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Last Updated: Sep 17th, 2010 - 19:55:49 
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Letter to Abdul Tejan-Cole on alleged Conversation between Lilian & Melvin Lisk at Sierra Leone's State House
By Bampia James Bundu
Mar 6, 2010, 17:47
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A Sierra Leone local politician and youth activist, Mr. Dauda Kallon has written an Open Letter to the country's Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Commission, Abdul Tejan-Cole to which he has attached a duly Sworn Affidavit. Please see below for the Letter and Affidavit. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lilian Lisk has declined to comment when Awareness Times contacted her on her private Africell phone line for her reaction to the Affidavit.
"I have nothing to say about that issue. Talk to my lawyers," Lilian Lisk told Awareness Times over the phone.

Mr. Dauda Kallon, Esq.

Politician & Youth Activist

12 Off Femi Turner Drive, Goderich, Freetown

Telephone: +23276754515     +23233754525     +23288344917


Mr. Abdul Tejan-Cole


Anti Corruption Commission (ACC)

2, Gloucester Street, Freetown

5th March 2010

Dear Sir,




Please find attached to this Letter a Sworn Affidavit that I made today at the Law Courts under Oath. It concerns a Conversation I overheard between Mrs. Lilian Lisk and her husband, Mr. Melvin Lisk shortly before the occasion of the Presidents Address to Fish Stakeholders on Thursday 4th March 2010. It is self-explanatory.


Sir, many people will agree with me that the ongoing investigation into allegations from Mrs. Lilian Lisk against Hon. Haja Afsatu O.E. Kabba, Minister of Fisheries & Marine Resources has been distinct from other similar investigations in the malicious and venomous manner in which it has been conducted by ACC agents under your leadership.


For example, the former Minister of Health now facing the courts for corrupt abuse of office, was investigated for several months by the ACC but it was only on the day he was charged to court that the public even knew he had been under investigation when ACC issued a Release on the matter; simultaneous with him relieved of his duties by the President. From the time he was invited in for questioning until the time he was charged spanned several months but no-one ever knew.


Right now, IT IS A FACT that other Cabinet Ministers and very senior Government officials are facing ACC investigations into allegations of corruption but those ongoing investigations are not public knowledge. HOWEVER, in the case of Hon. Afsatu Kabba, on the very same day she was invited in for questioning, your agents misled the BBCs Umaru Fofana into broadcasting that she had been arrested at her house and whisked to the ACC Headquarters for detention over corruption. A very misleading broadcast orchestrated by persons under your leadership.


Similarly, the conditions set for the Bonded Sureties of Hon. Afsatu Kabba under Section 63(1) of the Anti Corruption Act of 2008 were onerous and designed to have her fail to meet them thus leading to a planned detention of her person. As evidence of this plan is the fact that several newspapers published an identically worded planted article on the next publication date after her invitation which not only stated she was arrested but went on to say she was whisked to the CID cells for detention. Author of the article cited sources, again under your leadership, at ACC.


The early morning raid with armed policemen on the premises of Hon. Afsatu Kabba by ACC agents sent under your leadership to pick up Mrs. Kabbas husband and kids, still remains a shock reverberating through our society.


It is no secret that many people believe that Mrs. Lilian Lisk and others affected by the strong stance of Haja Afsatu Kabba to positively reform the Fishing Industry, have been using the ACC to settle scores. It is also no secret that just last month in Open Court, Magistrate Adrian Fisher stated his belief to the Presiding Judge that he was a victim of an orchestrated case against him. Magistrate Fisher insists he is an innocent man who was only charged to Court because the ACCs Glenna Thompson (Director of Investigations & Prosecutions) had promised she would deal with him for him having allegedly insulted her father in the Judiciary. Magistrate Fisher insists in Open Court that the evidence used against him in Court was manufactured within the ACC to frame him and witnesses called were induced.


