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Give Maada Bio his 1-Box System &Turn; Off the Lights on SLPP
By Editorial Team
Jul 12, 2011, 19:36
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Satirical Thoughts from the Editorial Room

We have been rather bemused at the angry calls from SLPP members reporting to Awareness Times the latest gimmick from Retired Lieutenant Maada Bio wherein Bio is demanding that the approved 19-Boxes electoral method be over-turned and his singular demand for a 1-Box electoral method should stand. The SLPP members are also incensed at both Rt. Lt. Maada Bio and his newly appointed Campaign Spokesman Musa Tamba Sam because the duo have put down in black and white and broadcast over the airwaves that SLPP delegates are people who are either violent enough to disrupt electoral processes if their candidate does not score expected high votes and/or who are with little integrity and are dishonest and money-conscious to the extent of possessing the propensity to sell their electoral franchise not only to the highest bidder but to actually deceitfully refuse to cast their ballots only to hide them in their brassieres and boxers and cart them outside the elections hall so as to sell them like cheap hustlers to other SLPP candidates which candidates are similarly of such low moral compass that they would readily buy such ballots from these delegate hustlers. So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it from the signed letter of Maada Bio and from the spoken words of Musa Tamba Sam over Monologue Radio that SLPP delegates are violence-prone, cheap, dishonest hustlers who lack integrity whilst Maada Bios fellow aspirants are lacking in morals. Those are not the words of an APC propagandist but the outpourings of key SLPP members describing other SLPP members! Does the SLPP have the ability to save itself from such disgraceful description? It can if it decides to sway off the browbeaten Pa.O.Pa pathway and reverse back to the Sir Milton Margai Legacy. How can SLPP do this? By roundly rejecting the author of such unsavoury description and his entire line-up will be a first step to saving their partys public image.


Now, numerous SLPP members want this newspaper to report on their indignation especially their fury and disgust over the manner in which poor Hon. Elizabeth Alpha-Lavalie was hounded in Bo last weekend by the Pa.O.Pa Squad of Rt. Lt. Maada Bio simply because she stated she was for the 19-Box method and not the 1-Box method. They also want us to report of how another SLPP Aspirant, poor Revd. Joe Moiba was recently also physically hounded out of STOP PRESS RESTAURANT by Pa.O.Pa Sqaud members causing him to flee the restaurant without finishing his lunch. This is the same man whose Campaign posters were torn off the walls of Njala campus by Pa.O.Pa Maada Bio supporters with no disciplinary action taken by the SLPP.

These two flagbearer aspirants (Lavalie & Moiba) paid the same 50 million leones that the Pa.O.Pa Maada Bio paid but no-one within the party from John Benjamin to J.J. Saffa to Sulaiman Banja Tejansie to Haja Jelikatu down to the so-called Party Elders and Parliamentary Council can make a squeak of public protest just as how they all kept silent when Pa.O.Pa Squad stoned at the vehicle of Usman Boie-Kamara. All of them made no public sound that this was not the SLPP way.

All of these so-called Elders and Stakeholders made not a squeak of dissent and to date have turned a blind eye. Why is this so? They have all been browbeaten and intimidated by the Pa.O.Pa Squad so whatever the Pa.O.Pa Squad does, it gets away with it, even if it goes against RULES & REGULATIONS of the SLPP which Maada Bio signed up to. Pa.O.Pa has hijacked the party of Sir Milton Margai and Constance Cummings-John!


So what we want to say today is that this newspaper actually has better things to do than to write and report on what many Sierra Leoneans are just not interested in anymore. The SLPP had opportunities over the last 9 months to promote its spouted laudable values by quickly disciplining Maada Bio and his supporting Gangsters but it didnt. The SLPP (including the aforementioned so-called Elders) have shown they are incapable of putting an overambitious retired army lieutenant under control. People are just not interested anymore in the SLPPs bitter internecine fratricidal infighting all caused by tunnel-visioned Pa.O.Pa members preaching Hate, Violence & Tribalism which supposedly decent persons within the SLPP cannot stem. Frankly, many, many Sierra Leoneans are DISGUSTED with SLPP current penchant for Gbos-Gbos (ie: violence/rudeness!) as ceaselessly perpetuated by Pa.O.Pa Bio gang.


