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Last Updated: Jun 2nd, 2011 - 20:12:44 
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She is not her Father's Daughter - Standard Times Philip Neville 'Clarifies'
By Philip Neville (writer of garbage)
Jun 2, 2011, 18:34
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The following GARBAGE is being published under SATIRE. It originates from the pen of a man who believes he is clever at twisting facts...


25th May, 2011

Dear Sir,


Your letter dated 16th May 2011, relating to the publications of 19th April 2011, 20th April 2011, and 3rd May 2011 respectively was received and contents read and understood.

In the publication of 15th April 2011 at Page 14 under the Column SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT, Captioned She is not the daughter of her father. You drew my attention to the following lines

Among the journalists in Sierra Leone I consider myself the most appropriate to reply Sylvia Blyden in the case of Maada Bios case and any other one because I know that she is not the daughter of her father, and when the time comes if she persists in doing what she has engaged in I will tell the world her true biological father and why she is behaving the way she is


With regards this commentary, it was interpreted out of context, which needs further clarification from the author

I am sure most of us (Creole) clearly understand the proverbial interpretation of these words. When a childs behavior is different and inconsistent with that of his/her father especially when the behavior of the father is one that is generally acceptable by society, and members of the society are expecting to see from the offspring the good behavioral symptoms of the father.

Those of us who know the father of Sylvia Blyden (Mr. Blyden) are left in extreme surprise to see the daughter of a well composed figure behaving in direct contrast to her father.

To buttress my interpretation that she is behaving absolutely different from what is expected from the traits of her father, the following assertion was made Among the Journalists in Sierra Leone I consider myself the most appropriate to reply Sylvia Blyden.because I know that she is not the daughter of her father


My proximity to the family, especially the father started when I was a reporter of the Weekend Spark Newspaper and most of the time Mr. Blyden would come to our office at Lamina Sankoh Street and engaged me in lengthy discussion that bother (sic) on ethnic lines and would advised that as a small boy, belonging to this minority group in the country, we should endeavour to preserve our identity and not behave in a way that would bring shame and disgrace to this minority group of men and women.

If somebody like Mr. Blyden is conscious about his background and origin and would proffer advise to people like us, we are expecting that his daughter should be a symbol of emulation and not one whose root should be mis-represented or mis-interpreted


It is in this vein that those comments were published, not to embarrass the family or to raise doubt, but to flick the thinking cap of the daughter that she has an origin, which she should preserve and cherish, thus the following words were said if she persist in doing what she has engaged in, I will tell the world her true biological father and why she is behaving the way she is


The concept Biological again has been misconstrued to mean something different. If I had published that Mr. Blyden was not the one who fathered Sylvia Blyden that would have required a DNA examination to prove the true identity and father of this child, but the use of biological should not be reduced to anything suspicious and offensive.

If the interpretation has been linked to, what is not on the mind of the author let it now be made clear that it should not be construed in that direction. A case of DNA proof is not the focus of the author at the time of the publication and even now. At the time of her (Sylvia Blyden) birth Mr. Blyden was introduced to her as her father, and I wish to state that I am not contesting that. Any proof contrary to that notion should be done by the child if she is not satisfied with him.

In the publication of 3rd May 2011 at Page 12 under the same Column authored by the same author, the following words were published  It may be true that her Grandfather Mr. SAJ Pratt who is currently an occupant in one of the Old Peoples Home in London and receiving handout from the British Government has failed to show and explain the role of certain important people in Sylvia Blydens life, like the late Justice William Johnson (not Robert) a Regentonian who worked as a Master and Registrar of the High Court and was promoted to a High Court Judge and then to a Judge of the Appellate Court and later suffered death in London. Sylvia Blyden would have been proud of this name than what she is roaming the streets of Freetown and addressing herself with

The fact relating to her Grand father staying in London in one of the Old Peoples Home can not be denied. Also, the fact that Mr. SAJ Pratt is Sylvia Blydens Grand father from her maternal lineage can not be ignored. The fact that Mr. SAJ Pratt is a proud son of the Regent Village can also not be challenged.

Reference to the late Justice William Johnson, being a Regentonian is undisputable and at the time Sylvia Blyden was born, the late Justice William Johnson was alive. He is one of the few personalities of the Regent Village that Society had respect for when he was alive.

From a humble beginning, he grew up and became a significant figure in society (High Court Judge), until hands of death snatched him away from this earth.

These are symbols in a village setting that every child wants to be in future. Also, these are individuals in a village setting who want to see every child born in a village grows up and become somebody of importance. Because of their desire and ambition to see children born in a village setting get to their climax, they contribute generously in the upbringing of these children, and the late William Johnson was a typical example of a village elder who worked towards that goal. Unfortunately he died too soon due to illness.

Village elders play significant roles in the upbringing of children born and bred in their midst, therefore, the reference made to the late Justice William Johnson was done as a pointer to showcase his contribution to the development of children born at the Regent Village during his time, which should not be constructed negatively or otherwise. For example, I would want my child to proud of a popular, prominent and conservative legal practitioner in Sierra Leone in the person of J.B Jenkins Johnston Esq.

The reference to Lawyer J.B Jenkins does not in any way signifies that he fathered my child, but out of admiration and the way he has comported himself in society and his contribution to the development of children in his village.

One of the role/values of Grand parents is to explain to their Grand Children important figures (both past and present) of their village, and it is in this direction the name Mr. SAJ Pratt was mentioned as a Grandfather to Sylvia Blyden who may have explained the contributions of key figures of the village including the late Justice Johnson, not in anyway conspirational.


As I indicated, children are proud of important figures of their village, especially those who play relevant roles in the development and growth of their village, sometimes they want to be addressed by those names as it makes them feel proud and emulate their good and fine example and be icon in society. The late Justice William Johnson is one such individual.


© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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