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Last Updated: Apr 4th, 2011 - 12:02:53 
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Global Times Lies on Awareness Times
By Abdul Karim Kabia (Fonti)
Apr 1, 2011, 20:03
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My attention has been drawn to an article published in the Global Times Newspaper edition of Friday 1st April 2011 in which the newspaper claimed that during an emergency press conference on Thursday 31st March 2011, the Independent Media Commission (IMC) displayed copies of Awareness Times Newspaper that have contravened the IMC Code of Conduct.

The aforementioned assertion by the Global Times Newspaper is false, malicious and represents a total figment of the authors imagination. And as the Editor of the Awareness Times Newspaper, who was also present at the press conference under review, this piece will serve as an opportunity to objectively inform the public about what transpired at the IMC press briefing.

Before going into that, let me hasten to condemn the series of vulgar and character assassination articles that have been published in recent times by the Global Times Newspaper against my boss, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, which I consider as a total contrast of the ethics of journalism and respect for womanhood. I will not respond to the rudeness being displayed by a supposed veteran journalist like Sorie Fofana for the simple fact that nobody of a decent upbringing will venture in a trend of publishing pornographic and indecent assertions, especially against a well respected female citizen.

Awareness Times Editor Fonti (The Award Winning Journalist)

The Awareness Times editorial policy also frowns at vulgar and unjustifiable publications, but any attempt by any institution or person to drag the reputation of the Awareness Times, as an objective media institution, into disrepute would be surely vigorously rebuffed in a decent manner befitting professional journalism.

Let me now correct the falsehood published by the Global Times against Awareness Times on Friday. Four (4) newspapers were displayed at the conference summoned by the IMCs Consultant Director for Monitoring, Research and Projects Unit, as having contravened certain sections of the Media Code of Conduct. These newspapers include the Global Times, The Senator, The Exclusive and the Sierra Express Media. Infact, the Global Times Newspaper was displayed twice for publishing unprofessional and pornographic articles.

The Global Times of Sorie Fofana was openly and severally chastised for publishing wicked lies against upstanding citizens. It also received condemnation for not only publishing lies against Sylvia Blyden but for stooping so low as to publishing gutter languages. Infact, Mr. Battiloi Warritay, the IMCs Consultant described Sorie Fofana articles against Blyden as: The worst character assassination article I have ever come across in my forty years in the media world.

The Senator was also displayed for responding to Sorie Fofanas rudeness in the same trend as initiated by Global Times.

The Exclusive Newspaper was displayed and condemned for publishing a bare breasted photography of a female victim of an accident, whilst the Sierra Express Media was displayed for publishing an article with naming a whole ethnic grouping as being fed-up with the current Government.

There was no point in time in which any member of the IMC displayed a single publication of the Awareness Times in that entire sitting, in which the Global Times was represented by one George Khoryama, a senior correspondent. Also, there was not a single mention of any article that has been published by the Awareness Times that contravenes the Media Code of Conduct.

The only mention of the Awareness Times by the Chairperson of the IMC was her response to a question put to her by the Editor of the Premier News Newspaper, James Williams. Editor Williams was concerned about the fate of a complaint lodged with the IMC by the Attorney General against the Awareness Times.

IMCs Bernadette Cole responded that the Complaint Committee was still deliberating on the matter complained of by the Attorney-General and will not make any statement to prejudice the outcome of the matter.

So, it was actually strange for the Global Times to assert that the Awareness Times publication was displayed at that meeting.

Let this serve as a warning to the Global Times to desist from publishing lies against the Awareness Times, since those lies would be relentlessly rebuffed by this writer and in a manner that will make my parents proud of their son when they read it.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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