Dr. Sama Banya, Alhajie U N S Jah, Ambassadors Alie Bangura, Joe Blell, Joe Pemagbi, Alie Badara Kamara, Alhajie Amadu Tejansie, Haja Mariatu Mahdi, Victor Thomas, F.M.B. Sawi, Humphrey Swaray, Agnes Taylor-Lewis, Hon. Ansu Kaikai, Sidiki Brima, Minority Leader Hon. Momoh Pujeh, Parliamentarians, Mayors like Wusu Sannoh, the Aspirants, the National Officers, Ambassador Alie Kanu, Ansu Lansana, etc. etc. etc all kept silent when Pa.O.Pa Squad members actually took out a broken bottle and sliced up the upper part of poor Alusine Kamaras skull flesh as if it was meat in an abattoir with no-one making a squeak of protest against such reprehensible violence! The young mans crime was that he told members of the Pa.O.Pa Squad not to smoke Djamba inside the SLPP Party Headquarters.

In January this year, a certain 81 years old Pa.O.Pa Elder who claims to be a practitioner of the Hippocratic Oath, actually drove Alusine Kamara, like a dog, out of a meeting called up for Alusine to present his Medical Report of the Pa.O.Pa violence to these Elders. All the other Elders there present did not render a word of input for poor Alusine Kamara even as the Hippocratic Oath Elder chased the young lad out of the room saying they were too busy to listen to the story of his plight that has left him with such a horrendous scar on his face. Where is the conscience-filled SLPP of Dr. Milton Margai and Madam Constance Cummings-John? Surely this cannot be it!!!


Of course, Awareness Times journalist Bampia Bundu was banged up by Maada Bios SLPP Gangsters right inside the Law Courts with numerous witnesses confirming this. Bampias camera was smashed. The well-being of Awareness Times Editor Fonti was threatened with violence by no less a person than Maada Bio himself making a phone call to complain against a negative publication. No-one in SLPP made a squeak because it was Bios Pa.O.Pa Squad terrorising journalists! 

Throughout all the above, Maada Bio was allowed to have a free reign whilst the rest of SLPP members simply sat quiet whilst his Pa.O.Pa Squad worked out a strategy to vilify and demonise the victim(s). As for Awareness Times, some of the vilest possible allegations were churned up and poured out into the public domain against its staff; the female Publisher was not spared as everything was thrown at her to get her to cease highlighting the unfitness for purpose of Rt. Lt. Maada Bio and his unrepentant penchant for violence. Our Publisher has continued to show them the tough genetic makeup flowing in her veins.


As for John Oponjo Benjamin (JOB), that selfless and hardworking National Chairman and Leader, we have to pity him even though we are disappointed that he could not come out publicly to condemn Maada Bio by name. We pity him because he was roundly vilified for refusing to side with any aspirant including Maada Bio. For trying to create a level playing field atmosphere in the Party, the poor man was subjected to unbelievable humiliation from the Pa.O.Pa Squad as the Elders watched unable to do anything in order not to upset Maada Bio. Infact, at least one of these Elders actually openly sided with the Pa.O.Pa to vilify John Benjamin. It was unimaginable to read what an 81 years old Elder dripped out of his pen right on to the pages of the SLPP paper.

It got to be so bad that in order to please Maada Bio, Dr. Sama Banya even convened a meeting at his home the day before the last months NEC Meeting where it was decided that since Maada Bio had concerns over John Benjamin, then JOB was to be forced out in disgrace at last months NEC Meeting and an Interim Executive was to be set up as JOBs term had expired notwithstanding the Resolution of March 5th 2011 which legitimately extended his tenure after the voiding of the January Resolution of the Party Conference.


The hardwork and selfless sacrifices of JOB were all thrown to the wind as everyone went into over-drive to please Maada Bio. Even Usman Boie-Kamara, himself a victim of Bio supporters lawlessness, joined the bandwagon. Boie-Kamara and certain others met to agree that John Benjamin was to be sacrificed by these selfish SLPP members all because Maada Bio said he did not want John Benjamin. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thank God, NEC delegates Especially District Chairmen & Regional Representatives, saw things differently from the conveners of that meeting held in Sama Banya house the day before the NEC Meeting!!

