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Last Updated: Jan 22nd, 2011 - 16:03:10 
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Professor Kelfala Kallon professes Ignorance on Sierra Leone Peoples Party
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Jan 22, 2011, 15:52
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It is enough gratification to read as the ebullient SLPP politician, Professor Kelfala Kallon slinks away after confessing that he is ignorant of what had been happening inside SLPP Party Headquarters over the last few months which had necessitated the actions taken by his Party Leader John Benjamin; actions which Kallon had initially jumped at to deride in his now self-confessed ignorance of the facts. Bravo! Kelfala Kallon confesses he is ignorant on SLPP issues!


When an elderly SLPP academic politician like Prof. Kelfala Kallon, loses an argument and makes a weak rejoinder that evades the issues and instead starts to write about people writing ‘pitiful dribble’ or being ‘nonsense’ and being ‘shameless’ and also reduces himself to rambling incoherence about ‘chunehs’ playing draughts, then I have to confess that a young, vibrant and intelligent journalist like Sylvia Olayinka Blyden can only have mercy on him and cease to embarrass him further than he has already embarrassed himself.


Kelfala Kallon does not support Maada Bio at all but he is pretending to do so in order to get me to embarrass Bio some more. This time, I will mostly leave Maada Bio out of the picture with no fresh attack on him out of our well-prepared arsenal. Afterall, poor Maada is still scrambling to ‘re-make’ himself after tasting what happens when a foolish presidential aspirant picks up the phone to try to intimidate a journalist for merely editing a newspaper that published an advise he did not appreciate. I doubt if Maada Bio will ever pick up the phone again to threaten a journalist about his so-called ‘large’ following...


Kelfala Kallon knows that Maada Bio wants to be President of Sierra Leone and yet he keeps on speaking of a ‘personal score’ being the motive for publicising that Maada Bio himself picked up a phone to threaten a newspaper Editor. Kelfala Kallon simply glosses over that aspect in the same way he glosses over the pains of Alusine Kamara, his fellow SLPP party member.


Maada Bio, a man with thugs following him, makes a threatening phone call to a newspaper Editor and Kallon says Bio should not be sanctioned by that newspaper. Ha ha ha. Funny Kallon. I wonder where Kallon was when all hell was let loose after a certain American President described a journalist using expletives without realising his microphone was on...


Anyway, I am still hopeful Maada Bio will do the right thing very soon before we resume action on highlighting his unfitness. We are not at all finished with him yet. Oh No! Only Maada Bio can save Maada Bio in this unfolding saga. We are just giving him time to build up the courage he lacks. We hope he will soon develop the courageous fibre to do the correct thing(s) that should be expected of a Presidential material. Bio should develop the courage to exhibit the ability to take responsibility when things go awry in his Campaign or with his Supporters actions.


Firstly, Maada Bio should issue a public apology to his Leader, John Benjamin for the public actions of his supporters in which Bio will clearly state he does not support such insubordination and rudeness as perpetuated by his supporters against John Benjamin. Secondly, Maada Bio should personally apologise to Awareness Times Editor Abdul Karim Fonti for the threatening phone call and also to Awareness Times Reporter, Bampia James Bundu for the beating that Bundu received at the hands of his supporters in his name.


These are the two conditions which we are awaiting at this press-house which will show us that Maada Bio deserves to be classed amongst the Leaders of Sierra Leone or else. This is not really about John Benjamin the person but the position of SLPP Leader which Maada Bio should demonstrate respect for as a prelude to the respect he would show to the National Constitution if he becomes President... A word to the wise...


