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Last Updated: Feb 13th, 2006 - 20:27:16 
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NEWS : Politics  

For not getting contracts, Parliamentarian loses confidence in Sierra Leone People's Party
By Alhassan Spear Kamara
Feb 13, 2006, 20:25

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Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Member of Parliament representing Kono District, Hon. Emmanuel Tommy has described his partys attitude towards him as "very disappointing" and as a result of that he says he has lost total confidence in the party.

Honourable Tommy who spoke recently to a cross section of the media at his Blama Road residence said he could see no reason why the SLPP could not offer him contracts even when as he puts it, "I contributed immensely to ensure that the party won overwhelmingly in my district during the last general election." The MP went on to threaten that he will quit the SLPP by June if he does not get contracts.

"My people have suffered a lot to give the SLPP the kind of support and loyalty it requires to make it a formidable party. Theyve however not realized anything for this. I think its high time they realize benefits now. SLPP should help us make money." Hon. Tommy said.

Asked why he was insisting on him being given a contract, he noted that all those who have been given development contracts in the name of Kono District have neither performed well or have squandered the funds for such contracts, which have caused the added suffering and deprivation of the people of Kono District.

"As Member of Parliament for the district, I am under obligation to ensure that what is entrusted in my care will be judiciously executed for the benefit of my people. I cannot be seen as someone that can dupe the very people I am under oath to represent in the House of Parliament." he asserted.

However most Kenema residents who spoke to Awareness Times, said that Hon. Tommy is yet to complete most of the contracts initially given to him and that he has even abandoned most of these contracts mid way.

Hon. Tommys threat seems to buttress the claim by the SLPP Secretariat that it was disgruntlement and not principles that was causing the recent defections from the SLPP.

"These people are opportunists. They are not resigning because of principles. They are resigning because they are disgruntled opportunists." stated Bockarie Lappia of the SLPP.

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