The District Chairmen and Regional representatives, conscious of the negative kama/vibes that follow acts of ungratefulness, were having nothing of the sort and they are the real voices of the SLPP grassroots. Kudos to them for resisting the antics and caprices of so-called Elders at that NEC Meeting; ultimate bitter tears notwithstanding as well laid plans went awry! It is time for these District Chairmen and Regional representatives to regain control of their party as the Elders have let the party down.


As for Dr. Sama Banya, he was elected in early 2002 as SLPP National Chairman and his mandate expired in early 2004 but he continued as SLPP Chairman until September 2005 when delegates booted him out. In that period, the SLPP was dragged to Supreme Court under a Sama Banya chairmanship, at least twice!!! Yes, in April 2002 under a Sama Banya Chairmanship, one Daniel Sankoh dragged to the Supreme Court a question over the choice of Tejan Kabbah by the SLPP as their Flagbearer. That Supreme Court matter was decided within 21 days of the filing of papers when the Supreme Court, on April 29th 2002, threw out Daniel Sankohs case against the SLPPs Flagbearer. Again in July 2005, under the same Sama Banya chairmanship, the SLPP was again dragged to Supreme Court; this time by Bu-Buakei Jabbi Esq. acting on behalf of Chief Hinga Norman. That matter was decided within one month. Under U.N.S. Jah, the SLPP was again dragged to Supreme Court and a ruling given on that matter in Year 2006.

So, it is not a strange thing for SLPP to be taken to Supreme Court. Before John Benjamin was made National Chairman of SLPP, the SLPP had been dragged to Supreme Court under Banya and U.N.S. Jah chairmanship, a grand total of three times in three years!!! SLPP was dragged to Supreme Court TWICE under the Chairmanship of Dr. Sama Banya (April 2002 & July 2005) and once under Chairmanship of U.N.S. Jah (November 2005).


However, in order to satisfy Maada Bios unrealistic lust to kick out John Benjamin as National Chairman, some SLPP Elders were willing to use the present Supreme Court case as a reason to remove possibly the best Chairman their party has ever had; in order to satisfy Maada Bio as if SLPP being dragged to the Supreme Court was such a strange unprecedented occurence!

No-one had removed Sama Banya in April 2002 or in July 2005 when on both occasions, the SLPP was dragged to Supreme Court. No-one had removed U.N.S. Jah in November 2005 when the SLPP was taken to Supreme Court. Interestingly, Daniel Sankoh and Bu-Buakei Jabbi dragged SLPP to Supreme Court over this same issue of Flagbearer and Presidential Candidate.

However, putting blinkers on their eyes and acting like ostriches with their heads in the sand, certain destructive elements within the SLPP all just towed the line to remove John Benjamin in order to please Maada Bio; in the same way they have been shutting their eyes to the obvious demerits of a Maada Bio Candidacy. The so-called Elders and other party members apart from a few like Joseph Maada Kpulum and Hariatu Turay, have allowed abominable and despicable attempts to be made by the Pa.O.Pa Squad without saying a single word to publicly condemn such anti-SLPP behaviour which go against everything the SLPP Founding Fathers stood for.


No-one has been able to publicly condemn Maada Bio for his negative excess which are all ultra-vires the PUBLISHED RULES & REGULATIONS of the SLPP. Bio has been violent contrary to the rules. His well-known supporters and members of his Campaign Team have exhibited unconscionable violence to the extent of attacking his fellow aspirants contrary to the rules; However, no-one has been able to stand tall to condemn Maada Bio or to name and shame him publicly. In the process, he has been allowed to grow into a Boa Constrictor (Boman snake) that has wrapped itself around the party daring anyone to say otherwise; for it to squeeze the Party into the shape he desires!

Maada Bio is now the SLPPs Boa Constrictor (Boman snake). This is why Maada Bio can develop the audacity to put pen to paper to roundly insult the entire electoral college delegacy of the SLPP by publicly describing SLPP delegates as cheap hustlers who have the potential to behave in a criminal manner by selling off their ballot papers to the highest bidder. This is why Musa Tamba Sam had the gall to go over Monologue and tell the listening Nation last weekend that SLPP delegates could perpetuate violence at their upcoming Party Conference if their preferred Flagbearer aspirant did not have the expected number of votes he deserved.

