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Last Updated: Mar 22nd, 2011 - 17:14:21 
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NEWS : Politics  

SLPP MP Accused of ViolenceÖ.Hon Rado Yoki Threatens Court Action
By Abdul Karim (Fonti) Kabia
Mar 22, 2011, 17:18
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Erstwhile main opposition Sierra Leone Peopleís Party (SLPP) Bo District Public Relations Officer (PRO), Mohamed Jabbi, has accused SLPP Hon. Rado Yoki of leading a gang of four that physically attacked and mercilessly manhandled him in Moyamba during the just concluded executive elections in the southern region.


Explaining his ordeal to the Awareness Times by his sick bed at the Good Shepherd Hospital in Freetown on Saturday 19th instant, Jabbi said it all started at the Moyamba Mini Stadium Hostel where both he and the Pujehun District Chairman, Dixon Rogers, were lodged.


ďDixon Rogers was in Room 6 while I occupied the adjacent Room No. 5. But on Sunday 13th¬†March, 2011in the morning a friendly chat in the veranda turned into a heated political argument that nearly resulted to a show of fists,Ē he alleged, saying the argument erupted when he expressed his dissatisfaction over the way and manner certain party stakeholders in the region, not excluding Dixon himself, were conducting themselves in the flagbearer race. He said he told Dixon Rogers to his face that their Ďdeceptive actionsí have led to the various disagreements among the general membership of the party as some delegates have openly declared support for certain aspirants and hence, taking sides in the contest contrary to principles.¬† He said he further charged Dixon Rogers of deceptively moving with all the aspirants in Pujehun District under the pretext of supporting them.

Mohamed Jabbi groaning in pain at his hospital bed


However, according to Jabbi, he felt the hostel argument had become a thing of the past, but he said surprisingly he was confronted by Hon. Yoki and his men on his arrival at the Modcar Resource Center where the elections were ongoing.


ďI was rudely approached by Hon. Rado Yoki and other party members, including Kenneth Coker and Sadaam who accused me of having insulted Yoki,Ē Jabbi went on, but added: ďAmid the glaring intimidation, I was not hesitant to also similarly charge Yoki of being the first delegate to have deceived aspirants in that region.Ē He said he then cited the instance where Yoki took Usman Boie Kamara to his Bongay Street residence in Bo under the pretext of supporting him but was now seen with another aspirant instead. ďIt was at this juncture that Yoki and his men rushed at me and manhandled me in the full view of a shocked public,Ē he explained.


Groaning in pain on his sick bed, Jabbi confided that there was more to what he was saying of what actually transpired on the day in question.

ďI also have a lot of evidences in the form of tape recordings and documents to expose those deceptive delegates, including Rado Yoki,Ē he alleged, saying he was only praying for a speedy recovery to further expose Yoki and others.¬†


ďI have a lot of serious things to say against those people and I will do that with no fear if God saves me from this pain,Ē he said.


Jabbi was initially administered with some therapy in both Moyamba and Bo but when his condition continued to deteriorate he decided to seek serious medical attention in Freetown, the Awareness Times has learnt.


However, when contacted on the phone line, Hon. Rado Yoki, who is presently in Kenya, flatly denied the allegations and even threatened to drag Mohamed Jabbi to court over what he described as a wicked attack against his personality.


ďLet him have a field day to peddle all sorts of lies against me. He is taking advantage of my absence in Sierra Leone, but I will surely teach him a bitter lesson through the courts on my return,Ē Rado Yoki said, adding: ďSince he is boasting of evidences against me, I will give him the opportunity to expose me in the court of law. He will surely regret what he is doing nowĒ. Hon. Yoki said he has never supported two candidates in his entire life.


ďI actually took Usman Boie Kamara to my house in Bo, but I never declared support for him,Ē he alleged, adding that: ďThe only candidate I have severally declared support for is Maada BioĒ.


He accused Mohamed Jabbi of receiving the sum of one million leones from Maada Bio to fix his car for what he described as a Maada Bio campaign spree.


ďJabbi has been spotted on several instances while openly campaigning for Maada Bio,Ē Yoki charged, while describing Jabbi as a hypocrite.


ďI am definitely not the type of cheap politician Jabbi is trying to portray me as. He knows me too well, and he will surely pay for this campaign of calumny against my reputation,Ē Yoki threatened on the phone line from Kenya, while asserting that he has already contacted his lawyer for action against Jabbi.


Efforts to contact Dixon Rogers for his comments proved unsuccessful.

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