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Last Updated: Feb 14th, 2011 - 20:45:40 
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NEWS : Politics  

APC Desperate for Maada Bioís Victory in Sierra Leone
By Abdul Fonti
Feb 14, 2011, 22:13
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Usually credible information reaching the Awareness Times Newspaper indicates that the All Peopleís Congress (APC) party is so desperate for opposition SLPP Presidential aspirant Maada Bio to emerge victorious come March 5th 2011 that they are about to sponsor and organize APC youths in Freetown to rally in Freetown on February 26th 2011 as if they are SLPP supporters thus giving a fake impression of Ďpopularityí for Maada Bio in Freetown in a scenario described in local parlance as ĎFOWL-FACEí. Additionally, the APC is said to be the one secretly financing Maada Bio through a local mining company that has allocated the sum of half million United States Dollars in order to enable Bio to finance merry-making all over Sierra Leone and buy delegates. However, both John Tucker as Head of the Bio campaign and APC Scribe Victor Foh have denied the allegations.


However, our sources say the APC is desperate for the victory of Maada Bio, since the party is of the conviction that it would easily win the 2012 presidential election if Maada Bio is elected as the SLPP Flagbearer. The US$500,000 and appearance of Ďpopularityí would be used to seduce SLPP delegates into voting for Maada Bio come March 5, after which the APC will implement its strategy of initiating inquests and criminal trials against the SLPPís presidential candidate, our sources informed.


A source said APC supporters would be dressed in green on the 26th¬†February to flood the streets of Freetown on the pretext that they are SLPP supporters. A similar scenario occurred in Mabella on February 4th 2011 when well-known APC supporters donned green outfits to welcome Maada Bio into the stronghold of another SLPP aspirant in a bid to give a semblance of Ďpopularityí for Maada Bio in Mabella.

APC Strongman and brother of APCís Local Councilor in Mabella,Abu Yankra is shown amongst ĎFowl-face SLPP membersí who welcomed Maada Bio (seen in pix) on Feb 4 to Mabella. He is dressed not in APC red but inbright green to chagrin of real SLPP members in Mabella!

The APC, it has been learnt, already have in its possession criminal matters on the waiting, which would commence as soon as Maada Bio becomes the SLPP Flagbearership in order to give Ernest Koroma an easy ride to State House come 2012. Giving further credence to this is our information that the criminal complaint by journalists against Maada Bio and his supporters at the APC supported Police Force was being held in abeyance by ĎDirectorate Discussionsí whatever that means. The fact is that all of these outstanding matters will be jumpstarted as soon as the APC succeeds to make Maada Bio into the SLPP Presidential Aspirant.


According to our sources, among the criminal matters that await Maada Bio after March 5 is one involving one Mr. Keita in America and two containers of soft-drinks worth US$80,000 plus the Inquest into the brutal and extra-judicial killings of Bambay Kamara and others.


ďThe APC party is all set to pursue the case of Keita in America, who has alleged that Maada Bio converted two shipped containers of soft drinks from him,Ē sources close to Keita confided in the Awareness Times, adding that Maada Bio will face criminal larceny charges over the soft-drinks if he becomes the SLPP Flagbearer.


Our sources furthered that the APC is also in possession of Texas Immigration Trial records of one of the former NPRC top guns. The said records have detailed testimonies of witnesses who were present when Bambay Kamara was killed and had testified in Texas on the gruesome manner in which Bambay Kamara was killed.


The APC, it has been revealed, intend to keep such records in secret for now and will use them at the appropriate time to justify the setting up of the Bambay Kamara inquest.

Maada Bioís John Tucker told this newspaper that¬†his candidate has nothing to do with the APC, while insisting that Maada Bio is "no weak link" for the APC. He could not elaborate on why APC youths came out in Mabella to welcome Maada Bio but confirmed that their Campaign team was expecting ďthousands of Freetown youths to come out on February 26th 2011Ē but added ďthey will all be SLPP sympathizersĒ.


ďMaada Bio is very popular and as the man in the center of his campaign, I can authoritatively tell you that we have not and will never accept any form of support including money from the APC,Ē John Tucker told the Awareness Times in a telephone interview yesterday Sunday 13th February 2011. He however did not also elaborate on claims that they used money from Mining companies with links to APC President Koroma but merely insisted that their campaign funds were sourced ďfrom the pocket of our leader Maada Bio and from his close friends both national and international. Not a penny is from the APCĒ.

APCís Victor Foh also denied that APC was sponsoring Maada Bio. Foh said the APC does not have up to half million dollars for themselves let alone for Maada Bioís campaign.

ďIf we have that kind of money, we will use it wisely by supporting our presidential candidate, His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma,Ē he said, adding that it would be foolhardy to use that money to support an opponentís chance at victory.

Victor Foh also denied knowledge about criminal cases planned against Maada Bio. He also denied that the APC plans to use the Texas Immigration Trial records of a former NPRC Strongman but when pressed further on the status of the proposed Inquest, he refused to comment and merely said APC partyís position on the holding of a Bambay Kamara Inquest was ďnot a secretĒ.

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