Courtesy of Retired Lieutenant Maada Bio, the SLPP has been doing the work of the APC all this time by painting themselves as a group which encourages violence and lawlessness and now Musa Tamba Sam who declares himself as the next Party Spokesman, says his SLPP is full of cheap hustlers who are also violence-prone. As if the Diamba and Violence is not enough, here is the SLPPs future spokesman describing his own party to the world with descriptions that can only make the APC rub its hands in glee. SLPPs Spokesman Musa Tamba Sam reveals his partys electoral college contains criminally minded hustlers who sell their ballot papers to fellow SLPP members for coco-ebbeh (a bowl of porridge).

In the end, despite all the aforementioned negativity which should have spurred a serious party into action, because of the silence from the aforementioned Elders and the other stakeholders who were held in a trance by Maada Bios browbeating, they all danced to the tune of whatever Bio wanted for fear of telling him what might upset him: (Who wants to upset a Boman snake?).


So, if Bio has been able to get away with all the above nonsense all this time since everyone within the SLPP (including Usman Boie-Kamara) is afraid of Maada Bio, then if Bio says he wants the 1-Box system and the rest of 18 Aspirants say they want the 19-Box system, we humbly suggest (tongue in cheek with deep satire) that maybe the SLPP should continue on the unfortunate pathway of giving in to everything that Maada Bio has been demanding for. GIVE MAADA BIO HIS 1-BOX SYSTEM AND DAMN THE REST! Afterall, it is the great Maada Bio, the retired army lieutenant who wants it to be so!

Give the man his 1-Box system as that is what you have reduced the party of Sir Milton Margai and Constance Cummings-John to; a party of cheap hustlers, violent people and silly Elder(s) who write nastiness in the partys official mouthpiece!

Give Maada Bio his 1-Box system. Give Maada Bio SLPPs Presidential Candidacy and enjoy as the APC laughs all the way to the Bank in 2012. Give Maada Bio what he wants. Your long acquiescing silence in the face of rubbish has already seriously eroded into the Legacy of Sir Milton Margai, Bai Farma Tass, Lamina Sankoh, and all those other noble men and women who sat down to form the noble party known asthe Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP). Only God knows how you guys (Elders, MPs, Stakeholders, etc. etc.) will be able to salvage the SLPPs image now that the laudable legacy has been so badly blemished by the antics and caprices of the Pa.O.Pa Squad.


Maybe some intercessory prayers by Mama Dora Dumbuya of Jesus-Is-Lord Ministries can assist the SLPP to find their way back to the grand old Legacy of the Milton Margais, Bai Farma Tass and Constance Cummings-Johns. The SLPP Elders & Stakeholders should just make sure they do not go along to Mammy Dumbuya with any non-repentant NPRC Sobel, in tow, who might have witnessed or participated in the brutal murder of her dear husband, the late Kawuta Dumbuya on December 29th 1992. If the SLPP finds that it cannot, in good stead, face Mammy Dumbuya or any of the other 29 families like hers who have been silently weeping since December 1992, then the only way out is to just give Maada Bio his 1-Box system, give him the Flagbearer position, turn the lights off and let everyone go home as the SLPP will then be surely doomed, doomed and doomed...!


Bottomline, let us go back to what was said at the start of this piece. The SLPP can still easily redeem itself by making the correct choices come the Party Conference. It can reject the demand for a 1-Box system; it can reject all the candidates burnishing their Pa.O.Pa violence, rudeness and unsavoury candidates as the first step towards reversing the SLPP vehicle back to the Milton Margai legacy. We have deliberately named some of the Elders and Stakeholders in this piece so that History will record that they were called upon to act at this very pivotal point in their Partys existence. The Ball is in the SLPPs court. We, the spectators, are watching them. History is in the making.


On this page is an example of how serious a saga of Void Votes can be which is what the 11-man Allie Bangura headed Electoral Committee is striving to avoid. Interestingly, in Hon. Musa Tamba Sams Constituency #03 in 2007, there were over 1,600 void votes representing 16.4% of the votes cast. Does he need more examples?

