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Last Updated: Jan 16th, 2011 - 21:56:13 
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In Defense of the Indefensible? - A Look at why SLPP Should Not Defend Maada
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Jan 16, 2011, 20:20
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Professor Kelfala Kallon in Greeley Colorado is an SLPP Politician whose latest piece aimed at drawing my attention has been so badly informed and so flawed for a so-called academic, that it has left me wondering if he did not have the same motives as Lans Gberie recently...; wherein they claim to be defending and/or promoting Maada Bio but in reality, they were merely highlighting to the world why no serious political party will have Maada Bio as its flagbearer for Presidential Elections.


Imagine Lans Gberie writing a ‘promotional’ interview that was a very poor academic work but with at least one clear motive which was to reveal that according to the TRC Report, Maada Bio, at best, was actually present and witnessed the extra-judicial and brutal torture of Bambay Kamara and others in which Bambay Kamara was tortured and his ears were cut off before he was slaughtered like an animal. Wow! What a ‘presidential’ image to project!


Lans Gberie was not helping Maada Bio like the naive Maada might have thought but Lans was deliberately destroying Maada.


Now, in this latest so-called ‘defense’ of Maada Bio written last week, Kelfala Kallon has also deliberately damaged Maada Bio. Kallon has ‘said it all’ against Bio with questions he posed. 


I read the piece and I immediately realised that it was no defense of Maada Bio at all but rather a means of cleverly molesting Maada Bio in favour of Kelfala Kallon’s own preferred candidate.


Firstly, Kelfala Kallon asks a question that has a pretty obvious answer. Why have the 18 other aspirants not come to the defence of Maada Bio? The answer is simple. The other 18 aspirants cannot reduce their credibility by trying to defend the indefensible. Most of them are actually very, very grateful to Awareness Times for airing an issue that had gotten many of them badly intimidated. This is the truth and Mr. Kelfala Kallon might know it so why ask the question if not to put Maada Bio in poor light by actually giving credibility to Awareness Times position since obviously silence  from fellow aspirants means acquiescence?


Stakeholders all know that Maada Bio’s gangsters had so intimidated many of the other aspirants that it is a big sigh of relief right now within the Aspirant Camp. Infact, let me authoritatively say it is only the spirit of ‘aspirant solidarity’ that is stopping some aspirants from coming out with public commendation for Awareness Times’ recent articles.


Before moving to the second question posed by Kelfala Kallon, let me assure all readers that it was no other person but Mr. Maada Bio himself who issued a Press Statement in early November naming the lawless Djamba-smokers as not only his supporters but as significant key members of his Campaign Team. So, until such time as Maada Bio issues another Press Statement to disown them, they continue to be nothing other than Djamba-Smoking Lawless Maada Bio Gangsters! Q.E.D.


Now to the second question posed by Kelfala Kallon which was also meant not to defend Maada Bio but to ensure Maada Bio’s leadership qualities are shown to be tainted: Why has Maada Bio not yet seen it fit to issue a statement denouncing the actions of his self-acclaimed Djamba-smoking, lawless supporters who almost MURDERED fellow SLPP member, Alusine Mohamed Kamara with a broken bottle at around 9pm in the night of 1st November 2010 right inside the 15 Wallace Johnson Street offices of the SLPP Headquarters?


Once again, Kelfala Kallon is not defending Maada Bio here. He is merely highlighting a serious weakness of Maada Bio which makes him incapable to lead any country as President. And this, I suspect to be a deliberate exposure on the part of Kelfala Kallon.

Alusine Mohamed Kamara: A member of SLPP for past 15 years now is Victim of Maada Bio’s supporters brutality at SLPP Party headquarters where they want to be freely smoking Djamba.

Considering all the facts that the SLPP Elders have now unearthed, I submit that it was only Awareness Times publications which jolted the SLPP Elders into now joining hands with John Benjamin over the last fortnight to help John Benjamin put Maada’s gang of Djamba-smokers under control.


Now that the previously-misinformed SLPP Elders are in possession of the facts and have fully endorsed the actions by John Benjamin which were to ensure no more incident of violence occurred (hopefully!) inside SLPP Headquarters by Maada Bio’s Gangsters, we now have Kelfala Kallon and that other misinformed one in California writing about ‘the way forward for the SLPP’. What a joke! Where were they when the SLPP HQ was being turned into a place for drugs-sales and extreme violence?


These ‘Political PlayCookers’ should actually be writing to thank Awareness Times for jolting their sleeping party Elders into taking action before an SLPP member got MURDERED inside SLPP Headquarters by a Djamba-drugged-up Maada Bio supporter.


Instead of thanking Awareness Times for raising attention to a murderous situation, they say they are defending Maada Bio! How can you defend the indefensible???