This is why the contents of the conversation referencing your very own self, between the Lisks as highlighted in my Sworn Affidavit, has been source of grave concern to anyone whom I recounted it to. I have thus decided to bring it to your attention in the form of this Open Letter I have copied to H.E. the President, the Speaker of Parliament, the National Ombudsman, the Human Rights Commission, the United Nations in Sierra Leone and all Diplomatic Missions as well as the Mass Media and all NGOs. I also intend to call up a Press Conference next week Monday to bring more public attention to this issue even as I await whatever action you might deem fit to take under these very serious circumstances. Remember that Integrity must be a watchword for confidence in your leadership of the ACC.


Yours truly, 

Dauda Kallon Esq.




I Dauda Kallon, Politician and Youth Activist of No. 12 Off Femi Turner Drive, Goderich, Freetown in the Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone do make oath and say as follows:


1) That I am one of the neighbours of Hon. Haja Afsatu Kabba, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources and also her political associate.


2) That on THURSDAY 4th of March 2010 there was a Presidential Address to Fishing Companies at State House at which I was present.


3) That I entered the Conference Room where the press conference was held on Second Floor at about 10:30 am.


4) That upon entry through the door, I noticed two individuals had already arrived in the room.


5) That the two individuals sat in the 2nd row from the front and this position was on the right hand side of the room coming from the entrance door.


6) That I walked on from entrance of the room to take a seat positioned right behind the two in the 3rd row.


7) That at this moment I became the third member of the audience to arrive.


8) That I recognized the two individuals seated in front of me were Mr. Melvin Lisk and Mrs. Lilian Lisk and they were in conversation with each other.


9) That their conversation was not whispered. I clearly heard the woman Mrs. Lilian Lisk saying to the man, Mr. Melvin Lisk that she has reached Abdul Tejan-Cole, the Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Commission and Commissioner Tejan-Cole has told her that he had not yet gotten a hold of a particular person needed to sign a particular document.


10) That the response of Mr. Melvin Lisk was to ask how much cash would it cost for the particular person whom Abdul Tejan-Cole was going to get to sign the particular document.


11) That Mrs. Lilian Lisk told Mr. Melvin Lisk that at the moment, she could not tell how much it would cost them as Abdul Tejan-Cole has not yet found the person to undertake the signing mission.


12) That I continued to listen to the conversation but at this point Mr. Philip Conteh, the Director of Attitudinal Change Secretariat entered the room at which point he greeted me and asked of me how was my neighbor Haja Afsatu Kabba was doing and if she was already around State House.


13) That it was at this point of hearing Mr. Philip Conteh ask of Haja Kabba to me that the Lisks realized my relationship with Haja Afsatu Kabba and they ceased the discussion on Mrs. Lilian Lisks professed arrangements with Anti Corruption Commissions (ACC) Abdul Tejan-Cole on the issue of Tejan-Cole locating someone to sign the document they spoke of.


14) That at this point, I was not comfortable with the angry glare that Mrs. Lilian Lisk was sending at me so when another lady by the name of Mrs. Annie Joy Turay entered the room, I decided to get up and give my seat to her since the room was now filling up with people and few seats remained unoccupied in the front rows.


15) That I wondered back then and I still continue to puzzle in my mind what sort of document is this that would need to be signed and, if true, why would Abdul Tejan-Cole need to reach a financial arrangement on behalf of Mrs. Lilian Lisk with this particular person who should sign the document.


16) That this puzzlement of mine is especially because I do know that Abdul Tejan-Cole of the ACC is currently looking into allegations of corruption levied against the Honourable Haja Afsatu Kabba by the said Mrs. Lilian Lisk and so it looks improper in my mind for such a cash arrangement to be under discussion.


17) That the contents of this affidavit are true and correct to the best of my ability knowledge and belief.





Sworn to at Law Courts Building

Siaka Stevens Street, Freetown

The  5th     day of   March       2010                              

At  1:30   o`clock in the   after    Noon.                             


Before L. A. B. Harding

A Commissioner for Oaths

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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