Now, in a Contest with 19 Aspirants all loudly assuring of victory, a slightest number of Void votes can cause skewed results and question any outcome. 19-Boxes method erases issue of Void Votes. And surely SLPP delegates have Integrity contrary to what Bios Pa.O.Pa is propagating?



MEANWHILE, SEE BIO LETTER DOWN BELOW (emphasis in red underline is ours):

Maada Bio Writes Electoral Commission


4 July 2011

The Chairman

The Electoral Board of the SLPP

Flag bearer Election 2011

SLPP Headquarters

Wallace Johnson Street



Dear Chairman:


Re: Conduct of the 2011 Election of Flag bearer of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP)


Please refer to the Comments on the Proposed Guidelines for the Conduct of the 2011 SLPP Flag bearer Election submitted by the Maada Bio Campaign Team last February.


We write once again to confirm and underline our earlier objection to the use of multiple ballot boxes for the forthcoming Flag bearer election. We do so because nothing that has been said or done since by your Electoral Board has in any way persuaded us to accept that the multiple box system would be entirely free of electoral corruption and malpractice. 

We have given the proposed multiple box system very careful consideration. We find that it is not only in complete variance with the system now practised by the generality of countries in the world, developed and developing alike, including other countries within Africa, and the international community, it falls far short of even the standard practised in most recent elections in Sierra Leone by the National Electoral Commission including in particular recent presidential, legislative and local council elections. Hence we question why the SLPPs electoral practice, as now proposed, should be different?

We recall your recent briefing of Flag bearer aspirants on the proposed system. As explained, the only virtue it might have is the avoidance of void votes. This alone cannot justify making such a radical departure from the single box system that has now generally been accepted as more transparent and less susceptible to fraud. Whatever merit you think the multiple box system has, we fear it could easily be outweighed and eclipsed by the likely fallout and consequences for the SLPP should the conduct of the election be perceived by contestants and supporters as not transparent and not free of corruption and malpractices. Quite apart from this, you are yet to demonstrate how void votes have materially impacted on the final result of previous elections in the SLPP to warrant such a radical change.

Further, from your explanation during the recent conducted tour of Flag bearer aspirants, you described your plans to keep physically separate delegates who have voted from those who have not, so that there is no physical contact between them. You also explained that the voting could last for as long as 15 hours or more and, because of that, proper amenities would be provided in the room reserved for those who have voted as they would be kept there until the close of voting.


All of this looks fine. However, we are not persuaded that the proposed arrangements would eliminate physical contact entirely, whether directly or indirectly through messengers, tea ladies, usherettes, party officers etc, between delegates who have voted, on the one hand, and those who have not, on the other. Imagine for a moment a delegate who has collected his/her ballot paper to vote, enters the polling booth and pretends to vote but actually does not vote, keeps the ballot in his/her pocket and then retires into the waiting area allocated to delegates who have voted. If that voter had entered into a prior agreement to sell the ballot to a candidate who is able and willing to buy that ballot to be given to another delegate waiting to vote in favour of that candidate, nothing in your proposed arrangement entirely eliminates human contact between delegates, directly or indirectly, by which such a ballot can be transmitted. Multiply this a hundredfold, you have as winner a candidate who may not be the popular choice of the delegates but has the financial resources to bring about his victory.


This is just one example that demonstrates how the multiple box system is fraught with danger. With 19 contestants, we submit most strongly that if the Party is to strive to achieve the necessary post-election unity, so vital for our Partys electoral success in 2012, then it is imperative that procedures be avoided by the Electoral Board that could be used to undermine, abuse or subvert the electoral will of the delegates at the National Conference. Were this to happen, it could well give rise to a situation where candidates might not feel able to accept the final result with all the attendant damaging consequences this could have for the Party.


In the circumstances, therefore, we implore the Board to review its proposed multiple box system and substitute instead the generally accepted and transparent method of the single ballot box system as is now practised both nationally and internationally.


Yours sincerely.

Julius Maada Bio

Flag bearer Aspirant 


Cc: All Aspirants,

Parliamentary Council

Elders Council

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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