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Last Updated: Jan 15th, 2010 - 16:35:49 
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In Sierra Leone, Serry-Kamal Wants Sylvia Blyden Matter to End
Jan 15, 2010, 17:30
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Reports from competent sources at the Office of the Attorney General (AG) & Minister of Justice have confirmed to Awareness Times that the AG yesterday January 14th 2010 sent a signed document dated January 13th 2010 over to the Judiciary calling for the ongoing matter of the Inspector General of Police against Dr. Sylvia Blyden to now end.

Hon. A.F. Serry-Kamal is reported to have informed the Magistrate Court that he will be stopping the prosecution of the matter at the courts with immediate effect. However, a copy of the document was not served to Sylvia Blyden or her lawyers until presstime yesterday.

Legal Experts state that the unsavoury matter can only be considered formally ended when the Real Estate title deeds of the Le100million Sureties of Dr. Blyden, currently in the possession of the Master & Registrars Office, are handed back.

It will be recalled that Blyden is currently facing charges of publishing false news that allegedly proved to be a security threat to the President inside his marital home contrary to Section 32 of the Public Order Act. This came about when this newspaper published news about a certain female friend of the President being misrepresented to the people of Kailahun as the First Lady of Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, some anonymous callers to the telephone of Dr. Sylvia Blyden have been making threatening remarks against her life purportedly on behalf of President Koroma. Blyden, a fearless analytical writer, long used to receiving death threats for her truthful and accurate reports, has dismissed the latest set of death threats saying she did not believe President Koroma will endorse any assassination as the callers were alleging will soon be done to her. However, she has warned that the life of all citizens must be safeguarded by the President and the Police. I have told all my people that my life is in the hands of President Koroma and the State Inspector General of Police so I am not ruffled by the death threats. I have been subjected to a lot of abuse for my various stance over the years. This is just the latest and it has not really bothered me, Sylvia Blyden said adding if what I published deserved to get the fall-out it did, then so be it. Time will prove who gained and who lost with this entire Kailahun Fake First Lady saga.

With respect to some untruthful, malicious and vicious publications sponsored against her by friends of President Koroma, Blyden has confidently remarked that those who believe in the Rule of Law know what to do when they are genuinely offended and believe they have a case for which they should seek redress.

Abusing the countrys defamatory libel laws is shameful and a disgrace to anyone embarking on such but it is a different kettle of fish when a citizen has a bonafide case which demands the attention of the Courts under the countrys defamatory libel laws, the erudite publisher opined. 

Meanwhile many citizens believe the friends of the President are just making the situation worse for the President with the nastiness they are sponsoring that might get a backlash which will be inimical to the welfare of the very same President they believe they are trying to help with the kind of nauseous material being published.

There are many ways to skin a cat and I have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that I am an expert in certain maneuvers, Sylvia Blyden stated last evening in a cryptic reference to certain steps she will soon be undertaking.

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