However, whilst I am pausing my pen’s ink on highlighting the deficiencies of Maada Bio, before I leave the poor Professor Kallon to lick his wounds in his state of self-confessed ignorance of what occurs at Freetown SLPP Headquarters that he had claimed to be an authority on, please let me make the following observations for him to assist his knowledge base:


Prof. Kallon seems to be ignorant of when and how the unruly, violent events occurred at the SLPP Headquarters in Freetown. Alusine Kamara was stabbed and beaten up on November 1st 2010 inside the Party Headquarters because Alusine told Raymond Adams and other members of the Maada Bio Gang that it was wrong for them to smoke Djamba inside the party offices. Two nights later, Raymond Adams was afflicted with splinters of broken bottle thrown at his eyeball on the night of November 3rd 2010 when Patrick Sinnie (Sisko) tried to defend himself when he was first attacked by Raymond Adams in the same manner Raymond Adams had attacked Alusine Kamara on November 1st 2010. The two incidents occurred almost three days apart so they cannot be said to be the “same fracas” as Kelfala Kallon states. So let Kallon stand educated on this issue.


I have said it before and I will say it again. Professor Kallon and his ilk are extremely ignorant of what has been happening in their party offices which is why they have been attacking the personality of John Benjamin whom is the person whom they should have been praising for his leadership in speedily taking action to ensure no-one got MURDERED inside SLPP Offices by Djamba-high gangsters.


Also, it was not a junior member of Awareness Times who said Kelfala Kallon, the poor old man needs to change his spectacles. It was the editorial team headed by Sylvia Blyden herself who observed that in the circumstance of the old Prof. Kallon no longer being able to read and understand what he read, we will only assign junior cub reporters to be responding to his optically challenged understanding of written issues. How else will this old man explain away how he saw CIA spy and read it to mean CID police officer or saw UN Cables and read USA Cables? The list is endless of the numerous optical deficit of this poor old man.


Professor Kallon should not try to speak about ethical journalism here when he is aligned to New People Newspaper. Kallon should not speak of ‘hearing the other side’ in politics when he is aligned to New People newspaper. I will not say more on this issue. I am sure he agrees with me at least on this one point that the online newspaper he is daily aligned to, is not a poster-boy for good political ethics nor for good journalism...


Kelfala Kallon, please leave Usman Boie-Kamara alone. I am not supporting him or any other SLPP aspirant but can I let you into a little secret? The more you write that Sylvia Blyden or Awareness Times is supporting Usman Boie-Kamara, the more Usman Boie-Kamara’s popularity soars skywards. FACT! If you want Usman Boie-Kamara’s popularity to continue to soar exponentially, continue to say Sylvia Blyden is backing him.


Kallon, let me categorically state that there is no aspirant who would be even rumoured to be supported by Awareness Times who will not have an exponential increase in his/her standing in this race. The mere perception of my support raises an aspirant’s standing tremendously where it matters in this race. The more you write that Awareness Times is supporting Usman Boie-Kamara, the more and more his popularity soars in the country. FACT!


Finally, Professor Kallon says Party Elders and other Aspirants told him they have not come out to defend Maada Bio in Bio’s foolish act of telephoning my Editor to threaten him because they are afraid of my pen. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Kelfala Kallon, please stop making a clown of yourself sir! You have embarrassed yourself enough already in this matter. Now, go away as you have promised you will!


EDITOR'S NOTE: Under normal circumstances, we do not publish rebuttals/rejoinders to articles which were not first published by us even if we are mentioned therein. However, in this case, we have been forced to do so as NEW PEOPLE NEWSPAPER, the publisher of Kelfala Kallon's original article against Awareness Times & Sylvia Blyden, has declined to publish the Rejoinder to him as stated below:

From: Sheku Kallon (
Sent: Fri 1/21/11 5:20 AM

Dr Blyden,
The New People Board of Directors have decided that the series of back and forth articles between you and Dr Kelfala Kallon are a distraction to the aims and objectives of the New People Online and will no longer publish any articles to that effect. Thanks for taking the time to submit the article.
New People Editorial Team

On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 11:57 AM, DR SYLVIA BLYDEN wrote to NEW PEOPLE:

As discussed on the phone, please publish the attached rejoinder to Kelfala Kallon as my right to reply.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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