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Last Updated: Jan 30th, 2006 - 15:39:20 
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Dr. Sheku Sesay, Sana Marah: Stop fooling President Kabbah and the SLPP
By Edward Marah
Jan 30, 2006, 14:17

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I have been following the unfolding political melodrama in the country with keen interest, especially that which has to do with frantic efforts being made by the opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) and the newly registered Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) to unseat the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) through peaceful and democratic means, come the 2007 elections.

Currently, some staunch members of the SLPP are resigning enmasse from the party to the PMDC. This by all indications, represent a worrying situation for the SLPP, more so when the defections from within its ranks to the splinter PMDC group, seems to be gaining steam day in and day out.

Some people even refer to the spate of defections from the SLPP to the PMDC as unprecedented.

Some people are even carrying the perception that the mass exodus from the SLPP marks the beginning of its ultimate demise as the ruling party of Sierra Leone.

This no doubt, is a known fact to the SLPP hierarchy but as it is, they are consciously downplaying the situation so as to maintain the larger portion of the partys membership who are seemingly seating on the fence and awaiting the final whistle.

While all this is steadily unfolding, the question is, "What has the SLPP as a party done to address such a political disaster"?

According to sources within the party, most of its executive members including current serving ministers, have been tasked to go back to their people as part of a meet the people campaign spree, to apologies to them on behalf of the party for the mistakes of the past, and to raise their expectations as to what the party has in store for them if only they could maintain their loyalty and unflinching support to the party.

But the question now is, "What courage will such party executives, members of parliament and ministers have to face their constituents when as a matter of fact, most of them had woefully failed to live up to the expectations of their people"?.

This brings to mind two current serving ministers namely, Dr. Sheku Sesay (Minister of Presidential Affairs) and Mr. Sana Marah (Deputy Minister of Finance), both of them being indigenes of the Koinadugu district, (a district that is currently regarded as the most backward both in terms of human and infrastructural development).

The One Million Dollar question is, "What has Dr. Sheku Sesay and Sana Marah done for the people of Koinadugu district with their donkey years in politics, firstly during the APC era and now the SLPP"?

The answer to this if I should suggest, is absolutely nothing.

The people of Koinadugu district, who they claim to be representing in their current capacities, are reportedly with the conviction that they seem to have no representative in the current government structure of the ruling SLPP.

Some are even said to be referring to Dr. Sheku Sesay and Mr. Sana Marah, as political strangers who have abandoned their people for over two decades, and that their coming back to the district at such a crucial moment to solicit their support will only tantamount to what they referred to as a political suicide.

Some even refer to them as political prodigal sons who have wasted all their political lives on selfish gains, rather than catering for the general good of their constituents.

These two political opportunists they say, cannot even boast of having a single flat in the district, not to take of any development they have ushered into the district with all their years in the politics of Sierra Leone.

These hard core political opportunists cannot even remember again their own very relatives in the district, so I wonder how they can men meet them face to face on a matter that has to do with electioneering.

According to reliable sources, Dr. Sesay and Mr. Marah, while leaving the APC for the SLPP in 2003, deliberately lied to President Kabbah and the SLPP that they have a large following in the Koinadugu district, and that their coming over to SLPP will always be victory for the party in the district.

Their current makings have however proved that their coming over to the SLPP was purely for their own selfish gains, especially so when they were jobless at the time.

President Kabbah, without testing their popularity in the district, was convinced by their persuasion, and ended up wholeheartedly accepting them into the ranks of the party by offering them high placed ministerial jobs in his government.

This writer would like to challenge the popularity of Dr. Sesay and Mr. Marah by asking them to venture into Kabala and the Koinadugu district as a whole, to prove to all and sundry that they indeed have a great following as they are purporting.

The SLPP executives should be made to realize that a political disaster await them in the Koinadugu district if only the likes of Dr. Sesay and Mr. Marah are placed at the helm of things in the district.

Meanwhile, the resident members of the party in the district have registered their total disagreement to recent pronouncements made by certain quarters of the party that the two men were appointed government ministers so as to represent their interests in the government.


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