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Last Updated: Jan 31st, 2006 - 14:07:20 
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NEWS : Local News  

Borbor Belleh Artist Sacks Spencer in Sierra Leone
By Sayoh Kamara
Jan 31, 2006, 13:35

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Emmerson A. Bockarie of the Bobor bele Album fame has quashed business relations with his former Manager, Lawrence Omolare Spencer-Coker to the extent that he has ordered the President of the Cassette Sellers Association (CSA), Mr. Gibrilla Turay, that Mr. Spencer-Cokers company, Supreme Inc. no longer has the right to handle anything that has to do with his business management.

In a letter sent to the President of CSA some two weeks ago, Emmerson Bockarie indicated that a new management, Sugar Entertainment which he now heads, will as from now, take care of his business, and strongly advised that business transactions purportedly on his behalf with Omolare Spencer-Cokers Supreme Inc should not be encouraged.

Shortly after Emmerson sent out his letter, the ostensibly sacked Omolare Spencer- Coker sent another letter to the same President of CSA, dated 17th January 2006 in which letter, he Spencer-Coker insisted that he will continue to handle Emmersons business affairs until 20th March 2006 which is the only date by which he will cease to handle the young and brilliant musicians business.

Similar reports of Letters and Counter-Letters to and from Emmerson and Spencer-Coker are also reported to have been received by Music Makers, a CD-Duplicating Company along John Street in Freetown. Music Makers are the local company handling the reproduction of the Emmerson Borbor Bele CDs.

These letters have now brought to light the ongoing controversy between the young Musician and his Manager.

When Awareness Times contacted Mr. Spencer Coker on 076-752422 last evening, he confirmed that he wrote a letter to the Cassette Sellers Association and that the letter is self explanatory. He maintained that as far as he is concerned, there is no misunderstanding between him and Emmerson.

"There is no misunderstanding between us. We are working very fine," Mr. Spencer-Coker told Awareness Times. When asked whether he is aware that Emmerson has written a letter to the CSA ordering them not to do any business transaction with him in his name, Mr. Spencer-Coker noted that he is not aware.

"We have not seen any letter from Emmerson in that respect," he said, suggesting further that he would be however comfortable to delve more on the issue if he was granted a face-to-face interview by Awareness Times.

However, an aide at Spencer-Cokers Supreme Inc. along Guy Street offices described Emmersons action as "ungrateful"

Awareness Times contacted Emmerson for his own side of the growing brou-ha-ha. The soft spoken musician declined to comment on the reasons why he has severed himself from Omolare Spencer-Coker. He however confirmed that he did send out letters informing relevant people of his decision to stop working with Lawrence Omolare Spencer-Coker.

"I dont want to expose Lawrence Spencer-Coker to any embarrassment or to any ridicule in the public eye. If his people like, let them call me ungrateful but I will never answer them back because I know the truth and he knows the truth about why I will no longer work with him." Emmerson stated when pressed further about why he was being referred to as ungrateful.

Mr. Gibrilla Turay, the President of Cassette Sellers Association, in an exclusive interview with Awareness Times, also declined to elaborate upon the reasons behind the sacking of Spencer-Coker by Emmerson. Turay indicated that his association is not fully abreast with what developments may have resulted in the line of action from Emmerson.

However, very credible information that has reached Awareness Times indicate that the problem between the two emanated from the very first day they started to do business together when Spencer-Coker tried to elbow out King Fisher of BodyGuard Studio, the studio where Emmerson did all his recordings. The problem however culminated following the musical tours of Emmerson to the United Kingdom and the United States, which were reported to be very successful.

Our investigations indicate that a huge chunk of the proceeds from these respective music tours was surreptitiously swindled by Mr. Spencer-Coker much to the chagrin of Mr. Emmerson Bockarie.

One unconfirmed report indicated that the final straw that broke the camels back was when Lawrence Spencer-Coker could not fully account for several sums including a whopping sum of Le10,000,000.00 (Ten Million Leones), said to be part of the tour proceeds.

Another unconfirmed report from a source very close to Supreme Inc. reveal that according to the contract Spencer Coker signed with the young lad, about 70% of the proceeds are to be pocketed by Supreme Inc and this is the amount that was not fully accounted for by Mr. Spencer-Coker at the time the two were stock-taking on their return home from the tour.

Mr. Lawrence Omolare Spencer Coker is a Sierra Leonean who returned to Sierra Leone in 2004 with his wife and child after several years out in the Diaspora. Faced with unemployment in Sierra Leone and with a family to feed, Omolare accepted employment from his wifes uncle, Dr. Julius Spencer at Premier Media as some kind of Music Assistant. It was from this job that Omolare got access to Emmerson whilst assisting during the Annual Celtel Premier Musical Awards in December 2004.

In January 2005, Omolare reportedly latched on to Emmerson who was an obvious cash-cow with his highly acclaimed Borbor Bele album. Omolare Spencer Coker quickly formed a brand new company he named Supreme Inc., got the young lad to sign up a contract with his company and fronted himself as the only contact, spokesman and manager for Emmerson. In the process, Omolare is reported to have elbowed out many of those who had contributed to the musical development of Emmerson including the Bodyguard Studio and King Fisher.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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