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Last Updated: May 11th, 2011 - 17:32:20 
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Kadie Sesay, Maada Bio & Philip Neville
By Sylvia O. Blyden
May 11, 2011, 17:22
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Philip Neville is now freely using Appeals Court Justice Nicholas Colin Browne-Markes name in his stupid article about me as published yesterday. It is in front of Justice Browne-Marke that my Civil Libel case against Philip Neville was assigned by the Chief Justice. I guess the Judge might recuse himself if he was asked to do so. Anyway, if I were Nevilles lawyers, I would by now be advising him to simply steer away from writing any more of his manufactured nonsense about Sylvia Blyden and Foday Sankoh or RUF. Prior to my recent revealing articles, Philip Neville might have feigned ignorance but such an argument will no longer hold and the issue of malicious intent is even further strengthened right now. Anyway, does Philip Neville have good legal advisers? Time will tell...

Philip Neville: SLPP Should Beware of this pro-APC agent and Trojan Horse who manufactured the bogus Libyan Rice scandal that helped nail the SLPPs coffin in 2007

In his reckless bid to seriously defame me, once again, Philip Neville has exposed his limited understanding of issues in his inability to understand the difference between reported speech as quoting Dr. Kadie Sesay by journalist Reginald Strasser-King and direct original words of Dr. Sylvia Blyden. This is why he has written once again, that Sylvia Blyden is a pathological liar. No problem with me. I know I am not even a liar let alone a pathological one. I also know I am not an immoral woman.

For those with Internet Access, I ask them to undertake a small assignment. Please go to the Internet Search Engines like Google.Com and run a search for the following: Dr. Kadie Sesay Pathological Liar - and see what happens! Then continue reading this article after you would have seen Philip Nevilles articles to the whole wide world in which he describes Kadie Sesay as an immoral woman who is also a pathological liar.

Maada Bio: Too stupid to realise the trouble Neville wants to give him?

You see, to Philip Neville, he was brought up in such an environment that calling women parlour wives and pathological liars is nothing strange to him. At the drop of a hat, he would, without hesitation, make up some of the vilest allegations possible against a woman.

To Philip Neville, words like immoral, parlour wife, pathological liar etc. etc. are all part of the regular diction he imbibed whilst being raised up by whoever it was who raised him up which is why he spews them out at women without any hesitation.

So, if people read on the Internet the nonsense that Dr. Kadie Sesay is an immoral woman who is also a pathological liar and Dr. Sylvia Blyden is also a pathological liar, they should understand that this is because this country has been cursed with this human product named Philip Neville in our midst with a license to defame as unleashed on us by Bernadette Coles Independent Media Commission of Sierra Leone. It is just a pity for those gullible ones who will come across such published allegations and unwittingly start to think that indeed Dr. Kadie Sesay is a pathological liar and so is Dr. Sylvia Blyden.

Kadi Sesay: Neville says you are an immoral, corrupt pathological liar!

Now to the crux of this article today. When I recently posed the thought-provoking questions about the suspicious support for Dr. Kadie Sesay and Maada Bio by Philip Neville of Standard Times newspaper, the Kadie Sesay Campaign Team did not quite understand the full thrust of the message insofar as my comment on Nevilles recent careful omission of Dr. Kadie Sesays name whenever he referenced the Donor Funds embezzlement scandal that saw current APC Deputy Finance Minister Momodu Kargbo being shown the exit door and detained by the Sierra Leone Police during the tenure of Dr. Kadie Sesay as Trade Minister.

I only wish Kadie Sesays team had carefully read how I first pointed out in the same article that Philip Neville used to be at the forefront of those crying out for an Inquest into the Bambay Kamara killing for which the only recorded pieces of evidence of those murderous killings are those lodged at a Texas Court and the recorded audio interview of Maada Bios gruesome description of the murders to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC). If they had paid close attention, they would have realised the piece was not so much about Kadie Sesays alleged immoral deeds but about why Philip Neville, of all persons, was so active in promoting Kadie Sesay and Maada Bio.

