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Last Updated: Dec 13th, 2010 - 11:49:42 
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NEWS : Politics  

APC in Full Control of Hearts of most Kono People
Dec 13, 2010, 12:20
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If there was any doubt in any mind that the opposition SLPP partys Kono Leadership and Kono Parliamentarians had failed their Party causing the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) party to be currently in firm control of the hearts of the people of Kono District, it dissipated as various polling station results poured in at close of Elections Day past Saturday December 11th 2010. Kono strongwoman Diana Konomani of the APC who contested against opposition SLPPs Matturi won the coveted seat of Chairperson, Kono Local Government District Council, in a landslide victory that the Political Parties Registration Commission described in a statement yesterday, as the outcome of what could be described as free, fair, transparent and well managed during which there were no major incidents that undermine the credibility of the bye-election in Kono District.

Honourable Vice President Sam-Sumana

The APCs Diana Konomanis victory was so indisputable that it is reported that she even beat the SLPPs Matturi inside his own part of Kono where he was born. It is also reported that the voter turn-out was poor not out of fear for violence but because the people of Kono just did not have much inspiration that could get them to be bothered to go and vote.

As APC Party members jubilated with phone calls to this newspaper, senior SLPP party stalwarts who had been expecting good news out of this elections, have confided to Awareness Times that the elections were indeed conducted in a free and fair atmosphere devoid of intimidation and violence. They also confessed that their party has to go back to the Drawing Board insofar as Kono District was concerned. Kono District used to be an SLPP stronghold until 2007 when the District for the first time ever, got an indigene emerging to become the countrys Vice-President. Since the elections of Sam-Samuna as Vice President, the District had swung their support towards the APC; which support has again been re-affirmed this past weekend.


The new Inspector-General of Police, Francis Munu has also come in for high commendation alongside the Honourable Vice President himself, Chief Sam-Sumana for the speedy manner in which they both reacted to speedily curtail what had been initial signs of political intolerance pending the actual elections itself.


Meanwhile, many people have expressed shock that despite the SLPP having 7 out of the 8 elected Parliamentarians representing Kono, the party does not seem to have been making any headway in promoting the party to continue to stay within the hearts and minds of the people of Kono.

This is a lesson to the genuine SLPP members as to what happens when they continue to see blatant sell-game tactics from some people and no-one disciplines them. This is also a signal to the John Benjamin led SLPP National Executive that they need to be monitoring all the so-called strongholds of the SLPP as many moles and agents are being used by the APC right now to quietly win over their SLPP people, said a keen political analyst who prefers anonymity for now.

It will be recalled that many people have reported that the SLPP Leadership is too weak in terms of seeking the partys interests via disciplining treacherous members. Blatant treachery and treacherous utterances are being made by so-called senior SLPP members like Kailahun District Council Chairman Tom Nyuma whilst many others are engaged in surreptitious deals with the APC but John Benjamin has not been taking disciplinary actions thus the entire SLPP strongholds are now left wide open for traitors and sell-game experts to promote the APC and continue to fool the world that they are still SLPP.

What has puzzled many SLPP members is the promotion of certain notorious APC Radio commentators that the long-overdue suspension of two SLPP members pending investigation, was wrong. Journalists known to be rabidly APC supporters have come on the air waves to lambast the SLPP Leader for the correct step of suspending the two traitors.

John Benjamin did not expel the two traitors but he merely suspended them pending investigations which is the correct thing to do. I have noticed the type of people who are criticizing John Benjamin for suspending J.B. Dauda and Tamba Borbor Sawyer pending investigations into their conduct and what I can plainly say to genuine SLPP members is that only fellow traitors can continue to say it was wrong to suspend these two men from the SLPP. What I will advise John Benjamin to do is to closely watch any SLPP members who are criticizing the suspension and he will have a fair idea of which SLPP members he should closely monitor for treacherous activities, said Brima Gogra, a school teacher in Kenema District and a long-term SLPP member.

Of due note is that one school of thought is of the firm belief that going by the actions and utterances of Tom Nyuma in Kailahun and one Mr. Jambai, the District SLPP Party Head, the SLPP should brace itself up for a possible devastating defeat right inside their backyard in the upcoming Buedu-Kailahun Bye-Elections in wake of Tamba Borbor Sawyerrs appointment as Deputy Minister.

Jambai is Tom Nyumas poodle and the two of them are going to cause a big shock for the SLPP in Buedu, a close confidant of Tom Nyuma told this presshouse.


It remains to be seen what steps John Benjamin will take to re-organise his party for the better as at the end of the day, only John Benjamin will carry the blame if he continues to allow Moles and Traitors to work unhindered in the partys strongholds.

Sierra Leone Peoples Party



Immediate Suspension of J.B. Dauda and Hon. Tamba Borbor Sawyerr from SLPP

The Leadership of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) has noted the recent Cabinet Announcement of the ruling APC Party Leader, H.E. President Ernest Koroma in which he names two of our members in the persons of Mr. J. B. Dauda and Hon. Tamba Borbor Sawyer as members of his ruling APC Government Cabinet Ministers.


It will be recalled that whilst the position of the SLPP has been for the Cabinet to be of a more national character encompassing worthy citizens from the South-East, the party has always made it abundantly clear that SLPP was not interested in any power-sharing arrangements with the ruling APC.

Sierra Leone
s budding democratic culture is only now being developed and any such power-sharing arrangements will not be in the interest of the countrys multi-party democracy especially as our people need to continuously be taught a proper understanding of the separation of political parties in a multi-party democracy.

Therefore, the party had warned that no SLPP member should be a part of the APC Government Cabinet as SLPP does not seek any form of an alliance with this ruling APC Government. We, in the SLPP, are building up Sierra Leones still budding multi-party democratic culture by being the democratic opposition to the APC.

It is in the above light that the National SLPP Leadership is hereby informing the general public of the immediate suspension from the party of the following persons:

1. Mr. J. B. Dauda

2. Hon. Tamba Borbor Sawyerr

Mr. J.B. Dauda and Hon. Tamba Borbor Sawyer will soon be invited to face the National Disciplinary Committee of the SLPP to defend against why they should not be expelled forthwith from the SLPP.

Once again, let it be strongly reiterated that Mr. J.B. Dauda and Hon. Tamba Borbor Sawyer hereby stand immediately suspended from their membership of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party. None of their actions can therefore represent the SLPP.



John Oponjo Benjamin (National Leader, SLPP)

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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