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Last Updated: Sep 17th, 2010 - 19:55:49 
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In Sierra Leone, “Salieu M. Turay is an Educated, Wife-Beating, ‘Gbos-Gbos’ Thug”
By Aruna Turay
Sep 3, 2010, 17:20
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Mrs. Hawa Turay, the wife of the former Ambassador of the Republic of Sierra Leone to Russia says her husband is educated but a common thug wearing suits who beat her up so badly one time in Russia that the Russian Police had to be called in to the Embassy with an ambulance taking her covered with blood to hospital. Currently, the former Ambassador, Dr. Salieu M. Turay is presently being investigated by the Lumley Police Division for allegedly hiring the services of five gallant, well-muscled thugs to execute a thorough physical beating on his legally wedded wife in their matrimonial home at 36 Minah Drive, Off Juba Hill, yesterday Thursday 2nd September 2010 following a period of several weeks hot impasse between the couple that had been monitored by this presshouse over the last three weeks.

This reporter was detailed to cover the latest episode in the saga and met the Ambassador at the Lumley Police Station alongside his wife but kept apart in two separate areas of the station. The Ambassador declined to give an interview to journalists and refused to take phone calls whilst the wife, in bitter tears with signs of bruising on her skin, took her time to explain her ordeal.

Speaking in tears, Mrs. Hawa Turay told this reporter that she had legally married Dr. Turay six years ago but had co-habited with him for a grand total of twelve years now during which she says they had been enjoying a fairly good wedded relationship until her husband was appointed by President Koroma to be the Sierra Leone Ambassador to Russia when their problems commenced.

She said the reason why her husband was declared persona non grata by the Russian authorities was because she was brutalized by him whilst in Russia and had nothing to do with her son raping any Russian woman as was widely speculated. She furthered that upon their return to Sierra Leone a few weeks ago, her husband denounced their marriage and refused to return to their 36 Minah Drive Juba Hill residence to settle with her but instead moved out and stayed with a girlfriend of his.

Sierra Leone’s Ex Ambassador to Russia: A Gbos-Gbos Thug dressed up in a Suit?

As if that is not enough, she went on, Dr. Turay came back to the house one day and collected all his personal belongings and went to an extent of even requesting the family’s jeep that was jointly bought by the two of them whilst abroad several years ago. Mrs. Turay said upon her refusal to handover the keys to the jeep to him based on the grounds that it belongs to both of them and not the husband alone, Dr. Turay took offense and tried several times over a period of several days to unsuccessfully to seize the Jeep until yesterday early morning when he took thugs to beat her up and forcefully retrieved the keys from her.

According to her, at about 7am yesterday Thursday 2
nd September 2010, she was having her bath when her son rushed in and informed him that the Doctor (her husband) and some men are coming to attack her.

“While running out of the bathroom heading for my bedroom to seek refuge with just a towel covered over me, the Doctor attacked me with a punch on my chest and handed me over to the five men with an order to beat the hell out of me” she cited, adding; “at this point one of the thugs known as Alhaji and a relative of my husband named Moseray Toronka rushed at me, dragged the towel off me leaving me stark naked and then Alhaji brutally inserted his fingers into my private parts whilst my husband stood and watched laughing, while asking me to produce the keys”.

Mrs. Turay further alleged that right at the same time the other thugs were busy ransacking the whole house not sparing their matrimonial bedroom in search of the Jeep’s keys. During this process, she alleged, “they took away my money to the tune of Twenty Million Leones and also gave my son who was trying to save me, a thorough beating”.


At this juncture, Mrs. Turay showered praises on the Lumley Police Division for their prompt intervention which according to her saved her life and possibly stopped her from being raped by the men who had been eyeing her with sexual looks already.

According to the Local Unit Commander (LUC) for the Lumley Police Division Chief Superintendent Alhaji Gibril Kabba-Kamara, when he received the information of the domestic violence, he wasted no time to dispatch a team of personnel to the scene and they succeeded in quelling down the situation. He said they then brought the husband and his wife for further questioning whilst the thugs found on the premises were arrested, the Jeep in question impounded, all pending investigations. The Crime Officer for the division, Inspector Mohamed Amara also told this reporter that they have released the husband on a stiff bail condition to sureties, given the wife a Police Medical Report Form to go to the Connaught Hospital whilst thr thugs are now in detention.

Also this reporter visited the couple’s Juba Hill residence where a very stiff police presence was present. However, the police personnel refused to comment on the issue but allowed the family to willingly take our reporter on a conducted tour to areas of destruction by the thugs. Some photos taken are published here including the couple’s matrimonial bedroom inside which the wife claims she was stripped stark naked by thugs hired by the husband.


The Turays Matrimonial Bedroom Ransacked!!


36 Minah Drive; the Scene of Yesterday’s Incident


The Turay Family Jeep shown parked at the Lumley Police Station yesterday after it was impounded by the Local Unit Commander.

Former Ambassador & his Wife Expose Each Other!


Mrs. Hawa Turay, the wife of the country’s former Ambassador to Russia says her husband, “Salieu Turay is an Educated, Wife-Beating, ‘Gbos-Gbos’ Cheap Thug” who does not hesitate to go physical on women with him beating her up so badly one time in Russia that the Police had to be called in to the Embassy with an ambulance taking her covered with blood to hospital.

“Let me tell you today that the reason why he was declared persona non grata is not because my son raped any Russian girl but because my husband beat me up like I was a punching bag. He beat me up so bad that the Foreign Office in Russia asked Sierra Leone to take the brute out of Russia. They only used my son as a smokescreen for the Sierra Leone media. My son did not rape any Russian woman. On the other hand, it was my husband’s sexual predatory attacks on college students that even led to him falling out with the First Secretary of our Mission when it was discovered that my husband made love to a certain small girl in a hostel,” she explained to this presshouse what she insists is the real reason why her husband was kicked out of Russia a few months ago. She even says she has photographs of her face swollen up badly from the beating she suffered at Dr. Turay’s hands whilst in Russia.


