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Last Updated: Jul 22nd, 2011 - 17:37:36 
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Lans Gberie & the ‘Constitutional’ Single-Box ‘Legal’ Argument
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Jul 22, 2011, 17:20
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I decided a long time ago to steer clear of countering recent legal arguments on the merits of the ‘Single Box’ over the ‘Multiple Box’ voting system even as I used satire to make a mockery of Maada Bio’s inane demands on the issue. However, I see Lansana Gberie in yesterday’s edition of Global Times, is trying to draw me into the exchange; having failed to browbeat me away from writing in support of John Benjamin when the latter needed such support. So, I will now oblige Lans Gberie.


Let me first of all tell Gberie that if indeed I had held Ventriloquist sway with John Benjamin, then I would have ensured that Maada Bio’s indiscipline and lawlessness was placed under control a long time ago. As it stands, since I hold little sway within the SLPP or the running of their party, that is why a tunku-heighted miscreant like Maada Bio has been able to get away with all the rubbish he has gotten away with inside SLPP!


As I stated earlier, I will gladly oblige Lans Gberie’s ‘invite’ to engage Awareness Times for a Debate as called for in yesterday’s edition of Global Times newspaper. I only hope Lans will not go down the unfortunate Global Times pathway of using vile, sexual innuendoes against me when he loses the argument to me. As is now well known, when some empty-headed people lose arguments, they resort to sexually based insults.


Now, according to the Pa.O.Pa thinking of Lans Gberie and Maada Bio, SLPP delegates are of such weak moral character and so dishonestly hungry for money that they will sell their electoral franchise to the highest bidder whilst SLPP Flagbearer aspirants are immoral enough to buy ballot papers.


Maada Bio publicly alleges that delegates of his party’s electoral college will collect their ballot papers and when behind the curtains hiding the 19 boxes, they will not cast their ballot papers but simply hide the Ballot papers in their clothing and walk out to sell such ballot papers to his fellow SLPP Aspirants which latter are possessing of such poor moral compass, that they will readily purchase such Ballot papers from these dishonest SLPP delegates!


Yes, that is what Maada Bio has roundly INSULTED the delegates of the SLPP and his fellow aspirants to be like. Maada Bio says SLPP members are dishonest people with intrinsic criminal behaviour running inside their blood veins which is why he does not trust them to go behind a curtain to cast their ballots.


Maada Bio says the SLPP delegates are so criminally minded in their thinking that they will not cast the ballot papers but will go and sell them for money. If I had any ventriloquist sway with John Benjamin, such published INSULTS of respectable members of the SLPP Electoral College should have been grounds for disciplining of Maada Bio to the extent of even disqualifying the tunku-heighted miscreant from the Flagbearer race! But alas! I hold no such sway with Benjamin.


Anyway, my Readers will agree with me that the allegation of SLPP Delegates being dishonest people, is the ONLY concern of the Pa.O.Pa Maada Bio Squad whilst the 18 other Aspirants own concerns that call for Multiple Box system of voting are of much more serious nature. The other 18 Aspirants are concerned over the issue of VOID votes as well as the grave possibility for intimidation of alleged ‘illiterate’ voters who will need ‘assistance’ when they are voting! 19 Boxes instantly eliminates VOID votes and also instantly eliminates all forms of intimidation (Pa.O.Pa) tactics.


PART VI of Sierra Leone's Electoral Laws Act of 2002 covers Procedures and Arrangements for National Elections. Section 65(f) which is what Lans Gberie and his Pa.O.Pa crew have been citing with ill-concealed glee, indeed states:

The elector shall then go alone to the booth or enclosure which shall be placed in open view of the public but in a manner which will conceal the identity of the candidate or the party the elector voted for, put his mark against the symbol of the candidate or as the case may be, the party of his choice secretly, and then come out of the booth or enclosure with his ballot paper folded which he will then cast in full view of everyone present.


Take note of my emphasis on ‘enclosure’ and ‘secretly’ and ‘folded’ whilst quoting the National Laws. Now, if we accept Maada Bio and Lans Gberie’s argument that SLPP delegates forming the party’s sacred Electoral College are dishonest persons who should not be trusted to cast their ballots behind curtains, it means we are to follow Maada Bio’s recommended ‘National Constitutional’ procedure which is for these ‘dishonest’ SLPP delegates to be forced to cast their FOLDED ballot papers in the full view of the public into one single box as is done during National Elections.


As a result, Lans Gberie wants us to have the ‘dishonest’ delegates go alone into an enclosure where they will secretly mark their ballot papers inside this enclosure where they will then FOLD UP their ballot papers and then step outside to cast the FOLDED ballot papers in the full view of the Public.


Now, my question for Lans Gberie, since he has drawn me and my editorial team into this ‘controversial’ debate is simple and here follows:


Since we are to believe Maada Bio’s claim that SLPP Delegates are dishonest with questionable characters, then what is going to stop these ‘dishonest’ SLPP delegates from going into the enclosure with a blank piece of paper cut to the size of the Ballot Papers, hidden within their clothing and when inside the booth, they simply switch the genuine ballot papers with the blank paper following which they hide the actual Ballot Papers into their clothing whilst they step out into the Open with their FOLDED fake Ballot papers held high and with a smile on their ‘dishonest’ face, cast their FOLDED FAKE BALLOT PAPERS into the Single Box whilst they cheerily walk out of the voting hall with the correct Ballot Paper hidden in their clothes which genuine unused Ballot Paper they will now sell to SLPP Aspirants of low moral compass?


Of course, when the ballots would be counted, there will be an excess of ballot papers in the Single Box, of which the fake ballots will be easily discarded and the genuine ballot papers will get to be counted as all the genuine ballot papers will possess the signature and Validating Stamp of the respected Alie Bangura Electoral Board. The fake ballots will have to be discarded but there will be no way of knowing who did the dirty deed(s). Now, in such a scenario, the merits of the Single Box as a deterrent to selling of Ballot papers will be non-existent whilst the very real demerits of intimidation and VOID Votes accompanying Single-Box voting will continue to exist!


So, Mr. Lans Gberie, since the concern of Maada Bio is that ‘dishonest’ SLPP delegates and ‘immoral’ SLPP Aspirants will sell/buy ballot papers resulting in unpopular aspirants winning the ticket, can you please tell the public just which attribute of ‘constitutional’ Single-Box voting will prevent SLPP delegates from going into the ‘constitutional’ enclosure with fake ballot papers [which will be used to replace genuine ballot papers whilst inside the ‘constitutional’ enclosure] which fake ballot papers will be publicly casted into the Single Box whilst the genuine ballot papers will be taken out of the Voting Hall to be sold?


I now await the response from Lans Gberie to the above question since he is the one who has drawn me into this silly and inane ‘Constitutional’ Single-Box debate that I did not want to get into in the first place. Over to Lans Gberie and his noisy caboodle!

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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