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In Sierra Leone, State Lottery Rewards Customers with Millions
By Aruna Turay
Dec 22, 2009, 17:26
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The Sierra Leone State Lottery (SLSL) Company has on Saturday 19th December 2009 dished out seventy-five prizes worth millions of Leones to its valuable customers. The raffle draw was designed to reward the companys revered customers, who have, in various ways, contributed to the development of the company.

Addressing the audience prior to the draw, Sierra Leone State Lotterys Mr. Arthur Williams expressed the companys appreciation to the customers, with special reference to the retailers, who have done their best in promoting the companys products. He called on those, who will not be opportune to win in this years raffle draw, not to relent but to continue playing with the hope of winning next year.

Mr. Arthur Williams addressing the audience

Criteria for illegibility in the draw, he went on, is that, a customer must register either twenty five (25) non-winning tickets, which is equivalent to one lotto book of the PIK-3 draw or twenty (20) tickets of the Lotto Pool draw, or twenty-five (25) tickets of the PIK-6 draws to the company, and one end of year raffle draw ticket with registration number would be given to that customer for each of these set of draws.

This years end of year saw seventy-five prizes, including 2 generators, 5 Nokia mobile phones plus 5000 units of recharge cards, 5 kerosene stoves, fifteen 50kg bags of rice, 10 5 gallons of cooking oil, 10 bags of onions, 5 standing fans, 10 crates of canned soft drinks, 21 inches television set, 1 refrigerator and 1 motorcycle, doled out to lucky winners. Details of winners, including their names, tickets registration numbers and prizes won are in the ensuing.

Mr. Alimamy Sesay, President Sierra Leone State Lottery Retailers Association

Mohamed P. Conteh, with registration number 439307 won a motorcycle; registration number 443487 won a refrigerator; Bakarr Kanu 434930 won a 21 inches television; two generators were grabbed by Mohamed S. Turay 0427100, and registration number 435366; five Nokia mobile phones plus 1,000 units recharge cards each were won by Eddie Kamara 440487, Gibrilla Sesay 438830, Alhassan Mansaray 0427492, Sillah A. Sankoh 435885, Femi Turner 436824; five kerosene stoves were won by Charles 0425694, Mohamed Mansaray 441503, Alhaji Sesay 443708, Yakubu Turay 438144 and Razak Alpha 0427212; fifteen bags of 50kg rice were won by 0424191 Vandy D. Gbao, 0427784 Wilfred Sharp, 442994 Salieu S. Bangura, 435378 Osman Mansaray, 443778 Colleh Dumbuya, 0426900 Mohamed Abu, 0428418 Mohamed A. Kamara, 440732 Senesie Jalloh, 438676 Alie Kargbo, 0425373 Charles M. Davies, 0424296 Mohamed L. Koneh, 0425705 Abdul A. Kanu, 435425 Makalay Koroma, 0427135 Charles M. Davies, and 441570 Balla Musa; five gallons of cooking oil were won by 0424906 Frank Alpha, 440244 Sahid Mohamed, 435792 Malam Kargbo, 441393 Mohamed Kabia, 0427814 Charles Gbukumu, 0425469 Alimamy Kargbo, 436670 Ada Pratt, 0428035 Kadiatu Koroma, 438323 Lamin B. Kamara, and 441809 Micheal Lahai; ten bags of onions were won by 436403 Augustine Noah, 0425410 John S. Koroma, 0425167 Aminata Kamara, 0426737 Tejan Conteh, 0427864 Jessica Mustapha, 0426371 Amadu M. Kargbo; 439356 David C.A. Palmer, 437489 Thiofilus A, 439464 Morlai Sankoh, and 441391 Jusu Jalloh; five standing fans were won by 434727 Isatu B. Kargbo, 436383 Alie Mansaray, 0427384 Bockarie Koroma, 440996 Alie Mansaray, and 04241199 Abdul Teganah; two gallons of cooking oil were won by 442220 Abass S. Kanu, 440018 Samuel Sesay, 0424181 Baldu D. Jayo, 0428151 Mohamed A. Kamara, 441495 Santigie Sillah, 0426190 Mohamed Conteh, 441869 Serry Sesay, 0425307 Captain C.A. Mark-Sesay, 0425699 Charles Gbukumu and 440364; ten crates of canned soft drinks were won by 0426864 Emmanuel Amara, 0427369 Foday Kanneh, 0466214 Alusine Ansumana, 0425366 Major C.A. Ban-Sesay, 0425487 Prince Caulker, 0428352 Idrissa Sesay, 442334 Jonathan Thomas, 436919 Shadrak Williams, 437573 Chernor Barrie, and 437845 Jonathan Thomas.

State Lottery staff emptying raffle tickets into the raffle drum

A view of some of the prizes


A retailer deeping for a lucky winner

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