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Last Updated: May 24th, 2011 - 18:56:29 
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NEWS : Politics  

As SLPP Moyamba Chairman Mentioned... Mohamed Jabbi Gives Kanja Sesay 7 Days Ultimatum in Sierra Leone
By Sylvia Blyden
May 24, 2011, 17:10
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Alhaji Kanja Sesay, the current opposition SLPP Bo District Chairman and former Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) has been given a seven days ultimatum commencing from todays date of May 24th 2011, in which he is to make a public statement denouncing the description of Mohamed Jabbie, the former Bo SLPP Publicity Secretary as his batman and errand boy by certain newspaper writers. Meanwhile, the brou-ha-ha that has resulted out of Mohamed Jabbies loss of his position as SLPP Bo District P.R.O. because of his refusal to support Maada Bio for flagbearer, has rocked to the very core of the SLPP in the Southern Province with two of its District Chairmen now making statements to the Police on corruption and stealing of goods.


The stolen properties scandal which commenced with tales of a missing pregnant goat and plastic chairs, has spread to now affect not only the SLPP Bo District Chairman Kanja Sesay but also the SLPP Moyamba District Chairman who has also been invited by the Bo Police to make a statement on the issue under review.


It appears that this Moyamba Chairman used to work at NaCSA under Kanja Sesay and the alleged stolen properties packed into cartons with NacSA/IRDP Educational Project Labelling, are said to belong to NaCSA. However, competent police sources state that the Moyamba SLPP Chairman is not at all a suspect in the matter but like numerous other former and current NaCSA staff, he was merely asked to help them shed light on the unfolding drama. Albeit, the mere mentioning of SLPPs Bo District and SLPPs Moyamba District Chairmen in the stolen Government properties saga has seriously embarrassed the SLPP.


There have been desperate efforts by SLPP Stakeholders to try to calm down Mohamed Jabbie and go to the rescue of Kanja Sesay who is widely believed to be a fine gentleman but whose searing political ambition has landed him in his current mess. Awareness Times has learnt that the SLPPs National Chairman John Oponjo Benjamin, was late to attend the Buedu political rally in Constituency 04 over the past weekend because he had to stop his entourage in Bo to check on Kanja Sesay at the Police Station.


However, despite all interventions, it appears there is no let-up in sight as Jabbie tells Awareness Times that he is adamant for Kanja to clarify the issue of whether he was ever his batman, an errand boy and other such negative descriptions within the next seven days.


Kanja Sesay, Lawyer Barrie White and Ibrahim Oldboy Janneh and I all went to school together. I sat in Class 1 together with Kanja. We are contemporaries. I am not a small boy let alone an errand boy. I started to handle huge sums of money long before Kanja Sesay and I wore brand new clothes at the time he was putting on second-hand clothes. The difference is that he got a job where he made a lot of money but that is no reason for him to hire small boys to insult me, an irate Mohamed Jabbie stormed.


Through the Awareness Times newspaper, I am giving Kanja Sesay seven days within which he is to publicly state he was not the one feeding me, clothing me and providing me with shelter or else I will behave like a real errand boy who knows all about his Master and I will publicly name the real people he has been feeding, clothing, sheltering, sleeping with, or buying cars for or building them houses or promoting them in politics including other peoples wives, Mohamed Jabbie warned yesterday.


Some of the articles in Exclusive, New Vision, Plain Truth and Satellite newspapers that have offended Mohamed Jabbie have all been reproduced down below on this page. Awareness Times certainly does not agree with the contents of the articles but we are reproducing them in this edition so the public can better understand what Mohamed Jabbie is reacting to so angrily that he is threatening ceaseless revelations.


Meanwhile, Alhaji Kanja Sesay, the SLPP Chairman for Bo District has already been intimated last evening by Awareness Times of todays publication on Jabbies ultimatum. He should consider himself to now have been formally and publicly warned by Mohamed Jabbie, the former SLPP Publicity Secretary for Bo District and his former key ally and SLPP partisan. He has just seven days before Jabbie releases information that only an errand boy and a batman will know of him.


