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Last Updated: Jun 30th, 2011 - 17:48:10 
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More Tears soon from Sama Banya in Sierra Leone
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Jun 27, 2011, 17:12
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I read with disdain an article by one Ibrahim Sourie Mansaray on Cocorioko and Torchlight newspapers which I will deal with at the end of this article. I also read with some amusement, on the Sierra Express Media (SEM) newspaper that the 81 years old Dr. Sama Banya shed tears on Saturday June 25th 2011 after the SLPP NEC Meeting(s). Well, without knowing the catalyst for such tears, I will just say that there are different kinds of tears in this world. There are Crocodile tears; Tears of Deep Frustration that your well laid plans went awry; Angry Tears, etc. etc. etc. There are many kinds of tears but I am not sure which kind of tears Banya shed last weekend. What I do know is that Sierra Express Media (SEM) is not amongst the list of newspapers whose editors will soon be standing in the dock alongside the 81 years old Sama Banya to answer to charges of CRIMINAL LIBEL I am planning on bringing up relatively soon. This is not because the SEM publisher is my friend but because he recognised the extreme nastiness of a Banya penmanship and deleted it from their website when his attention was drawn to it.


Let me inform those who do not know that in the first week of this month of June 2011, the SEM had unwittingly published a nasty piece of authorship that the 81 years old Dr. Sama Banya had nastily dumped into the public domain from his pen. Like most of us, when an 81 years old Sierra Leonean sends materials to be published in your newspaper, you rarely suspect that such extreme nastiness as dripped from Banyas pen this month, would be embedded inside. This is what happened to the poor Publishers of SEM who had found they had unfortunately reproduced verbatim, over the world wide web, the extreme nastiness of Sama Banya.


It was only when I drew their attention to the nasty, nasty trash against my person and Banyas SLPP Party Chairman he professes to respect (yeah right!), that Sierra Express Media was to personally phone me up and extend profuse apologies for their oversight in publicising such nastiness that dripped from the pen of an 81 years old man like Dr. Sama Banya.


Dr. Sama Banya and his daughter Nancy whom he alleges sent him the nastiness to be published on Page 3 of the SLPP's Unity Newspaper. Banya is putting on his Old Bo Boys Association T-Shirt. Guess who accompanied Nancy to the 2009 OBBA Celebrations in Bo? No, it was not the old 81 years old. Guess again. How many other OBBA members could it be? Guess. It should not be too difficult.


The nastiness in a correspondence manufactured up by Sama Banya about me and John Benjamin according to what he says originated from his daughter, Madam Nancy in London, was then immediately removed from the Sierra Express Media website. Fortunately, it was never published on their local print edition as Banyas nasty penmanship was picked up by the eagle eyed Ibrahim Samura, who edits the local edition, and there was no way a man like Samura, who was born of a good woman, would have associated himself publicly with the kind of nastiness that dripped out of the 81 years old mans pen allegedly from his daughter, Nancy Banya (or whatever surname she currently applies to herself).


Meanwhile, the SLPPs Director of Communications Sulaiman Banja TejanSie and his SLPP Editors of SLPPs Unity newspaper, Messrs B.W. Bockarie and Amara E. Keifala (aka Kef Dukulay) with the latter twos limited understanding of Sections 26, 27 and 28 of the 1965 Public Order Act and the fact that they are not properly grounded in certain aspects of journalism, went on to publish the nasty penmanship of Sama Banya on Page 3 of the Wednesday June 8th 2011 edition of their so-called political party newspaper alleging their reproduction to be private correspondence between myself and Sama Banyas daughter in London, Madam Nancy Banya (or whatever surname she currently applies to herself).


The SLPP Newspaper Editors have since refused to apologise and retract the nastiness because they say it was penned down by their 81 years old Party Elder and they do not want to hurt his feelings. In their subsequent edition of Friday June 10th 2011, the SLPP Editors did a wishy-washy warning to contributors not to personalise and not be nasty but they have clearly not advised themselves that according to the Criminal Laws of Sierra Leone, such alleged private correspondence between two persons, even if true (check Section 28 of Public Order Act) [and it was not true!], was just too extremely nasty and defamatory to appear in a so-called political party mouthpiece that should have been concerning itself with political issues of national concern and not with personal nastiness of an extreme nature. And the SLPPs Director of Communications is supposed to be a trained lawyer.


When the 71 years old Moijueh Vandy (Gbos-Gbos), as a result of such nasty and sickening penmanship, described the 81 years old Sama Banya as a nasty ungrateful 80 years old b~strd, many people applauded him as they believe he was quite in place considering the dictionary definition of what those quoted words convey.