When Awareness Times contacted Dr. Turay, he says whilst she might have photographs, he has audio recordings of her saying words that will shock the sensibilities out of people. However, he does confess that he indeed beat up his wife whilst in Russia but that she was the one who threw first punch at him because she asked for $200 as precondition for going to a diplomatic dinner party with him and he told her he will give her later but then she got angry.  His wife however explains that what happened was that he was collecting money meant “for the wife of the ambassador” but spending the money on “small small girls studying in hostels in Moscow”.

“He was taking the money that the Sierra Leone Government sends for the First Lady of the Mission and splashing it on small small cheap girls and leaving me with no clothes to put on to go out to diplomatic functions,” Mrs. Hawa Turay explained to Awareness Times adding that infact, the Ambassador had abandoned his matrimonial home and was now staying with a “small, small useless titty in Freetown after abandoning me and the children at Juba Hills; sending us fifteen thousand leones as cooking money and wanting to take our family Jeep by force”.

The former Ambassador however says he was not staying with any “small small titty” but that he fled the matrimonial home because he was afraid for his life as he alleges that his wife was violent. He even says after he was kicked out of Russia for “her son raping Russian girls”, when they arrived in London on transit from Russia, she attacked him again and so, he was forced to get the London Police to press charges against her a few weeks ago in London shortly before they both arrived back home.

The wife confesses that indeed her husband had her charged to court in London a few weeks ago for alleged domestic violence but she was innocent and had been set up by her husband. She says that High Commissioner Eddie Turay and others in London had stepped in causing the London Courts to see reason and realize she was an innocent victim of “a Gbos-Gbos brute”.

According to the wife, her husband was a brute who slept around with small girls. However, the husband says he was not the brute but the wife was the loose woman who had boyfriends whilst in her marital home.

“She even spoke to her boyfriend on the phone in my presence and told him I was a useless man,” the former Ambassador explained adding that he had evidence of taped recording of his wife using foul language against even President Koroma.

“That woman is dangerous. Do not believe a word she says,” the former Ambassador told Awareness Times.

For the woman, she also had similar sentiments about her husband.

“That man is a wicked liar. Do not allow him to deceive you with his lies,” the wife of the former Ambassador explained to Awareness Times.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sylvia Blyden, Publisher of Awareness Times has been forced to explain to journalists that she has informed both the Wife and the Husband that she did not appreciate them using her newspaper or her name in their feuding. Three weeks ago, on the first attempt of the former Ambassador to attack his defenseless wife inside their matrimonial home he had abandoned, on the pretext of retrieving the family’s Jeep, the poor woman later explained that he only drove off in the taxi he arrived with when she shouted out from the verandah that “Sylvia Blyden is on her way here to take your photo and write about you in Awareness Times!” At the time, Dr. Sylvia Blyden had no knowledge of the mess and had only met the couple once in her life up at Parliament. She was informed by neighbours of the incident following which the wife telephoned her to explain that she had been defenseless at the time and the only name she could think of calling up was that of “Sylvia Blyden”.

“I am sorry for using your name but it appears you are the only one these men are afraid of because I had reported the Ambassador to President Koroma, to the Vice President, to the Foreign Minister Zainab Bangura and to the Police but none of them could make him stop coming over to the house to seize the Jeep until I used your name and he ran away that morning,” Mrs. Hawa Turay had explained.

This was some three weeks ago.

Following that her explanation and a further public accosting of Mrs. Hawa Turay by the former Ambassador along Liverpool Street last week Thursday August 26th 2010, Mrs. Turay had telephoned Dr. Blyden and requested for her husband to be disgraced on the pages of Awareness Times. However, Dr. Blyden had counseled her against disgracing her husband. She had telephoned the former Ambassador last Thursday who had given his own convoluted side of the story  with a claim that AIG of Police Chris Charley had given him officers to forcibly retrieve the vehicle from Liverpool Street but that claim had been derided by Dr. Blyden who told him that AIG Charley was too professional an officer to support such forced acquisition. Upon being advised and counselled on the phone by Dr. Blyden against using force on his wife, the husband had promised Dr. Blyden that he would henceforth behave himself and use lawful means to settle whatever score he had with his wife.


To the shock of Dr. Sylvia Blyden, when the Ambassador attacked his matrimonial home with five thugs in the early hours of yesterday Thursday September 2nd 2010 and the wife once again started screaming that she was going to telephone up Dr. Sylvia Blyden, eye-witnesses report that the Ambassador told the thugs he took along with him that they should go ahead and beat up the wife and strip her naked because Sylvia Blyden had assured him that she believed his own side of the story and so Awareness Times will never write anything against him nor about his wife-beating. Many journalists yesterday also asked Sylvia Blyden about the issue of how her name came up in the imbroglio between the two people.

“I do not understand what these two people are up to. It was obvious that they both wanted to use Awareness Times newspaper to wash their dirty linens in public but I counseled both of them to think about their children. For the past three weeks now since the wife first used my name to scare her husband away from attacking the home, I have been counseling them not to go to the press with the nasty things they have to say about each other but now they are dragging my name into their public mess. I just did not want to publish what each was saying about the other. I have only met these people once in my life but I was counselling them over the telephone now I am being named for what I do not know,” Dr. Blyden explained to journalists and also to neighbours of the Turays who questioned her over the issue yesterday.

# END #

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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