We are reproducing the TRASH below for readers to place in full context the quality of public relations being deployed on behalf of the embattled Kanja Sesay that has so angered Mohamed Jabbie.

Between Kanja Sesay And Mohamed Jabbie The True Story

By Abu-Bakarr Joe Sesay

The public should by now be aware that inept acting SLPP National Chairman (his mandate expired in March this year), John Oponjo Benjamin, is synonymous with the Awareness Times newspaper and therefore whatever appears in that paper pertaining to certain high profile personalities in the SLPP could be his handiwork.

John Benjamin hates leading SLPP flag bearer aspirant Rtd. Brig. Maada Bio more than anything on this planet for reasons he alone can explain and by extension any individual associated with him. It is on this basis that abominable lies seeking to tarnish the hard earned reputations of Maada Bios supporters have been overblown to create the mischievously erroneous impression that the former Head of State is only backed by a group of rag tags.

It is all part of the obnoxious PR strategy of a desperate flagbearer aspirant who naively believes that money is the be all and end all in politics. Sadly enough, he holds firm to the bizarre notion that national politics is like the civil service where any amount of money is enough to let one have his way. He is terribly mistaken. The day of reckoning will soon come.

Except for a few whose objective view has been blinded by hate such as the fake journalists in our midst, Alhaji Kanja Sesay, the former Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), is held in very high esteem.

Most people remain appreciative of his pivotal role in the countrys post-war reconstruction stride and admire his extraordinary humility and kindness which is what a perfect ingrate called Mohamed Jabbie is seeking to exploit.

What I can authoritatively tell the public is that everything Jabbie has been spewing to the Awareness Times newspaper is blatant lie. He is just behaving like a dying rat that will not give up without shaking its tail.

I have been close to the two men for a couple of years now. The house in question that has sparked the brouhaha is where I put up each time I am in Bo city. As a matter of fact, Alhaji Kanja Sesay has sheltered, fed and clothed Jabbie, a fifty-five plus year-old man, all these years. So he is just exhibiting ungratefulness because perhaps someone has deposited money in his pocket he has not seen with his eyes before.

When did demanding ones own property back become intimidation? The massive compound at Reservation in Bo city where Jabbie resides belongs to Alhaji Kanja Sesay. Dont landlords often ask tenants to vacate their premises? So it is only special in this case because it involves Kanja Sesay, a friend of Rtd. Brig. Maada Bio? Of course Jabbie must face the consequences of biting the finger that feeds him.

The only clout Jabbie has in Bo city is his association with Alhaji Kanja Sesay, whose ever growing popularity there remains intact. How nonsensical it is to insinuate that his popularity has plummeted because of his support for Maada Bio. It is a black lie.

In fact on the contrary, Kanja Sesays popularity has soared even more in Bo city for being an ardent supporter of Maada Bio who is adored in that part of the country.

If anybodys popularity has waned in Bo, it is the partys embattled acting leader, John Benjamin. He was recently snubbed twice in two weeks by Bo residents who are angry with him for dragging their party to abyss.

The first was at the unveiling of the bust of Sir Milton Margai. John Benjamin arrived very late, close to the end of the ceremony. He was terribly shocked by the cold should treatment he received from the audience. Nobody chanted his name (JOB) or even waved to him as usual. Once everything was over he hurriedly left the venue subdued like a dog with its tail between its legs.

A week later, the party went to Bo again to celebrate its 60th anniversary only to be greeted by a virtually empty hall. A lot of people openly expressed that they will only now participate in party activities when John Benjamins rationality comes back from vacation. John Benjamin is now the most unpopular SLPP personality among party faithful.

Back to the issue of Mohamed Jabbie and Alhaji Kanja Sesay. Jabbie has only ever been an errand boy to the erstwhile NaCSA boss. So as a kindhearted, God-fearing man, Kanja Sesay in his magnanimity decided to provide him (Jabbie) some privileges and comfort that the latter recently abused by going on air to rain insults on the man after losing his Bo District Public Relations position in the partys internal election a month ago.