Many genuine SLPP members have been in a state of negative affliction of the mind since September 17th 2007. I suspect this is why their analytical skills have become dulled to the extent that they can be easily taken for walks down the garden path. Meanwhile, some of the Flagbearer Aspirants are so desperate in their LUST for POWER that they are blind to common sense. If not, they would never have been content to see the likes of Philip Neville so happy for them to become SLPPs Presidential Aspirant for 2012.

If the conscience in their bosoms was not so badly dulled by lustful, blinding and over-ambitious desires to wield power, they would have stopped to ask of themselves just why Philip Neville of all persons and Standard Times of all newspapers, will be so desperate for these Flagbearer Aspirants to bag the top position of running against President Ernest Koroma?

The thrust of my message last month was to ask why is it that Philip Neville was pushing so hard for the candidacy of Dr. Kadie Sesay and Mr. Maada Bio whilst demonising most of the other aspirants? A cursory look at Nevilles pages clearly indicates he does not want Alpha Timbo or Usman Boie-Kamara or Andrew Keili or Anthony Soyei or any of the other SLPP Flagbearer aspirants to emerge victorious. Philip Neville wants Dr. Kadie Sesay and Maada Bio to emerge victorious which is why he is so vicious in his articles against the other contenders.

The question must then be asked: WHY?

Why will a man like Philip Neville, who is such an important component in the success of the current Ernest Bai Koroma incumbency, be pushing so hard for two out of 19 possible aspirants of the SLPP opposition to be the ones to contest against Ernest Koroma?

Why will a man like Philip Neville who published in no uncertain terms that Maada Bio should face an Inquest into the killing of Bambay Kamara, suddenly become the Chief Defender of Maada Bios quest to be the SLPPs Presidential Candidate?

Why will a man like Philip Neville who six years ago persistently insisted in black and white publications that he had documentary evidence with which to indict Dr. Kadie Sesay as an immoral, corrupt woman and a pathological liar[he likes this phrase] suddenly become the Chief Propagandist for Dr. Kadie Sesays ambitions to be SLPP Presidential Candidate to contest against Ernest Koroma?

These are the questions that should provoke some thought from the afflicted SLPP members and their voting delegates. I understand that the SLPP was seriously afflicted by the September 2007 loss which affliction, the John Oponjo Benjamins leadership has helped to assuage to some extent but some of them really need to wake up from their semi-comatose state and start to exercise their analytical reasoning powers once again.

Why should Philip Neville push so hard for Kadie Sesay and Maada Bio despite having severally published in the past, strong articles against their alleged malfeasances?

Six years ago, the issue of the Embezzled Donor Funds from the National Cooperative Development Bank was a hot APC-SLPP political issue that was fuelled on the side of the APC by no less a person than Philip Neville and his Standard Times Newspaper whilst the SLPPs then Trade Minister Dr. Kadie Sesay was forced to call up a Press Conference on Thursday January 13th 2005, to defend herself against the allegations published by Philip Neville, her former student. The records are all there both on the Internet and in the local Library Archives.

Dr. Kadie Sesay was so hurt by the allegations that she openly told journalists she was amongst those who allowed Philip Neville to pass from the University given his poor academic understanding of issues. Whilst I was not present and I am only reporting back what was told to me by the likes of Strasser-King, I do confess that personally, I am more than convinced of this academic limitation of Neville in his basic understanding of issues so I can relate to what his former lecturer reportedly said of him. Just look at how he has been mangling his understanding of simple English in my article about the NINJAS? However, I trust he has Legal Advisers?

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. During the Donor Funds Embezzlement saga, the Police detained the current APC Minister Momodu Kargbo back then much to the chagrin of Philip Neville who insisted that the APC man was innocent and it was the SLPPs Kadie Sesay who had a Corruption Case to answer. It was a very serious issue and Kadie Sesays attempt to defend herself saw Philip Neville writing about her thus in his Something to Think About column of January 18th 2005:

