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Last Updated: Feb 16th, 2011 - 16:19:25 
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Is Bu-Buakei Jabbi Deceitful? ...Only Time will tell the answer
By Sylvia Blyden
Feb 16, 2011, 17:14
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On Friday February 11, 2011, a senior politician whom I have a lot of respect for, contacted me to insist that my dear lawyer, Dr. Bu-Buakei Jabbi had been induced to take his SLPP party to court over the issue of the extension of tenure of SLPP Executives. As I always do when such negative details against my lawyer is made, I strongly defended him. However, on the side of caution, I phoned up Dr. Jabbi and placed the allegations to him.

So it was that on Friday February 11th 2011, my Lawyer, Dr. Jabbi denied the allegation; to which I advised him to go over the air and publicly deny it.

David Tam-Baryohs Monologue radio programme hosted over the weekends easily has one of the highest Radio Listenership in Sierra Leone. I then contacted and pleaded with David Tam-Baryoh for Dr. Jabbi to be given maximum airtime and true to form, like the quintessential journalist, good old David complied with request and granted the good lawyer Jabbi the desired slot time on Saturday night of February 12th. David even organised for his earlier pre-arranged guest to be moved to another date.

On Saturday night, I was travelling down from a visit to Kabala but stopped in Makeni just so I could listen to the programme and not miss catching it along sections of the Makeni-Freetown Highway.

So it was that I was fortuned to listen to Bu-Buakei Jabbi at his best as he chatted with Tam-Baryoh. He was eloquent. He was confident. He was the Mr. SLPP with the admirable and clean political record. Not only did he publicly assure the nation that he would not go against the wishes of the vast majority of SLPP members but he even went on to say any such disagreement he might harbour should never be discussed in a public forum but intra-SLPP.

It was in light of his brilliant delivery on Saturday night that we gave him such front page prominence on Monday 14th February 2011 (Valentines Day). As could be recalled, we hailed him so highly not just because he was my trusted lawyer but because of how much emphasis he had placed on debunking the allegations. Dr. Jabbi called me early in the morning of Monday 14th to extend his gratitude for the newspaper coverage and I assured him he deserved it going by his performance over Monologue with Tam-Baryoh.

Thus, readers can imagine my shock when David Tam-Baryoh urgently phoned me up around that same mid-day to ask if I had heard that Dr. Bu-Buakei Jabbi had just filed papers at the Supreme Court asking for exactly what he had told David Tam-Baryoh he would never take to a public forum.

I vehemently denied but David was adamant and asked me to cross-check.

So, I phoned up my lawyer Dr. Jabbi and when he answered the phone, it was to state that he had indeed filed the papers against the SLPP. I was stunned!

However, the greatest possible shock for me was when Dr. Bu-Buakei Jabbi sent me a complimentary set of copies of the 12-paged documents he had filed against SLPP on February 14th 2011 and I realised he had actually sworn to them since Friday 11th February 2011 at 2pm!

Many people have over the last few months been fruitlessly trying to convince me that Dr. Bu-Buakei Jabbi was a man who could not be trusted and was deceitful. In response, I have always, ALWAYS defended him because I have always seen him as a selfless man.

Personally, I will forever be grateful to him for standing by my side in the early days of the APC when I would be invited to the CID over this or that publication. On one occasion, Dr. Jabbi sacrificed his entire day from 7am in the morning until after 6pm just to be by my side at the CID. At the end, he absolutely refused to collect a single penny from me as legal fees.

Dr. Jabbi was also selfless in his legal services to the SLPP; both over the Christiana Thorpe rubbish she did in 2007 Elections and also over the arbitrary and illegal shutting down of the SLPPs Unity Radio. Pages and pages of legal arguments were authored by him selflessly. He was admirable.

I will always be grateful to Dr. Bu-Buakei Jabbi and will always respect him but after the events of past Monday, I find myself, for the very first time since I met him several years ago, wondering to myself whether the adjective of deceitful is really as misplaced as I have believed.

Dr. Jabbi says he is 100% Clean but is he also 100% Deceitful afterall? Or is it that deceit is synonymous with all politicians and no matter how long it takes, they will always be proven to deceitful?

It is not that I am against Dr. Jabbi taking the SLPP to court. We have to respect his reasons even if we do not agree with them. What I cannot, CANNOT understand is why he had to deny on February 12th over Monologue to the entire radio-listening Nation when he had already sworn to the documents on February 11th. Only time will give the answers.

To end, let me say that if a NON-SLPP Member like myself can be so shocked and dismayed at the contradictory actions of Dr. Bu-Buakei Jabbi, I can only imagine the shock and dismay that must currently be hitting the SLPP family. Ladies and Gentlemen of the SLPP, I feel your pain.

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