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Last Updated: Jan 27th, 2006 - 17:08:19 
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Sierra Leone Love Garage: Park Your Love Problems Here
By Baby Ngozi
Jan 27, 2006, 12:53

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Problem 1

Dear Ngozi,

My boyfriend of 3 years is everything I could wish for in a man.

He has been the most caring and romantic man I have ever gone out with. In short, he is the best.

However, his only flaw is that he tells lies about almost everything. The fact is he doesnt need to tell these annoying lies but he does it anyway.

I do not want to bring up such an issue with him because I am scared it would result in a fight. Yet, it is bugging me.

Ms. Plain.


Dear Ms. Plain,

Be a witness to your name and come right out with how you feel. He must realize that his deceitful behaviour is likely to jeopardize his relationship with you and others.

I am sure one of the reasons why he has continued with this deplorable behaviour is because you or some other persons close to him have not told him off. You can play a major role in transforming him to be a more honest person. Brace yourself up for the task ahead as it might not always be easy. Good Luck.

Problem 2

Dear Ngozi,

I do not know what to make of my present relationship with a classmate of mine. Two months after gaining the acquaintance on campus, I declared my love for her.

She replied me by stating her love for someone else - yet, we continued to be friends and as of now, we have become very close. So close that our something might be turning into something else.

Am I being realistic by hoping for something else.



Dear Confused,

Please do not be confused. You must take into consideration that she has expressed her love for somebody else.

As her friend, you must respect her as it is. I think she really values your friendship and does not want to mix matters.

Hence, her revelations, you must treat her as the friend she says she is and nothing more. If you are to be, nothing can stop that, trust me.

Problem 3

Dear Ngozi,

I have been working in an organization for the past five months and it is becoming tormenting for me, everyday, I get asked out by one member of Staff to another, from drivers to managers. It has gotten to a stage where I think they assume I am cheap game and this is really pissing me off. At any rate, I am skeptical if I will be there after 6 months. I really love my Job but am being bothered too much for comfort. What can I do?



Dear Tormented,

I am sure that you can report an unapproachable situation. If at all you are bothered to the point of sexual harassment, then the Head of your Admin. Section must know of this.

As a staff, you are entitled to work in a stable, peaceful and less stressful atmosphere.

Do not let their advances to you hooked up. You must stand by your refusal to have a relationship with no one.

I believe with time you will be left alone. Quitting your job is not the way out.

Problem 4

Dear Ngozi

What can I do about my boyfriend whos lazy and refuses to look for a job?

He got a very good degree from college and has all the right connections but he refuses to make use of them.

His parents are quite well off and I think this is part of the reason why he is lazy.

I on the other hand, come from a poor home and I am doing all I can to make life better for myself. As he is not complementing my efforts, do you think I should walk away?



Dear Ambitions

Poverty is a disease that everyone is doing every thing possible to run away from. You must make your boyfriend understand that the future and life is general, is unpredictable. For this reason, he must not rely on his parents wealth but make some of his own.

Do not relax in your efforts of encouragement for him to do something with his life. You never can tell when you would get through to him. Hold on a while; get people who you know he respects, to talk to him. If he doesnt change, then you have justified reasons to walk away.

Problem 5

Dear Ngozi

My best friend has been going out with his girl for the past year and they are a perfect example of a happy couple. Our other friends really envy them and wish the same for themselves, myself included.

Two weeks ago, she become very ill and recently, she revealed to her best friend that she has an incurable disease (not HIV). He says the relationship must end as he cannot see himself marrying a dying woman.

What do you think I can do to intervene? It is hurting us to see them like this.



Dear Derick

Remind your friend of his love for her. Make him realize that this is the time she needs him most. It would be cruel of him to desert her now.

He might be hurt about not knowing about it but he must accept it in the name of love.

Problem 6

Dear Ngozi

I am no longer getting younger and have therefore resolved to get married to make my life complete. Currently, I am dating a sweet and lovely girl who makes me very happy.

For my status, I must marry someone up to my social standing and I am afraid that this girl of mine is not. A lot is expected of any woman I marry but I really do not care what others think. What do you think?



Dear Anonymous,

The saying love is blind definitely applies to you. I do not believe love has boundaries so please, be free to love who ever you please.

To upgrade her socially you can teach her the dictates of your world and expose her to people whom you think can contribute in that area of her education. She can also take classes in English and Social Etiquette. With time, her dress sense and other areas will definitely improve. Good luck.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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