What they are defending, only God knows as it surely cannot be an ethical ‘defense’ to ignore the pains/torture that Alusine Mohamed Kamara went through at the hands of Maada Bio’s campaigners.


Is Maada Bio more SLPP than Alusine Kamara? To paraphrase George Orwell in Animal Farm’:- Are all SLPP animals not equal? Are some SLPP animals ‘more equal’ than other SLPP animals?


In 1995, when Alusine was a secondary school boy in Freetown campaigning with his mother for the SLPP to win, where was Maada Bio? Today, Alusine Kamara has been left with a huge scar on his head and persistent pains in his skull simply because he does not support Maada Bio’s supporters’ Djamba-smoking & lawlessness which the young man knows to be against the ideals of the SLPP party which he joined in 1995.


What message are the likes of Kelfala Kallon sending out to ignore the bloody attack on a longtime member in the person of Alusine Kamara who joined the SLPP party in 1995?


A man who has been acclaimed by Maada Bio as one of his key supporters, was part of the gang who repeatedly banged Alusine's head on a wall as if it was a football and then took a bottle and smashed it on Alusine Kamara’s head and then sliced with tremendous force the upper half part of the left side of his face which attack has left him with persistent pains in his skull and a huge scar on his face. What was Alusine’s crime? He told them not to smoke Djamba inside SLPP Headquarters!


I am yet to read condemnation from Maada Bio, or interestingly, even from a supposedly civilised Professor Kelfala Kallon, about the vicious unprovoked attack on Alusine Mohamed Kamara inside SLPP Headquarters on November 1st 2010.


Instead, Kelfala Kallon says I am backing Usman Boie-Kamara who seems to be their bogey-man in this race. Usu Boie this; and Usu Boie that and Usu Boie the other! Poor man! Only God knows why they fear Usman Boie-Kamara so much. Maybe it is because Usman Boie-Kamara is one of the few aspirants who have a direct claim to SLPP familial lines since his late father, Trader & Butcher Pa Mohamed Boie-Kamara of Freetown, was a Treasurer of the SLPP back in the glorious days of Sir Milton Margai & Constance Cummings-John. The truth is I honestly do not have any aspirant I am backing now but many of us know who the preferred Presidential aspirant of Kelfala Kallon is.


This aspirant wants Kelfala Kallon to write all the mis-informed nonsense he wrote; in order to bring more attention to Maada Bio’s negative character traits so as to boost this person’s waning chances. However, despite all the scheming, this aspirant is not going to win on March 5th. I do not admire this person’s dirty politics at all.



I phoned David Tam-Baryoh after his popular Radio ‘Monologue’ programme of January 15th. I asked him what does a conscientious Publisher do when a Presidential aspirant picks up the phone to threaten her Editor for merely publishing an article advising him to put his supporters under control?


Tam-Baryoh, as a Publisher himself of Punch Newspaper did not hesitate in his response. He said the Publisher has a duty to alert the public about the intolerant nature of the aspirant.


Then, I also asked him what will a conscientious Publisher do when a Presidential aspirant maintains supporters who attack her innocent reporter right inside Law Courts Building and the aspirant, to date, refuses to issue a statement to condemn such attack on a journalist?


David Tam-Baryoh responded that such a Publisher should go all out to mount a campaign to ensure such an aspirant does not become President as he lacked the attributes required for Presidency.


So, I asked David Tam-Baryoh, why was he then sweeping under the carpet what Maada Bio has done to journalists who are fully paid-up members of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists? He could not really answer and merely mumbled an answer against the slowness of the SLAJ Investigation into the matter.


Bottom-line, at the end of the conversation, I was able to show to David Tam-Baryoh that it is not about people thinking they like John Benjamin more than John Benjamin. It is just a newspaper team realising the grave dangers this country is heading for should Maada Bio ever become President of Sierra Leone.


And I wonder why all this hue and cry did not occur when poor Dr. Soyei was subjected to weeks of newspaper calumny after he was dragged to court alleged to have stolen two lorry trips of sand? Or what about  Kadi Johnson-Cole who also got publicity when she was dragged to court by her in-law for alleged larceny of a remote-control worth less than five dollars? The difference is that Dr. Soyei and Kadi Johnson-Cole are not arrogant. They realised the importance of good media relations and handled their own scandals quite well. Nothing has been heard ever since. But in the case of Maada Bio, he thinks he is a powerful politician who can intimidate journalists like he has been intimidating everyone else inside SLPP.



Maada Bio has been repeating all the steps by Charles Margai that preceded the formation of the PMDC in 2005. Since he launched his Campaign, it has been with a slogan of No Maada; No SLPP. At various points in time, he has been utilising blackmailing tactics and intimating of dire consequences should he lose the Flag-Bearer position. Does Maada Bio really love the SLPP? Let’s see.


