner (TPT Wireless in this case) to apply to and pay NATCOM for the VSAT license. This is and has been the case with all the banks, mining companies, NGOs and other entities that are running private VSATs sold and integrated by other solution providers like APA, Tiwai Memory Masters, MBST Group, Limeline, SAB Technologies etc.

NATCOM agents raided the offices of TPT Wireless at Kimbima Hotel and discovered that they were operating an international voice gateway and doing illegal VoIP terminations and in addition did not have a valid license from NATCOM to operate the VSAT. It is regrettable that a former client of APA was engaged in such illegal activities but I want to stress that APA was in no way part of such illegal activities. I also want to stress that when the authorities raided the TPT offices, no employees of APA were found at the premises or arrested at the premises. We have provided documented evidence to the GOSL authorities that clearly prove that APA only sold and installed VSAT equipment to TPT wireless and never sold or installed any illegal international VOIP equipment for TPT wireless. I also have email records that we have again provided to the authorities where the Chief Technology Officer of TPT Wireless Mr. Russell Williams clearly differentiates the VSAT equipment that was sold and installed for TPT Wireless by APA versus the TPT customer premise equipment (CPE) which we have now found to be the illegal international gateway equipment owned and installed by TPT wireless.

As some of you might know, NATCOM agents did an un-announced raid at our APA offices on 143a Wilkinson Road on Monday October 19 2009. As I would expect the investigators found no illegal equipment or activities at our premises. In fact we dont even own or operate a VSAT at our office as we use Sierratel Internet as our corporate Internet service.

Ever since we first started operating in Bo back in 2005, we at APA have always provided our clients with an acceptable use policy document clearly delineating our transport service being provided from any illegal activities that a customer might commit over the Internet including terrorism related activities, pornography or yahoo 419 scam emails. As a matter of fact, I am not aware of any other providers in Sierra Leone that currently provide such a document to their customers. We needed to do this because at the time we started operating in Sierra Leone, September 11 was still very recent in the news and talks of Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and other terror links in Sierra Leone, particularly in Bo, required us as a company that was also registered in the US to clearly establish that our Internet service was not used for illegal activities in particular terrorism related activities. Also at the time, I personally was involved on a contract with the US department of Homeland Security which required security clearance so I had to take the extra precautionary step to make sure I would not be later implicated in any terrorism related activity as a result of my desire to go back and invest in my home country.

When the NATCOM agents raided the TPT offices they discovered a former APA employee, Gabriel Sesay at the office working with TPT. I want to make it very clear that Mr. Sesay was in no way representing APA when he was found over at TPT. Again I have documented email and dismissal letter evidence clearly establishing that Mr. Sesay had been suspended from APA back in September and then latter demoted to the role of Junior Engineer which he didnt accept and as a result decided to terminate his employment with APA and go work TPT. I am also providing a copy of the management team bios at TPT wireless that I took from their company website, to establish that I know anyone associated with APA or the APA Group Ltd do not own or have a partnership stake of any sort in TPT. TPT is a completely separate entity from APA and were just another customer/client to APA despite recent false reports in the media by one so-called journalist. Since I initially provided this TPT wireless management team bio to the local authorities, the TPT website has been deleted. However if any of you wanted to see what the TPT website looked before this recent attempt at evidence tampering all you have to do is a Google search on Trans pacific Telecom pacific Telecom and Stephen Thomas. From the Google results, click on the cached links and you will see what these websites looked like before Mr. Thomas was arrested by the Sierra Leone authorities and clearly see for yourself that Mr. Thomas and TPT Wireless are completely separate from The APA Group and any of the subsidiaries.

I would also like to announce that as a result of his refusal to retract his false stories claiming the 3 accused TPT personnel are Newcom and APA employees, legal proceeding are being brought up against the author by The APA Group. His online and print false stories have negatively impacted not only our business interests in Sierra Leone but potentially might affect our business interests outside of Sierra Leone including a multi-billion dollar contract one of our sister companies recently won with a corporation for the US department of Homeland Security.

Finally, as some of you might also know I am the current chairman of Sierra Leones chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC.SL), a member of the National ICT taskforce and a founding board member of the African Network (TAN) and conference planning chair of this years TANCON Africa conference which will be held in Sierra Leone from December 4th-6th. I wish to now state that I have decided to resign from my position as ISOC.SL chairman and members of the National ICT taskforce effective December 7th 2009 and will maintain my position as President of TAN Sierra Leone Chapter.

Thank you very much for your time ladies and gentlemen and you have my permission to fully reproduce all of the information I have provided to you here today.

Conrad Coyanda-Parkzes

From: Russell Williams (
Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2009 7:24pm
Subject: IP Assignment.

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Please explain what address I am to put on our device. Here is a simple diagram of our network layout

US (sat link provider) > Sat Link > (Satallitie)

As I see the network, the modem is part of the network infrastructure to the satellite link.
That said, what IP address do I put on our equipment?
We have 2 devices that need public IP addresses.
Thank you.

Russell Williams
TransPacific Telecom
619-255-5797 land
858-228-600 mobile

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