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Last Updated: Jun 3rd, 2011 - 18:25:23 
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Umaru Sitta Turay sends a Coded Message from USA: CRACK! Commander, tell Rado & Jabbie to ceasefire
By Umaru Sitta Turay
Jun 3, 2011, 18:49
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Hey!!!  Mohamed Jabbie Seize Fire!!

CRACK"!! I am using you code name for this purpose because I know that will bring to where I want us to go. Jabbie if you are a true member of this Part and believer in this code you will and must seize fire right away. I am sending this signal publicly for two reasons: one for you to know that the struggle is continuing. Sierra Leone has not fully achieved democracy and secondly the distance I am right now deters me from to contact comrade in the circle. Jabbie you are very much aware that your pledge to get Sierra Leone a democratic process has not been achieved and for that reason you are answerable to the circle. It is for that reason I am sending this signal publicly otherwise you know I would not border myself to tell you to stop.

That aside Jabbie we have been loudly heard by those who thought we are just a push-over. It has send a signal that we a continuing force to be respected. Sierra Leone as a whole knows that we are as united as we were during the war in pursuance of "democracy". Those that did the wrong things are realising we are not a bunch of illiterates they told former President Kabbah that we are. They now know that we are the most prolific young people they have ever dealt with in the history of Sierra Leone. At this point, all of them are sitting on the edge of their sits and having sleepless nights thinking that the next person will be them. It is for that reason, as squad commander I am asking you to seize fire. The same is being extended to Rado (regional intelligence commander).

A seize fire must be observed now. There is nothing we are supposed to engage in right now other than sustaining the Democracy we have put in place. Remember? Among other things, that was our pledges and we are not supposed to allow ourselves be drifted away from those pledges. You guys should also know that putting the opposition in some kind of frailty will have the toll on our newly born democracy to fade out in the hands of the same people that destroyed it, the APC. We have to continue so that our oath term will be completed in perfection. We promised that our people will enjoy their freedom and get what they deserve in accordance to the wealth of the country. We are yet to push for the liberation of the youth which is as equal as securing a democracy which is the second phase of our pledges. We have not achieved the compensation of our old people and have not been able to take care of the children. I want to remind you guys that there are many things left out for us to complete, for example, Mabela people are still living in filth.

Hey, Commander it is high time you intervene now. You know you should not let anyone of us loose for a long time. I am not in Sierra Leone but I know you have let Rado and Jabbie too loose for a very long time now. It is your responsibility, you have to take it up or you will have to be blamed. I know you want to let things happen for the guys to feel the pinch and will therefore respect your men. I am sure the message has reached. It is time you call them to order now. I have contacted others outside and all of them have agreed that I send this signal by public media. There is nothing risky as far as the lives of the two persons are concerned and I am sure this coded signal will not reveal anything. I did it because of the emergency situation.

Those of you that has deviate from the struggle a little bit, please know that you are still considered to be part and percel of the struggle and for that reason must call raise an alarm order to Mohamed Jabbie and Rado. Remember, your people are still suffering. Please keep in mind that the Genuine Patriotism you pledged will haunt you if you abandon your people of Sierra Leone especially at this time when things have gone worse. All said and done you have a mission and that mission is to liberate your people from vicious and selfish politicians that are ruling the country right now. As I said before, that mission is not even half way. It seems you have been distracted by the same people that used you and abandoned you. Believe me you guys are in control right now. Please do not not let that slip away from you. There are those that mentally punished you Mohamed Jabbie but you endured and and went through all of it. You must not allow your ego take over the good things and most of all the selfless services you have been doing and is still doing for your country. I am proud of you guys because you held to your pledges and oaths to save your country from political savagery. Being there all these times has not been easy especially when family responsibilities are adding up every day. I have not admired anybody in the world like you guys. I feel the pain outside here and you know very well that if I was there I would have enterd the fray. No question about that. I am sure that was what the fratanity emphasised when we first formed it.

I am sure plenty of people will say this piece is a deliberate move to make a damage control; that will be an absolute nonesense if anyone thinks so. I am in no way controlling damage here because damage has never been caused. I firmly stand by my words that Mohamed Jabbie has not been treated the proper way and he does not deserve all that is meted onto him. Those who may think I am doing this for the purpose of me being a brother to Kanja Sesay are on the wrong path also. In fact I give-a-damn to whoever it is that may have done the wrong thing. I will never lay back to see such happening. I don't want to know what or how anyone will feel or think when I tell him or her truth.

I have been telling President Ernest Bai Koroma the truth; who else. I will obviously say it when the need arise and without delay. I am overwhelmed with telephone calls from my immediate family members but all of them have been addressed by me accordingly. It is due for people to realise that it is the hard handwork of others that they build their futune upon. That, what Mohamed Jabbie and some us have done and are still doing is making them sleep comfortably in their houses. It is due for people to realize that because of what some of them have been identified as senior citizens today.

Putting an end to this whole thing will not mean that any awkward movement will not be properly handled. Know also that a robust action will be taken if any funny arrangement is suspected is being put in place. So stop it now and avoid the mapping.


Umaru Sitta Turay
Journalist/Human Rights Activist
New York
United States of America

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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