On September 20th 2007, 3 days after APC took over, a report [CLICK HERE] was filed from State House authored by Sorie Sudan Sesay that Maada Bio and Tom Nyuma had visited State House to "beg for mercy" from President Koroma for what was termed as their ‘crimes’ against the APC.


Followed by this, Maada Bio was included in at least one of President Koroma’s overseas entourage. The two men (Maada and Ernest) are good friends which is all fine and good but what is not good is that as I write this piece in January 2011, since September 2007 when he went to "beg for mercy" until date, Maada Bio has never given any voice interview in which he has spoken out against the ills of the current APC or any of the excesses of President Koroma. Even Charles Margai has criticised the APC but never has Maada Bio opened his mouth to publicly voice out condemnation for Ernest Koroma or APC Government!


When the SLPP girls were gang-raped and the SLPP Party Offices were invaded by Leatherboot and others, Maada Bio never made even a whimper of protest. Through-out the last few years of all the excesses of the APC, we have never heard a single interview over the radio or in newspapers by Maada Bio speaking out his actual voice against the APC.


Rather than that, it was the APC itself which has been campaigning for Maada Bio by having Alpha Kanu and I.B. Kargbo going to Maada Bio’s website and mentioning the contents there as if there were no other SLPP websites with contents against the APC; the intent was to give the impression to gullible SLPP members that APC was rattled by one weakly-written article on Maada Bio’s website.


The truth is that the APC badly wants Mr. Maada Bio to win the March 5th 2011 upcoming Flagbearer Elections so they can kick the SLPP chances for 2012 around like a football on a field. If Maada Bio does not get the Flagbearer position, the alternative my APC sources tell me, is to move to Plan ‘B’ which is the No Maada Bio; No SLPP scenario whereby Maada Bio will move to APC or join the new UDM party of Mohamed Bangura or form his own party and hopefully go with his supporters.


Should the APC predictions come true and Maada Bio decides to quit the SLPP, will the SLPP supporters of Maada Bio repeat History and go along like sheep like they did with Charles Margai? Only time will tell.



The Sierra Leone Police has been investigating the allegations complained to them by numerous journalists against Maada Bio and his supporters. I have deliberately refused to interfere or ask questions in order to quietly monitor how much support Maada Bio has within APC as the Police is an extension of APC Government.


It has been a spectacular revelation to see Sierra Leone Police take down all Statements including from Court officials/Uniformed Senior Police Inspectors who witnessed the attack on Bampia James Bundu by Maada Bio’s thugs inside Law Court and yet, as of last Friday, one of the police officers involved in the investigations has confessed to me that because Maada Bio seems to have some deep connections with the APC Government, the hands of the Police are tied right now from taking the matter further. Wow!


If there was any evidence that the APC clearly wants Maada Bio to emerge the winner, there can be none more glaring than this one. Imagine the speed with which the Police charged Kadi Johnson-Cole to court for alleged larceny of a remote control device worth less than 5 dollars & Dr. Soyei was charged for two trips of sand.



Additionally, not only does Maada Bio enjoy the support of the ruling APC Government but he also enjoys the support (and possible financial backing) of a certain mining company strongly linked to Ernest Koroma who all want Maada Bio to win the March 5 Elections so the APC can walk all over the SLPP in 2012.

My investigations indicate that there are 21 elected officials currently in the pocket of this Mining Company who are all being played to sell the interest of the SLPP and promote Maada Bio in order to boost the APC’s chances come 2012.



Because Maada Bio knows the Sierra Leone Police and the APC Party Government are backing his candidature and he enjoys a lot of support from operatives at a rich mining company, he misled himself into thinking him and his Djamba-smoking lawless thugs can intimidate everyone in Sierra Leone; from his Party Leader John Benjamin all the way down. He got away with it for a long time because John Benjamin wanted to protect the image of the SLPP but when Maada Bio brought his intimidation to Awareness Times, that is where he has met his Waterloo. This is his FULL STOP.


It was not John Benjamin who told him to pick up the phone and intimidate my Editor. It was not Usman Boie-Kamara whose supporters attacked and beat up Bampia Bundu right inside Law Courts. It was Maada Bio, Maada Bio and Maada Bio.


As David Tam-Baryoh said to me over the phone, Maada Bio should have long since made a Public Statement condemning his thugs and distancing himself from their actions. But Alas! Honestly speaking, this man is too foolish in his arrogance! Maada Bio really believes Sierra Leone Peoples Party, a party with a tradition of 60 years, the party of Sir Milton Margai and Constance Cummings-John will have its delegates elect an arrogant and unremorseful man like him as their Flagbearer!

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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