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Last Updated: May 27th, 2011 - 17:11:01 
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Kanja Sesayís Jeep in Sierra Leone Kidnap Scandal As Police I.G Advises Jabbie to Stay in Freetown...
By Sylvia Blyden & Aruna Turay
May 27, 2011, 17:18
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Senior police sources¬†at both the Inspector Generalís Office and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have¬†intimated the Awareness Times Newspaper that the failure of Mohamed Jabbie to appear before Magistrate Mohamed Momoh Jah Stevens at the Bo Magistrate Court on Wednesday 25th May 2011 to respond to an indictment filed against him by one Alhaji Nnamadi had to do with an advice from the Police Inspector General, Francis Alieu Munu. They also inform that Jabbieís matter against Maada Bioís supporters who had attacked him over the Easter Holidays had also come up for hearing but that Jabbie, as complainant, could not be there as the I.G. was ďvery concernedĒ over the safety of Mohamed Jabbie up in Bo and so stopped him from leaving Freetown.

ďIt was not just the Nnamadi matter. The matter also against the Maada Bio people was to have come up but Mohamed Jabbie was strongly advised by the I.G not to travel to Bo but to stay in Freetown because of security reasons,Ē one of the CID¬†Officers investigating the stolen NaCSA properties, disclosed yesterday morning.

Awareness Times has also now confirmed that the IG had already communicated the present status of Jabbie to the Local Unit Commander (LUC) of Bo, for further transmission to Magistrate Stevens since Monday this week. Our police sources inform that¬†Police officers are¬†perplexed as to why the Magistrate went ahead to issue the Bench Warrant despite the information from the IG to the Bo LUC on the need for Mohamed Jabbie to stay in Freetown. A senior officer opined that it is possible the Bo LUC did not heed to the advise of the Inspector General thus leaving the Magistrate in the dark as ďAll Police prosecutions are done in the name of the Inspector General of PoliceĒ.

The Awareness Times has also learnt that Aruna Aggrey Esq., the Defence Lawyer for Mohamed Jabbie last week traveled to the United States of America (USA) and he is yet to return to Sierra Leone so the tabloid which mentioned him as being present in court on Wednesday was publishing an untruth. Confidential Secretary to Lawyer Aggrey yesterday informed this press that prior to his travel, the esteemed Lawyer had addressed and forwarded a letter to Magistrate Stevens informing him that he would be out of the country for two weeks and that all his matters in court should be put on hold until he returns.

Kanja Sesay

Meanwhile, just as this newspaper was being sent to press last night, a botched attempt to kidnap Mohamed Jabbie under the guise of a Bench Warrant was foiled at 9:45pm when a police constable allegedly from Bo, who identified himself to Awareness Times as Constable Samuel Nugbama,¬†arrived at the Freetown residence of Jabbie with associates of Kanja Sesay inside one of the well known private luxurious Jeeps of Kanja Sesay. The supposed matter of insults and threats against a Nigerian in Bo for which the warrant was issued by the Bo Magistrate, has nothing to do with Kanja Sesay which is why the presence of Kanjaís vehicle and his political associates at the so-called arrest scene was very questionable to bystanders who expressed such to this medium last night. They also wondered as to why a Bench Warrant was being executed at such an odd hour with only one police officer and numerous political associates of Kanja Sesay who were openly making vicious threats against Jabbie.

When Awareness Times questioned the police officer as to why he was executing an Arrest Warrant at almost 10pm in the night, he responded, ďIt is not strange. Police can execute Bench Warrants at any timeĒ.

Meanwhile, according to Jabbie, last nightís occurrence was just the latest in a long line of intimidation tactics that Kanja Sesay and his ďlawlessĒ supporters have been subjecting Jabbie to from the time Jabbie decided to withdraw his support for Maada Bio. He specifically named one Matthew Sutton as being one of the ringleaders of the ďKidnap AttemptĒ. However, when contacted last night, Sutton confirmed that indeed he was present at the scene of turmoil but he insists that it was a mere coincidence. He confirmed that he was a key supporter of Kanja Sesay but denied being part of the plot to kidnap Jabbie and put him into Kanja Sesayís vehicle with destination being somewhere in the provinces.

Jabbie however denounces this explanation and describes Sutton as a key member of the Maada Bio and Kanja Sesay Pa.O.Pa Squad currently terrorising members of the SLPP all over the country. Jabbie alleges that Sutton was sent by Kanja Sesay to ensure they kidnapped him under the guise of an Arrest Warrant from Bo.

ďAt almost 10pm is the time Kanja Sesay is sending a Jeep with terrorists for me saying they want to drive with me to Bo at this dark hour? The man wants to kill me but he will not succeed,Ē Jabbie said last night when he was back safely at his house where he spent the night contrary to the wishes of his¬†would-be kidnappers. The saga continues.

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