What sane person on this planet will tolerate such a madness keeping somebody in your own house that goes to insult you publicly?

Jabbie has always been a die hard supporter of Maada Bio, openly insulting all the other flagbearer aspirants and declaring them unfit to lead the party. The very flag bearer aspirant that has allegedly bought him over was the man he never wanted to hear about. I have evidence to substantiate this.

The other matter between Jabbie and Hon. Foday Rado Yokie is in court so I cannot comment on it. But his media backers call it intimidation. Again Hon. Yokie has no right to clear his name simply because he supports Maada Bio?

Was it not Jabbie that accused Hon. Yokie of being among the people that he said beat him up in Moyamba? Didnt Hon. Yokie who was in Kenya at the time promise to come and clear his name? So where does intimidation come in here? Let Jabbie go and prove his case in court where police officers and other people present at the time will testify to the effect.

An overgrown man like Jabbie should be left to go around making baseless accusations against people with impunity, calling them what they are not? No way! The law has to take its course. That is not intimidation even in the odd sense of the word.

Alhaji Kanja Sesays crime is simply asking Jabbie to vacate his house and using the appropriate legal channels to make that happen. This would never have made headlines if Kanja Sesay was not a supporter of Maada Bio. This is the crux of the matter otherwise the whole thing lacks substance.

Jabbie has resorted to blackmail because he has finally fallen out with the man on whom his daily subsistence depended all these years. He now realizes it is foolhardy on his part to misbehave the way he has done. Why has he not told the public the fairy tale he claims he knows about Kanja Sesay until now when things have fallen apart? He is doing this in the vain hope that the man will succumb to his blackmail tactic and backtrack on his decision to throw him out of the house.

Jabbie is widely perceived in Bo as a rowdy troubleshooter, the reason why most people refrain from doing business with him. His only saving grace all this while has been Kanja Sesay. And now that he has lost everything and is aware of the repercussions, his best option, naturally, is to fight back by making some noise in the ears of those not au fait with what has transpired between him and his former benefactor.

Everybody knows Alhaji Kanja Sesay is a man of impeccable character who troubles no one. Any bit of random sampling across the country will arrive at this conclusion.

So Jabbies rantings will in no way bring him down.

More next edition

By Abubakarr Joe Sesay

Conspiracy To Taint Kanja Sesay Exposed

We are reproducing the TRASH below for readers to place in full context the quality of public relations being deployed on behalf of the embattled Kanja Sesay that has so angered Mohamed Jabbie.

By Abu-Bakarr Joe Sesay (Culled from a Local Tabloid)

A grand conspiracy to taint the reputation of Alhaji Kanja Sesay by detractors of Rtd. Brig. Gen. Julius Maada Bio has been unearthed.

Mohamed Jabbie, a former errand boy to the erstwhile NaCSA (National Commission for Social Action) chief is presently working in concert with devious people to manufacture all sorts of lies with the sole aim of having Alhaji Kanja Sesay incriminated in fabricated corrupt practices.

Past Wednesday, police in Bo set off for the Reservation residence of Alhaji Sesay to execute a court order that called for the eviction of Jabbie from the said house which he has occupied all these years.

Prior to that, Jabbie had hinted to his cohorts that he would tell the police stolen items were being kept in the house. They had already alerted Anti Corruption operatives who wasted no time to reach the premises even before the arrival of the police. I was shocked to see them. When I enquired what they were doing there they said they had been sent by their commissioner, Alhaji Sesay told Plain Truth on his cell phone from Bo.

But before the police team left for the house, Alhaji Kanja Sesay whose relatives overheard Jabbies utterance to someone beside him insisted that an inventory of everything in the building be first taken as he had not been there for a very long time. It was in this process that some learning materials and stationeries that have no bearing to NaCSA contrary to claims by a notorious local tabloid were discovered in the house.

Alhaji Kanja Sesay maintained that he had no knowledge how they got in there and advised the police to take custody of them and do further investigation.