Now, I see Banya is in virtual tears and publicly stating his embarrassingly selective dictionary definition of what the word BASTARD means. However, let me remind him that he is yet to define what the word b~strd means. The Criminal Court Case might give him opportunity to do so.


In the process of making his hypocritical cries of being vilified, Sama Banya has unfortunately manufactured up more libellous claims against my innocent person, which some gullible newspaper editors are regurgitating out; in complete oblivion to Sections 26, 27 and 28 of the Public Order Act of 1965.


It will be infra-dig for me to publicly engage this 81 years old soul on the same pathway he has chosen against me but one thing I know and know for sure is that Sama Banya might soon be shedding a lot more tears than he did last Saturday. Banya might soon be shedding tears of embarrassment that at the ripe old age of 81 years, he has to stand in a criminal dock to defend himself against a malicious crime he knowingly committed.


Advanced age and/or Alzheimers Disease and/or Senility are not obstacles to an indictment being served on anyone for Criminal Libel. Only a Certificate of Senility/Alzheimer's from Dr. Nahim will stem such a criminal trial from being pursued against an octogenarian. In which case, the sane editors granting newspaper space to any such senile person will be the ones to face the music.


Dr. Sama Banya has seriously libelled me over the last few weeks for no other reason than I am opposed to Maada Bio going anywhere near State House as a Presidential Candidate given Bios open display of affinity for violence as a means to achieve his ends; his recalcitrance to amend his ways and finally, his lack of respect for authorised leadership as shown with his bitter animosity towards SLPP Leader. All of these being forbearers of what will be his lack of respect for the Citizens & our Constitution should be become President.


Sama Banya probably thinks he can help Maada Bio to become SLPP Presidential Candidate by shutting me up with intimidation via libellous publications. In one such publication, he knowingly falsely alleges that I insulted the dear mother of B.W. Bockarie knowing the same to be false and contrary to Sections 26 and 27 of the Public Order Act of 1965.


In another one, he reduces my constitutionally recognised obligation [of disseminating out warnings against his Maada Bio] to be a situation of overdoing things [nor make things smell] thus reducing the credibility of my Alert articles and by extent, my work in my chosen income-earning profession; all done to lower my esteem in the eyes of right-thinking men thus exposing me to ridicule and defaming me as someone not credible to write for public consumption and all the time knowing the same to be false contrary to Sections 26 and 27 of the Public Order Act of 1965.  


Most recently, he has now published what he KNOWS TO BE FALSE. Sama Banya has falsely alleged, once again contrary to Sections 26 and 27 of the Public Order Act of 1965, that I, Sylvia Blyden, recently referenced him somewhere as a BASTARD but he fails to show where this reference can be found. Truly speaking, such reference by me can be found nowhere because I have never referenced him as a bastard but Banya thinks because he is an 81 years old man and by African tradition, he will be able to get away with such a blatant defamatory lie and criminally libellous assertion!!


However, let me now tell Sama Banya and his Editors that should they fail to serially apologise to me with the same prominence as the earlier allegations which they published knowing the same to be false contrary to Sections 26 and 27 of the Public Order Act of 1965, they all will soon be explaining to a Law Court just where it was that Sylvia Blyden referenced Sama Banya as a Bastard as well as justify their recent other libellous publications against me as listed above. Yes, there are more tears in store for the 81 years old Dr. Sama Banya!!!! Trust me on this one my dear readers.


To end, let me go back where I started off from. There is an SLPP writer out in America by the name of Ibrahim Sourie Mansaray, who typically writes out of positions of mis-information and so I usually ignore his ignorant ramblings but what makes matters worse, is that he behaves like a despicable coward when he rambles his ill-informed nonsense and doing what is known in local parlance as pulling hints.


Ibrahim Sourie Mansaray: Good at cowardly throwing hints and writing outright LIES to demean the standing of those who hold different opinions from him.


Now, in reaction to his latest 'defence' of Sama Banya, I have dismissed his sanctimonious nonsense as it lacks credibility but let me now challenge him to be less cowardly and more of a brave and credible writer on another of his issues he raised via pulling hints like a cowardly, yellow-bellied sissy.


Mr. Ibrahim Sourie Mansaray, if you have intestinal fortitude (i.e: guts), please increase your credibility by naming the Publisher, alongside the cited publications in which Bu-Buakei Jabbis personality was attacked by the Publisher because your un-named Publisher saw the Court issue as an attack on the Chairman of the party, John Benjamin. I hope you, Ibrahim Sourie Mansaray, do so soonest with facts and dates of such publication for your own good as a credible writer who should be taken seriously.


On that note, thanks to all my readers for reading this piece.


© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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