The Dr. Kadie Sesay I knew as an English lecturer at Fourah Bay College some years back was not the person who sat down in front of me last Thursday at a press conference organized by the Ministry of Information on issues relating to the struggling National Co-operative Bank (NDB). It was a typical replica of the original individual who sat down in a desperate effort trying to be economical with the truth. But one central focus of Dr. Kadie Sesay was the fact that she failed to realize that the battery of pressmen and women were not fools who could not comprehend or unable to rationalize simple explanations. Indeed if Emmanuel(sic) Kant, the German philosopher was present at that conference, he would have definitely written-off Dr. Kadie Sesay, as a pathological liar whose ambition was to deceive both the press and the people of Sierra Leone who she claimed to have represented adequately. But as Hegel once said that there is no morality in politics, this was exhibited by the learned doctor, that she lacked morality and therefore can lie. Lying, according to Kant, is expected but not in a manner that was demonstrated by Dr. Sesay. Lying, to Kant, must be done in the interest of the state and to save lives, but not brazenly that could be described as a face-saving exercise. PHILIP NEVILLE (January 18th 2005)

Now, Mr. Philip Neville has never apologised to Kadie Sesay for calling her a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR neither has he ever retracted all the allegations he published against her being an immoral woman who used her boyfriend to chop Donor Funds by ordering Bogus Payments from ADB Donor Funds but yet this same Philip Neville wants us to believe he is genuine in his promotion of Kadie Sesay as the right person to contest against Ernest Koroma & APC come 2012.

In his May 10th 2011 article in which he references Justice Browne-Marke, he writes as if he never made mention of Dr. Kadie Sesay ever before in the allegations of Donor Funds scandal. However, a quick search on the Internet will reveal how Neville, in an article with title of Dr. Kadie Sesay Orders Bogus Payment, published that: While the Kabbah government is advancing excuses of non-availability of funds, Dr Kadie Sesay holidaying in London, is instructing her permanent and deputy secretaries to effect payment from donor funds in the sum of...

Without a doubt, Philip Neville and Standard Times have published several articles naming Dr. Kadie Sesay as an immoral and corrupt woman who helped SLPP stalwarts to chop Donor Funds and persecuted innocent APC people like Momodu Kargbo.

Meanwhile, President Koroma, by appointing Momodu Kargbo as his Deputy Finance Minister immediately he came into office in 2007, has directly endorsed the positions previously published by Neville in favour of Momodu Kargbos innocence and against Kadie Sesays alleged malfeasance.

It does not need a Mathematician to understand that the APC will love to have Kadie Sesay voted in as SLPP flagbearer on a clean record only for them to then unveil the January 2005 pro-APC allegations of Mr. Philip Neville in the same way the APC will love for Maada Bio to be voted as SLPP Flagbearer for so many, many reasons currently kept on low-key profile.

It must thus raise some suspicions that Philip Neville, whose pro-APC and anti-SLPP positions are not hidden, will now be so hard at work in promoting Kadie Sesay in the same way he is promoting Maada Bio for the top position of SLPP Presidential Candidate for 2012 Elections despite the Sword of Damocles that will definitely hang over the SLPPs Candidate should Nevilles desires turn to fruition.

It is time for the SLPP to wake up and smell the coffee. Philip Neville has been assigning his reporters to travel all over Sierra Leone with Dr. Kadie Sesay following which he actively promotes her candidature. In a bid to keep the matter alive in our collective consciousness, Neville has referenced the Embezzled ADB Donor Funds Scandal several times in recent weeks during which he would name I.J. Kabbah, Okere Adams, etc. etc. but he is very careful not to mention the name Dr. Kadie Sesay. Why is this so when, six years ago in January 2005, his attacks were all mainly focussed on Kadie Sesay as being the primary culprit in the Embezzlement Saga?

Please, please Kadie Sesay Campaign Team, I urge you to think about this when next you issue out Press Releases on Philip Nevilles support for Kadie Sesay being because of a student-lecturer relationship.

If that Student-Lecturer relationship did not stop Neville from severally insulting Kadie Sesay as a pathological liar and an immoral woman practising the art of Ordering Bogus Payments from ADB Donor Funds, why should it now be such a factor to inspire him? Please think about this and try harder to convince the SLPP delegates as to why they should take a risk with anyone who is actively promoted by Mr. Philip Neville over the other 17 Aspirants.

I thank you all very much for reading thus far.

May God Bless Sierra Leone and May God guide the SLPP, our main Opposition Party in Our Democratic Nation. Amen.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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