The supposed owner of the items, this press has gathered in a thorough investigation, is one Martha Kanagbor. She confirmed this in a telephone interview yesterday.

According to her, Alhaji Kanja Sesay knows nothing about the items which she said belong to her. She added that Jabbie approached her sometime ago and asked whether she would be interested in learning materials for her institutions in Freetown and Kono, Womens Development Association.

She explained that Jabbie promised to get them from the border areas before they agreed an undisclosed sum. I have since given him $200 (two hundred dollars). He said he would try and secure receipts before asking me to go and collect them in Bo. Since that time he has said nothing to me.

Miss Kanagbor said when the issue emerged in the press recently he called Jabbie to express concern only for her to be told to keep quiet. He has called me several times now and told me to deny ownership of the items saying the Anti Corruption was investigating, she told this medium.

She said she was prepared to testify any time any day when called upon to do so.

It is no secret that the issue is being blown out of proportion and Alhaji Kanja Sesay denigrated by the Awareness Times newspaper because he is Rtd. Brig. Bios right hand man.

By Abu-Bakarr Joe Sesay (Culled from a Local Tabloid)

Kanja Sesay Speaks Out


(By GLOBAL TIMES Bo Correspondent)

The former Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), Kanja Sesay has expressed shock and dismay over the behaviour of his former bag carrier batman, Mohamed Jabbie, who recently banged out of order and started behaving rudely towards him.

According to Mr. Sesay, he rented one of the SLPMB Quarters at Reservation, in Bo, in 2004 but never stayed there. He said in 2006, Mr. Jabbie approached him for assistance to secure a rented dwelling house in Bo. Since he was a very close friend and ally, I allowed him to move into my rented SLPMB Quarters at Reservation because his situation was desperate, Mr. Sesay said. According to Mr. Sesay, the relationship with Mr. Jabbie suffered a setback after the latter claimed that he was molested by some boys staying at his (Mr. Sesays) private house in Bo, Mr. Jabbie gave me an ultimatum to either drive the boys out of my house or else he would neither visit nor talk to me again, Mr. Sesay said. He continued, I suspect that Mr. Jabbie got annoyed because I did not drive the boys out of my own (not Mr. Jabbies) house. That is where my trouble started.

Mr. Sesay said that Mr. Jabbie had embarked on a smear campaign against him bordering on blackmail. When I realised that Mr. Jabbie was becoming unmanageable, I told him to leave my rented quarters at Reservation, because, he was now old enough to be able to look after himself. When he refused to comply, I took legal action to get him evicted from the property. The court gave an eviction order to remove him from the house. After he left the house, I went to the Police and asked them to give me someone to take a complete inventory of all the stuff in the house before I could take formal custody. To my greatest surprise, when we got to the house, we met some ACC personnel who were frantically searching the house saying that it was a government property. I found that coincidence very strange.

Mr. Sesay said that he learnt later that about twenty cartons of assorted school materials (books, pens and pencils) were discovered in the house. I have no knowledge about how those items found their way into that house. Perhaps Mr. Jabbie can better explain to the ACC because he was the only known occupant of that property for almost five years, Mr. Sesay noted.

Meanwhile, the Global Times has learnt from senior Police sources in Bo that a woman has come forward to claim that Mr. Jabbie knew that the items were in the house, because, they were under his direct custody. They named the woman as Madam Martha Kanagbom, a business woman resident in Freetown who claims to be the owner of the school materials.

Police say they have already spoken to the woman in question. A Police officer intimately involved with the investigations said they had discovered some discrepancies in Mr. Jabbies statement. We intend to invite him again, said the Police.

Mr. Jabbie was the Public Relations Officer of the SLPP Bo District Branch until recently when he was convincingly defeated in a re-run election. His main challenger, Kanji Daramy polled 27 votes against his 2 votes. Mr. Kanja Sesay said, I had nothing to do with Mr. Jabbies disgraceful election defeat. The results clearly show that he has become very unpopular in the district".

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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