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Last Updated: Mar 17th, 2011 - 17:56:41 
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Sierra Leone's Presidential Imprests and Per Diems: Educating the Griot of the President
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Mar 17, 2011, 17:21
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Liberias President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, one of the progressive leaders in modern Africa, did not declare her assets in secret upon becoming President. She publicised her assets so the least Liberian citizen knew how much money the President entered office with. She even declared how much debt she owed to Banks as Loans she took. She did not name her fathers church anywhere on her Assets Forms.


President Johnson-Sirleaf also regularly returns back to the Liberian Treasury all unused portions of her per-diem allowance collected for her overseas trips. This is because per-diem is not free money but money to be applied towards the cost of the Presidents presence out of her homeland.

As Liberias Fountain of Honour, President Johnson-Sirleaf behaves honourably and returns all un-used portions of collected per-diem back to the State. Additionally, she runs a very transparent form of Open Governance that ensures the precise amount she takes out as per-diem is announced and the precise amount she returns back is also announced and/or made available if requested. In this regard, she is an embodiment of Integrity and Transparency at its best!

I am making this point about neighbouring Liberias President because of the latest set of nonsense from President Koromas praise-singer, Mr. Mohamed One Drop Sankoh. It seems as if the Presidents handlers and aides love to put their feet into their mouths in their overzealous efforts to assist President Koroma. Fortunately, so far, the President has shown no clear sign of being in support of their foot-in-mouth assistance. But time will soon tell if President Koroma is the one endorsing some of these assistance. Time will soon tell...

If it is not the Justice Minister & Attorney-General Frank Kargbo busy making a total public donkey of himself by writing nuisance letters purportedly on behalf of the Presidents interest, it will be Mohamed One Drop Sankoh assisting to add to the woes of President Koroma with a so-called defence against questionable sources of presidential generosity. However, for today, I am not really focusing on Frank Kargbo whose signed letters reveal our Attorney-General does not understand the difference between Lse majest and Seditious Libel; thus seriously misleading a gullible public who deserve much better from their Attorney-General!

For today, I am not addressing the Presidents Legal Team but on behalf of my fellow Sierra Leoneans, I making a public appeal to the Public Relations team of President Koroma. Please can someone, amongst your group of Presidents griots, with proper education, take this One Drop Sankoh fellow somewhere to the side and explain to him what Imprest (not impress) and Per-Diems represent?

His published nonsense claims about Presidential Per-Diems and Presidential Imprest are unduly embarrassing our President who is our National Fountain of Honour and by extension, every single Sierra Leonean. Imagine, the Presidents praise-singer has dumped such ignorance on the world wide web too! Let us hang our heads in shame for our President!

Imagine this educated idiot called Mohamed One Drop Sankoh announcing to the whole wide world that President Koroma has the propensity within his genetic make-up (D.N.A.) to take cash out of his Presidential Office Imprest and then illegally dole out such cash to hungry-looking youths and women on the streets of Sierra Leone when there is no way any morally-upright President and Fountain of Honour will condescend so low as to steal from Government coffers to bribe his way into the hearts of voters. There is no way our President and sacred Fountain of Honour will symbolically rob Peter to pay Paul!

There is no way the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, the Commander-in-Chief, the Defender of our Territorial Integrity and our Fountain of Honour will behave so dishonourably as to take from his retirable Office Imprest and start using it to give out free cash to the electorate on the streets! That will be Misappropriation of Public Funds Contrary to Sections of the Anti Corruption Act of 2008. However, this kind of misappropriation is what Mohamed Sankoh is glorifying to the world. Such embarrassment for our President!

Mohamed Sankoh is truly exhibiting the sad traits of Attorney-General Frank Kargbo which are to create embarrassments for the President in miscalculated bids to help the President. They both have the propensity to give our President a much bigger headache than the President can ever begin to imagine.

Let me raise the public alarm now that these two men (Frank Kargbo and Mohamed Sankoh), by their actions, can create unnecessary presidential public embarrassments that our dear President does not deserve. So, Lord Have Mercy and save our President from the assistance being sent his way by the likes of these two Sierra Leonean guys!

God Bless our President and God bless us all. Amen.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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